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  1. eughhh I'm sick of seeing metal containers at Thorpe! Why are they even building a hotel in the first place its not a very big park so I just dont understand :/
  2. Just found out that "Vengence" from London Dungeons hasn't been included in the panning permission for when it moves to county County Hall in London so... This might be a bit far fetched but maybe it could be moving to Thorpe Park and be put in the theatre where Time Voyagers was! Just an idea :L It would be quite good if given an actual score system and a really decent plot!
  3. It's probably a base coat and then they will paint it the normal colours
  4. trippy

    SAW: Alive

    Errr there is a photo...
  5. trippy

    SAW: Alive

    I'm gutted that's its closing, it was so awful yet it was fun to go on when you had just had lunch and didn't want to just sit around for a while. The acting was awful and the were never in their right places, and there was a new vague story line each time you went in but it was still fun :/ I will be sad to see it go.
  6. trippy

    2 For 1?

    Ive never used the 2 for 1 vouchers before can someone explain them to me? can 16 year olds use them?
  7. I've taken my camera on Colossus and the ride attendant saw me with it and didn't say anything? But I wouldn't go by that.
  8. Where is the entrance to the Swarm Island? is it behind depth charge
  9. Omg those pictures are amazing!! I cant wait!
  10. Oh my days! I cant wait to ride this! does that mean you queue over the track to get to the other side or are they going to let a certain number of people over each time?
  11. eww that music is awful! Well for the ride anyway! It needs to have a a good bass and for it not to be too fast but kinda dreary. IMO
  12. I agree that Colossus really does need a paint job! and back onto the topic of cleaning out the pool, surely it wouldn't need doing regularly even few times a season? Its disgusting!!!
  13. What about behind Rumba and surely they can ditch ranger country and extend it beyond past the trees to the waters edge?
  14. Retheme or do something with Rumba Rapids... it looks so bad.
  15. trippy

    Safety Checks

    I would have fit if they didnt check my restraints, for some reason I feel a lot safer once they have been checked
  16. trippy

    Logger's Leap

    ive always wondered inside the first drop what is the little red light thats infront of you?
  17. trippy

    SAW: Alive

    I always thought it that we were the swat team or something :L
  18. trippy


    I think instead of getting ride of the whole building and ride, they could put storm surge inside the building... then you wouldn't have to look at it, and it would be pretty cool riding it in pitch black somehow fit it in side
  19. I had never been in time voyagers mainly because the outside confused me, but when I went in the other week I was really surprised for free of charge its not that bad ok some of the effects could be a bit better but not bad at all
  20. trippy


    Thanks I understand it now put me at rest
  21. trippy


    When I went the other week what was up with the smoke coming out of the side closest to Colossus it might have been steam but it looked like smoke?
  22. It did seem to motivate a few of them, especially the guy on samurai, he was dancing away... but then there was the woman who looked like a slapped arse all day. she could have done with a bit of the happy pill.
  23. They could put duck boards in?
  24. Same as everyone above, but I also make sure I jump in a queue for a pretty decent ride (Saw etc) just as the park/queue lines close so I still get one last ride in.
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