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  1. I built one last year for private use and am building one this year for the public. Website, facebook, twitter and Youtube are already online (http://www.vortexhorrormaze.weebly.com) Starting small this year (just front garden) and I hope the haunt will grow each year. Hoping to have next years haunt bigger (still looking for a venue such as a pub). I am releasing public plans to the website, facebook etc very soon which includes a basic layout to give the public time to speculate. I will not at all release the private plans which include what is in each room and what costumes, props etc. The project is still in the planning stages so dont have very much information avaliable for this specific haunt. Feel free to ask any questions about my haunt and haunts in general!
  2. Can you put my name down please. Thanks
  3. You can access the island by going round the back of depth charge but there is not much difference than going over neptunes beach and past flying fish. Its about the same time and distance.
  4. The front seat is worth the queue!The seats were brilliant as well.
  5. Hi,Thought I should just put a few photos. Anyone who hasnt been on the swarm get ready to be amazed! The evil vicor was there but was only stalking guests in the q line not talking in the station. For those wondering about the on ride videos, when I was sitting at the back I could see a circuit board named 'Video' so that may be something to do with it.Anyway the pictures are below:Queue line TV ScreensSome sections of track and a bit of the lift hillSome more track sections (and the sun)TV SateliteLift Hill and the most incredible bit of track!Firetruck and depth charge behind. (missed out on the smoke coming out of the truck.)Enjoy!Edit: Can someone resize these if needed. I tried and it didn't work.
  6. Hi all,Just a question I was wondering about last night.Who created the medium term development plan? Is it a person or more probable the Research and Development team.Creating the MTDP would be a job I would love to have so want to know a bit more about it.Thanks in advance!
  7. Callum

    Your Thorpe Park

    2012:- Swarm Opens- Arena gets a new show, maybe something to do with Amity Cove.- Sort out music and effects excluding tidal wave fire effect. Chart music until you leave the dome. After the dome just theme music.- Amity Cove aimed at familys, beach improved and slides opened when beach open.- Removal of Hippo Safari and CC Railway and temporarily filled with plants where public can see so doesn't look run down.- During closed season tidal wave fireball effect is rerouted and fixed.2013:- Colossus water features fixed and water refreshed (not green!!)- Annual Pass days brought back to boost annual pass sales.- X No Way Out re-furbished and movie filmed showing story line, movie showed on Q line screens, Q Shortened down.- Rumba Rapids theming increased to suit calipso quey.- Removal of one side of the beach (opposite to the side depth charge is on.)- Flying Fish Q line shorted and merchandise shop put in to replace shortened Q (ride and park merchandise sold).- 4D Cinema to show Pirates 4D again.- Less game stalls, such as the ones not in perminent building eg. the bikes and basketball games.- Storm Surge increased theming, even a life ring on the lift hill metal beams at the top. Just something to hide the metal.- Toilets placed in CCR station.Its called a THEME PARK for a reason!2014:- Disc O Rama installed on the removed section of the beach. Themed to suit neptunes kingdom.- New flat ride on The Swarm island, maybe a top spin.- Extended opening hours on Saturday night. Events like RELOAD.- Parking fees removed and parking improved.- Hotel starts marketing.- Lake laser show starts for the Saturday extended hours.2015:- Hotel starts construction.Boat service from hotel to park.Themed rooms of all areas (excluding Saw and The Swarm, I would have nightmares in those rooms!)Indoor swimming pool with steam room, sauna etc.Restaurant.etc, etc.- Flat ride in area where Hippo Safari used to be. Maybe a Calypso as it is Calypso Quay.2016: - Hotel Finshes Construction, has VIP opening night for celebs and special guests with lots of fireworks and ride time.- Entrance Renovated.- New Zone.
  8. Can you add me to the list please. I am going as long as Dominic doesn't change his mind.
  9. Wow that does sound good!Any idea about what rides you can check bars on?I want to do rides but the school are organising it so I am guessing that when I get there they ask what I would be intrested in or something.
  10. Hi,I'm currently in year 10 and am interested to know what age you have to be to do work experience at legoland. Also if anyone has done it before what was it like?Thanks
  11. Yes if any thorpe park ride needs car modifications it would be Colossus. You head gets banged around sometimes as well. The head rest is not exactly soft.And I like you signature. Funniest life of brian moment.
  12. I was thinking that sounded a bit weird. I have never seen anyone have problems before.
  13. Any thoughts on this article?Article
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