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  1. 2011 was an amazing year for fright nights, remember it like it was yesterday.... Though, whilst we critisise this year (rightly so), the good old days also had their flaws *ahem* passing *ahem*
  2. Agreed. I see where Nick was going with the whole Amity audio but it just didn't work at night, it was too subtle and way too cheery for halloween. Just sounded like a normal WWTP radio unless you sit and listen closely, the music needs to be made with the general public in mind, not so subtle that only enthusiasts notice. It stuck out like a sore thumb. Park audio this year was generally disappointing For those who have played Fallout 4, Diamond City Radio is a great example of what WWTP should have been similar too.
  3. professorb

    Logger's Leap

    Let’s go ahead and give an answer to the loggers leap “will it, won’t it” saga. This is correct. Nothing to do with insurance or other rumours, been told this directly from a Thorpe Park engineer. Why Thorpe wasn’t just honest and said it was closed indefinately from the get go, who knows. To meet regulations, the water would be required to be filtered and treated etc, plus the attraction needed extensive repairs anyway. It is cheaper to build a new loggers leap than repair the existing one. For those pointing out that Rumba Rapids uses lake water, it’s something to do with the fact they haven’t done any renovations or extensive work to ride system itself so is still regulated by old regulations, not sure about the ins and outs of that myself. Plus Rumba doesn’t get you soaked more of a splash (though this is my guess).
  4. I assumed you meant the team had gone by then.
  5. Yes they did....they dealt with both 2016 and 2017 fright nights. Longer than you would think. Tent needs to be delivered and installed, all the internal wood construction needs to be built, AV installed, theming, electrics etc. Plus this years team would have never constructed big top before and would be doing it in addition to the other attractions with less than a month to do so. It is already three weeks late so hopes are not high....
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