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  1. yesterday I sadly queued an hour for it :/ lol silly me but what really annoyed me was that the boats were completely filled up with water, didnt help that there was some guy and his son merged with us and his son kept kicking the water
  2. What was up with the park playing chart music on the rides, yesterday? queueing inside the Nemesis Station all I could hear was basshunter...? When I was on samurai it felt like I was at some funfair.. :/
  3. Will it be busy tomorrow? (friday)
  4. Lol it will have broken in half by next week :/ Thorpe better not just leave the water canons broken, no doubt they will...
  5. Haha, I wouldnt mind being let loose on rumba rapids and sorting it out, so much could be done, even on a small budget
  6. I really want the New York theme proposed earlier in the topic, it would be really good, but no we get stuck with so excuse to throw some bricks etc around.Thorpe Parks themes are going to start becoming depressing - Saw, End of the world/nuclear fallout....
  7. I have a friend like that, he once said he saw a helicopter land on top of stealth on the helipad when it got stuck up there? what helipad :L
  8. There was this group of girls in the queue to Nemesis, and one was saying how she knew a girl who died on the ride but know she is in a wheelchair - obviously came back to life I guess.Also the people I hate are the Chavs that look down at you despite them looking like tramps themselves or when the mum with 50 kids running around screaming and smoking!
  9. trippy

    Your Thorpe Park

    2011- Get rid of Rumba Rapids *cough* ****hole *cough* and replace with some amazing new rapids ride similar to bilge barge in universal.2012- A coaster with loads of air time not loops painted deep blue and themed around something happier than saw or the end of the world as thorpes becoming a depressing place.2013- New indoor coaster thats amazingly themed, dunno what about though ;P2014- thorpe has a break to really sort out the park and maybe build a new entrance and thats it for me
  10. If thats true, Thorpe have taken it too far with colosuss. It urgently needs a repaint it looks disgusting atm.
  11. really someone threw a brick from Colossus!?
  12. Wild Asia, proberly gets it from me, but saw alive is very well themed well inside at least
  13. Not in the queue line that music is fine, its inside the maze I have no idea what the songs are they're just very rock-ish
  14. I hate the music they play around Saw Alive, it is awful I dont understand why they have rock music playing? can they not uses music from the films?
  15. I hope they do make it into a theme park, Boris Johnson was right (for a change) Harry Potter is British and needs be in the UK not America
  16. The staff always seem happy although there are some that instantly think that teenagers are there to cause trouble! But there is a certain one I cant remeber her name but when we were on zodiac she was screaming along with the kids on it saying wanna go higher hahaha its nice when they interact with the ride as well.
  17. I dont think the queues will be that bad, as its a monday and everyone will be at work I tend to go when my school has inset days.so I would say about 20 - 30 mins for both of them I might be wrong, but it wont be too bad
  18. I'd still ride it with lap bars but I wouldnt feel as safe :L if the lap bars were like the ones on rush that would be amazing
  19. I'm no coaster genius but wouldn't having lap bars let people fall out? as it is quite a rough ride :S
  20. It was just an idea, I didnt know ideas only popular with other people were allowed here? and anyway thorpe closes in the summer at 8 and opens at like 9:30 so theres not a huge difference!
  21. yeah thats why I said it should go?
  22. Right back on to the topic I think the ranger country should go or atleast improve a little the rides are pretty poor...
  23. obviously having some trees and plants around the park isnt bad but the way people were talking its like they wanted us to swing from tree to tree to get around the park to "take in the experience"
  24. I'm guessing this is your example of what type of people who like rides at theme parks and no gardens talk like. IN MY OPINION I dont pay 30 quid to stare at trees I play £30 to go on rides....
  25. well if they are doing anything it should be removing the baked beans (I think) stain from the nemesis sign if that is still there I wont be very happy :L
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