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  1. Reviving a really old account here to ask a question for a disabled friend. When requesting a Ride Access Pass via email, it sends you to a portal which includes selecting a ticket. Is the only way to get a Ride Access pass when using a 2 for 1 voucher to go via the ‘Island Access Hub’? Would be nice to avoid the hassle on the day with documentation. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Han! Your support has been very helpful I mostly just went through my posts on here, copy and pasted them and changed everything to past tense! It came out as a pretty accurate representation of what I wanted to say. Phew! Haha
  3. GREAT NEWS EVERYONE. I had my meeting with the accommodation team and they decided that I could move into this new room permanently and for FREE. No room move charge, as it should be! In return, I am writing a statement for them to use to confront the bully, which I'm nervous about. He'll know exactly what I feel and that makes me feel vulnerable. But, I guess we won't see any progress otherwise. I don't want him to get away with this. Just got to get moved in and settled now
  4. GOOD NEWS. I walked into the lodge today and said 'I need to be moved immediately'. The woman doesn't deal with accommodation, had almost no authority but managed to move me into an empty room (from a list of 'in case of emergency' rooms. Phew!! I told her the basic story, how it escalated last night, and showed her the picture. She was very helpful! I have to go back in on monday and speak to the accommodation staff as this isn't permanent and I might get moved from this room into another room again! But I don't care about that. I can relax for the weekend now, knowing I don't have to worry
  5. Well, the main guy, the one that lives below me is actually from a different university. There are two unis on my campus. There's the sciencey one (mine) and the arts one (his), so don't worry guys, he won't be running our future. He's studying digital media. This whole experience makes me want to leave. It's ruined my experience. There's an event tonight and I don't want to go in case I see them. Just how long am I going to be scared of bumping into them at this small campus? I want to take a year out because of it. Come back next year at the same place I am now, at least then I'll have on
  6. Well, the next chapter of my story with the people I live above... All day he's been playing loud music, I had to play my own (not v. loud) to drown it out so I could have a nap earlier. Then this evening, the whole flat were in his room playing really loud music with the window wide open, while playing computer games and shouting REALLY loudly. As in, intentionally making a lot of noise (after him getting spoken to by the accommodation, I guess that annoyed him!). It wasn't my choice to get him spoken to by the staff, I just want to move flats, that's it! Anyway, so to keep track of everyth
  7. Life doesn't suck! You just have to learn that simple things are beautiful and find which ones you enjoy. You're such a drama queen The woman dealing with my accommodation? No, she doesn't, seems like the go between for students and the department. I don't really get what her role is. She is nice though (and I'm pretty grouchy).
  8. Ohh yes, he is an absolute idiot. Not much else to do but it ignore it. Glad to be shot of him now tbh, he was selfish and his mother seemed obsessed with our relationship. I think she always wanted a girl tbh and when I came along, all she would talk to me about was shopping and handbags (AND I HATE SHOPPING). She even bought me things (I'm not being ungrateful, I really appreciated what she bought me). Not expensive things, just little bits like makeup wipes for when I stayed over. That part was sweet, she said she thought of me when she saw it all. But it just shows I reckon she was itching
  9. Has anyone else had to deal with bad/weird breakups? My ex and I broke up in July, his decision. I got over it but recently he's been checking up on me. He then made a dramatic post that he was still in love with his ex before me and how he regrets our relationship. Seriously?! None of it explains why he's been so persistent in checking up on me!! I think he just loves the drama and excuse to moan about how miserable he is. It's been bugging me and I can't really moan about it anywhere.
  10. Ellie

    ...Of The Year

    Yes!!! I love Kodaline! Really wanted to see them live this year but didn't get a chance, really gutted
  11. Ellie


    To anyone who has an iPhone (and is not easily offended), try this: Ask Siri "Who is the female Siri?"
  12. Ellie


    Drunk Pluk likes commas?
  13. Ellie

    ...Of The Year

    What great procrastination! Album of the year Kodaline- 'In a Perfect World' Song of the year Arctic Monkeys- 'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?' or 'Do I Wanna Know?' The album came out just before I got to uni and it reminds of the start where it looked like we had a good group going. That was until people decided to create drama and stop talking and the group disintegrated. Nothing to do with me but it kinda split in the middle and the 'other side' made it hard to cross enemy lines. Music Video of the year Kodaline- 'High Hopes' Film of the year
  14. I can dream Well, I've reported him today and it's been turned down a little since I called. Considering they're a 2 minute walk away, their response time is about 30 mins, by which time they never hear it at its worst. The sex noises thing isn't an option, the sound proofing is pretty decent, you can't really ever hear much (normally) apart from shouting/screaming and doors slamming. But other than those plus his music, it would be pretty quiet.
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