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  1. Well I always arrive bright an early usually around 8:30 just so I'm at the front of the queuethen once we're in I run straight to saw maybe get 2 goes then we go to Colossus then to nemesis then XNWO then rush then back to Colossus or saw then maybe around that time its lunch well for me thats around 11:00 so theres no queues I usually go burger king for lunch but I seem to have been going to KFC lately but anyway after that we just go on rides that have the lowest queue time usually slammer or rush but thats when we kinda split up and the thrill seekers go stealth the others go Nemesis again
  2. trippy

    SAW: Alive

    I like them ideas but like you said the weight limitations... but hey knowing thorpe park they will find a way. but I doubt their adding anything new to saw alive I think thats just going to be left there now and rot away (hopefully)
  3. oh I dont care who works where, I just want rumba rapids to be sorted out! well in my opinion as I am a member of the general public I would prefer a new ride and I believe most people would who wants the same old ride? thorpe will eventualy need to move with the times and ditch rumba rapids
  4. well you can clearly tell the rubbish has been floating around for weeks as its covered in crap and the effects do get worse your right and thats where the people at merlin stroll down to thorpe park and sort them out and I disagree with the bit about rides not having to be their best, an attraction like thorpe park not keeping their rides top standard is the same as a parent not clothing their child (obviously not the same but you get my jist)
  5. dont get me wrong I enjoy rumba rapids, and I dont mind you dont get drenched, head over to tidal wave if you want that, its just how poorly maintained everything is when I was there in September it was about 11:30 and the lake still had empty crisp wrappers and coke bottles floating in it and along with all the ghastly colours that Thorpe tried to add as "theming" the rusting metal pipes and grey fences just really make me wanna cry out loud :L wheras in contrast with blutos bilge barge rats (what ever its called) just makes it look like a pile of dog crap that thorpe dont care about :/
  6. cant they just knock it down completely and build a whole new rapids ride with a REAL theme I mean look at kali river rapids and blutoes bilge rat rapids thing they are so good partly because of what its based around Merlin have the money to make a ride of those standards, I doubt they want to be know as the 2nd largest attractions company with the crapest rides on earth
  7. cant Thorpe do a kind of jolly less depressing theme I mean they have just done a serial killer theme now the world ending... bit misrable to me :L
  8. that sounds cool :)well... my idea isas with I expected with saw the ride they just decided to add some random bricks and bits of metal "traps" and made it look old and messy so I expect we will see a few bricks and metal on LC12 but anywayyou queue by going through a house thats partly destroyed and like parts of ruins and stuff then you go up to what looks like a bomb site and you enter the station which is a concrete bunker of some sort then you board the train which goes round a corner and does some little twists and turns then it starts to ascend the lift hill then it lurches back abit (
  9. yh I know, ok indoor isnt the right word I just meant like a roller-coaster like the mummy ride in universal studios with lot of theming not plain pitch black with some dodgy plastic robots
  10. yh I guess :/ hmm it would be good tho with loads of specail effects :/ ahh well one day, one day...
  11. This looks well cool I'm guessing it will be themed around a nuclear wasteland :)or somethine like that ooo I wonder if its going to be an indoor coaster thorpe really needs one
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