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  1. Hi Marc, He has managed to register using a gmail account, the email he used before was an outlook.com email address. Not sure if it's specific to outlook emails. It was just when hitting the register button. Thanks
  2. Hi, I friend is trying to register an account but is receiving error 2S129/1. I have also attempted to register an account for him in-case it was on his end and the error also occurs. He has never had an account here before. Thanks
  3. This is absolute rubbish. You also have awfully specific predictions. 7/8. The Gruffalo arena wouldn’t fit where The Panda show used to be, it hasn’t got enough space to fit 500ish people. The animal show on the otherhand would have too much space where the arena is. I don’t why you think they would move. It would be a pointless and expensive exercise. 9. If these were going into Rainforest, they most likely would be there already, not randomly added the next year. Also smell pots wouldn’t really work seeing as it’s all outside. 10. It was also specified in the planning permission that the Jumbos area is to be the queue-line for Croc Drop, why would you predict otherwise? There is literal evidence to show its future use. 13. Definitely not happening. The chandeliers were not removed for the fun of it or lack of care, they were removed due to structural concerns with the ceiling. It is an old building after all with Vampire inside it and Gruffalo River Ride above it. This doesn’t excuse the lazy flood light replacement of course. 14. Peeking Heights may be in storage but not anywhere to do with Merlin, it was sold off years ago. Plus there clearly isn’t enough space where seastorm is to fit these. Most of your predictions are way off and not at all logical.
  4. 2011 was an amazing year for fright nights, remember it like it was yesterday.... Though, whilst we critisise this year (rightly so), the good old days also had their flaws *ahem* passing *ahem*
  5. Couldn’t say it any better myself ?
  6. Agreed. I see where Nick was going with the whole Amity audio but it just didn't work at night, it was too subtle and way too cheery for halloween. Just sounded like a normal WWTP radio unless you sit and listen closely, the music needs to be made with the general public in mind, not so subtle that only enthusiasts notice. It stuck out like a sore thumb. Park audio this year was generally disappointing For those who have played Fallout 4, Diamond City Radio is a great example of what WWTP should have been similar too.
  7. professorb

    Logger's Leap

    Let’s go ahead and give an answer to the loggers leap “will it, won’t it” saga. This is correct. Nothing to do with insurance or other rumours, been told this directly from a Thorpe Park engineer. Why Thorpe wasn’t just honest and said it was closed indefinately from the get go, who knows. To meet regulations, the water would be required to be filtered and treated etc, plus the attraction needed extensive repairs anyway. It is cheaper to build a new loggers leap than repair the existing one. For those pointing out that Rumba Rapids uses lake water, it’s something to do with the fact they haven’t done any renovations or extensive work to ride system itself so is still regulated by old regulations, not sure about the ins and outs of that myself. Plus Rumba doesn’t get you soaked more of a splash (though this is my guess).
  8. I assumed you meant the team had gone by then.
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