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  1. I never understand why people constantly want a garden area at Thorpe Park if you wanna go sit amongst the flowers go to a field, its just me proberly cos I'm the type who goes from one ride to another no break hahahaa garden to me is a place for a ride not daffodils
  2. trippy

    Logger's Leap

    LOL if he likes the ride tho let him?
  3. When ever I go Thorpe Park I never need to buy fastrack because the queues are never that long, I never had to queue longer than about and hour for a ride maybe colosuss in the summer once but very rarely, so I never understand why people buy fastrack....
  4. I do believe this saying has been around since before you said it? :S correct me if I'm wrong....
  5. sad I know but could anyone follow me on twitter and subscribe on youtube please :PTWITTERhttp://www.twitter.com/mrlucasryanYOUTUBEhttp://www.youtube.com/redentproductions
  6. trippy


    the girl who plays quinn is FIT!
  7. trippy


    lol hahaha I like glee too.. sad right :L I find it funny
  8. trippy


    I must get good luck cause rush is always working perfectly when ever I go both swings usually the ride last quite a while
  9. quantum doesnt make me sick as such but when u have long legs its really hard because you try and find a place for your feet then as it jolts my ankles smash against the metal bars (try and picture this aswell as you can :L) and yh I think the ride itself is too small everything is squished together
  10. the thing I hate about zodiac is that its just so bad, I can sit in that ride reading a book and not notice I was going nearly upside down, just gives me a headache and its not good when some random splash of water splats you in the face cos I dread to think what that is :s
  11. trippy


    clearly accidently breaking a speaker makes me chav...? I'm sure you have broken something before does that make you a chav.........no
  12. trippy


    the first time I went on slammer I was bricking it so I was doing anything to take my mind of it and that meant playing with the speakers hahaha I broke one on the right side haha it started to make buzzing noises so I just left it never exited a ride so quick :L
  13. same the only spinning ride I like is slammer despite the most painfull restraints ever :L I think zodiac needs to go I hate its such a pointless ride :/
  14. same its the only ride I have been on that I wont go on again I used to be fine with it but lately I get really ill and it ruins my day if I go on it :/
  15. ive been waiting for ages for some new updates on storm surge :/
  16. trippy

    SAW: Alive

    tbqh I wouldnt want to be electricuted in that room I dunno why it just doesnt sound right :/ epople with pacemakers etc
  17. trippy

    SAW: Alive

    ikr that stupid rock music ruins the whole thing the last time I was in there the whole way through I was wtf why are they playing rock music we need saw music :@
  18. trippy

    SAW: Alive

    woah theres red paint on the wall I never noticed that thats one of the problems I have with the maze you dont get enough time to linger to look around and explore the detail thorpe have tried to create :/
  19. yh but its not perfect it has no sotry line its just a ride with some saw features in it if I could do it over again it would be like you need to try and save someone and the only way is to board the trap (the ride) etc see thorpe park dont even need to add much to make it have a story line all they need is a few voice recordings saying that whoever is in a trap and you need to escape jigsaw to get them etc
  20. your right the shark and stuff is great especialy the KFC ceiling the way they have done it is great infact thorpes not that bad after all
  21. I dont think Thorpes an awful theme park and I do still think its a theme park because they dont just have random bright colored coasters with nothing but a queue they do try and add abit of theming they just are really bad at it to them they add a few bricks and metal and a few sound effects Bam you got theming but unless it a completely enclosed ride like THE MUMMY: THE RIDE then I dont think other than the queue theres theming to be added? point out if I'm wrong cos apparently ive been classed as a troll :L
  22. thats like with em and Vampire that was the first rollercoaster I ever went on I still got the pic, and if chessie ever got rid of it I would be heart broken
  23. I think with thorpe rides now they have moved on from theming its just " ride then theme not theme then ride" and tbh I think its needs to be theme then ride because look at saw...
  24. trippy

    SAW: Alive

    Just adding my little point here :PThe actors are their to give their performance so if they cant be bothered as someone put (I think) then they're not doing their job properly, after all they are actors and if they couldn't be bothered to perform properly on stage they wouldn't get away with it. yes people get tired and agitated but thats part of life if they get that tired standing behind a pillar and occasionally stare at your whilst their horrendous make up clouds their face, then they need a few energy drinks. and its not the same people all day ive been in there within a space of 10 min
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