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  1. I love you.People never take into account my pragmatics and instead choose to pick up on semanticities.
  2. I think it's disgraceful how most of you are writing 'your' instead of 'you're', you inferior commoners. Pah!
  3. tidear


    Does that electrics thing work yet?
  4. It's so dark in there that there isn;t much point in a lot of the theming
  5. tidear


    Both new legends have been confirmed as part Dragon type.From this, my predictions on the other types are now Psychic/Dragon for and Dark/Dragon
  6. tidear


    New version legendaries have been released!http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon.shtml (scroll to bottom)Reshiram and ZekromWhat types do you reckon will emerge is these two?I reckon dark/flying for Zekrom and psychic/flying for Reshiram
  7. tidear


    it looks much better with leaves, it alsmost begiinnin to look like a forest now
  8. I got 33/35 on AT - I missed skyride ¬_¬ why is that on there and monorail isnt?
  9. I went to Europa the year Supersplash was built - I found it most frustrating how half the park couldn't be explored in one day, which was all we had. I guess it would be better if you stayed over the night
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