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  1. Haven't posted on here in 6 years, but have been following this thread carefully just out of interest since the incident. I have just come across this and thought it would be worth posting to make some of you happier! http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/alton-towers-accident-kay-burley-5859900 1,100 complaints to Ofcom on Kay Burleys interview!
  2. Come back soon mate ;P

  3. lol sorry I was banned... back now.. and I got a new phone and lost your number, please PM it to me, or just text me and I can save it;.. I have the same number still.

  4. heya xD

    lol id text u back but am afraid I have no credit, and still have to top up. HAHA! lucky you bought a ticket! Mine didn't but there were about 100 ticket barriers to get through so I needed one. =p.

  5. Ok, Ok guysAs I was given £120 from work today.. I will be around the park, hopefully be there by about 3 / 4, I will let someone know when I am on my way, but I'm not sure what time I will leave yet.Renew AP ftw
  6. Steven G


    To be fair, the last couple of times I have been to Thorpe, the rush queue has been 30 minutes maximum, including yesterday night.The fright night audio for rush is lush
  7. and I take pride in not going, as my AP runs out
  8. How much did it cost you?
  9. It has been proved in this topic no one cares what you think, stop ripping him. Jealous.It's great mate, can;t wait for tomorrows:D
  10. Steven G

    This Or That

    KeyboardPen or Pencil ?
  11. Steven G


    OMG I had the weirdest dream last night:I paid £9.50 at the fair to go on a eurofighter and another ride (Not sure), and I fell of it on the sand when it went underground :s
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