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    Samurai, Detonator, Stealth, Oblivion
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  1. you are a geek =]

  2. Will

    Hello Jadey! Loved stealthing with you. Guess we got a rollback :P awws one day we'll ride stealth all day till we get a rollback.

  3. Alex

    Aw noes, poor Jadeh has no comments! Heyaa! xx

  4. Yeah I'll have to do mine over christmas, thats if I have enough clubcard points.
  5. I loved my photo I on Logger's Leap! Sitting in the middle:
  6. Jadey

    How Old Are You?

    you looking forward to it?
  7. haha yes I was going to mention that but I thought one of you lot would have the joy of bringing it up for me :| You still cheated! ;)But thats what I mean with depth charge!Its the only ride you can have fun with your mates on.
  8. Jadey


    okay completely change of programs..but who ever has sky! (I dont unfortunatly)but still, a music channel Big box TV!not sure if this have been mentioned but it is hilarious!!!!its the only channel to allow you to make a video... and send it in!so your the star of it! The things people have sent in already are hilarious! A great channel ;)has anyone else seen it?
  9. Jadey

    How Old Are You?

    I am sweet sixteen *cough*
  10. I personally quite like Depth Charge
  11. Yeahh I cant remember where I heard this from... but I think it had something to do with nemesis. It went "Every rollercoaster tells a story"Now how can you tell a story without any theming?I agree with cringle, you have to have theming! Even if its not that much, Say Colossus and Nemesis Inferno. Not much going on there... But its enough to make you look and get a feel of what the rollercoaster is about before you ride it, in a way "Letting yourself know what your in for".I mean take RCT3 *I know its not really in topic* You can build an amazing coaster, with an amazing structure of inversions and what not, but that ride is nothing without any sort of theming or story and it makes it boring.I think Air - alton towers *I know alot of people will disagree* is a prime example of this. It does nothing to make you feel like your flying.. apart from the position because I dont think any theming has backed it up!But thats just my opinion. But on the other hand marc your right. Stealth didnt really need much because of what it is! Theming wouldnt really have made a difference to Peoples views.You either look at it and go "WOW that looks fast and high, a great adrenaline pumping ride" Or "NOOO WAYY am I ever going on that thing". Which I guess is the case with some rides?But the little speedway theming, I think it just gave it that extra kick
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