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  1. Hi There,I'd like to know when CWoA Mania will be ready please?Thanks a lot
  2. Phill

    Look we're social networking on a non conformist site! **** the bed!

  3. No happy birthday's for me? Have you all forgotten about me or something?! YOU BASTARDS!!
  4. Holly

    Brap brap bro!

  5. Rodeo was removed due to problems sourcing parts, I believe. You can still see the control box, ride area, queue line and cowboy from Runaway Train, however they are now somewhat decrepit.
  6. I'm intrigued by the Berry Bouncers story, got a link? Lol.
  7. Music has no bearing on loading speeds, however effective announcements do. Attendants know full well what to do without the operator telling them.
  8. Instead of just talking about staff members on the internet try going to guest services and leaving a positive guest comment form, I'm sure that'd be much more appreciated!
  9. Alex


    Scrubs is amazing, in my opinion one of if not the finest sitcom to have come out of America.
  10. It's been pretty quiet lately, so I wouldn't worry about queues!
  11. Alex


    What I'm saying is, if the ref's had the option to consult the video footage that everyone watching on TV have just seen to confirm a touch-and-go decision, it would provide no ground for players to question him. Sure it may slow the game down a little, but not by any great amount and any time used could just be added to stoppage.I just think it's unreasonable to place all that pressure on one person to make split-second decisions in such high profile games, because they're bound to make mistakes which then lead to angry players and angry fans.
  12. Alex


    Just further reinforces my opinion that footballers are for the most part, overpaid *****s. The behaviour of some teams, Chelsea and Man U in particular is absolutely appalling, they're like stroppy little kids that aren't allowed their own way.I also think this constant blaming the ref is stupid. Fair play if he actually has made a mistake but there is absolutely no need to abuse the officials during the game, or blame your team's bad performance on them. That said the FA need to have a proper look about how games are refereed. It's stupid that other sports like Rugby and Cricket have embraced modern technology that allows the officials to talk to each other and make good use of replays to eliminate any doubt from decisions, whilst the most popular sport in the country still relies primarily on one bloke to make spur of the moment decisions under huge pressure.
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