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  1. People assume that this is a cash grab - but in reality it has more to do with discouraging driving to the park because the local roads are already stretched... Future developments such as rollercoasters will always have an increase in traffic accounted for within the planning application and at some point Runnymead Council will have a tipping point to saying "no" because the local infrastructure can't cope with an increase. So, how do you curb that and keep it below that tipping point....? Discourage driving and promote free transport from public transport hubs...
  2. Wow! Some people on here are pretty dismissive of any-one who wants to spend the money on the pass.. Surely it's down to the OP to decide how their £400 is best spent and I note that at no point did the OP ask for opinions on the pass, just how it worked? My understanding is that it works the same way as the DigiPass and VIP Annual Pass (and the once-collected Ultimate Fast-Track bands) - you rock up and have it checked. For the record, I'm also doing the same - I live about 20 mins away from the park and am looking forward to being able to just get up on a weekend and hit the park for a few hours knowing that I don't have to even check how busy it is - I can just go, do what I need to and come home again - no wasted time, no disappointment because Swarm has a 2 hour queue and no planning needed for Fright Nights too...
  3. Probably why they should take stock of what they have already... IAC was always on its way out, Loggers won't return regardless to what theory can be put forward and so they now need to focus on what they have that works well to fix that, rather than concentrating on upkeep of outgoing end-of-life attractions.
  4. The issue that Thorpe have is that they had their fingers burnt with DBGT.. Spent a LOT of money on something that didn't return investment. The same argument could be said about The Swarm - a lot of money for little return in business terms. (Swarm is my fav coaster at Thorpe by the way). So, launching a big attraction off the back of these before getting the park in a state that it's ready for it is a bad move and wouldn't secure the capital for it. This isn't a Field Of Dreams "Build it and they will come" situation - They have to make people want to stay by focusing on their offering. No point attracting people to the park if the offering when they are there isn't good. Thorpe have a lot of work to do to discover who they are again, reassess their strategy, decide new plans etc. That's why I think this year will be the year of stripping out the dead wood and ramping up preparations for their next investment. I'd also expect Alton to be ramping up SW9 for a potential 2021 launch, so they'll probably want to work around that.. In other words, I wouldn't hold out much hope for anything coaster related at Thorpe until 2022 - allowing for this year to be a write-off (in new attraction terms), not enough time to plan for next year while analysing this year's success and Alton taking the light in 2021..
  5. It's a woman I believe. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd expect there would be an element of holding back while they take stock of everything and decide a way forward. It seems that this year there is a focus on what they have now rather than something new and shiny - as evident in the Winter updates where they make a big deal about uncovering the old theming on Colossus, the new grass and some changes to Nemesis Inferno. Ultimately though, I expect that Magic Making would be involved in the process of any planned new attraction. Would be interesting to see whether Magic Making would press on regardless or whether they'd wait to see where the land lay first. Either way, I think this may be a quiet season for developments as much as I'd love to see surprise planning permission for a major investment..
  6. Hardly nonsense.. It's business sense.. Every business will consider an ROI on every decision they make. It's just whether that business deems "customer experience" an investment worth investing in if something else will generate bigger returns.. Of course, every business gets to a point of having to take stock and re-focus before moving into the next investment..
  7. I'd love to see a Lech-style Vekoma coaster at Thorpe. It's pretty compact, fast and from reports is smooth.. That would fit quite nicely if we aren't going to see an RMC or GCI...
  8. Don't hold your breath for anything new in 2019... I think this might be a regroup and reconsider year - Events and licks of paint. Expect focus to be on presentation and operations rather than new and shiny. They'll be focusing on getting it right for the visitors they currently have before trying to attract new ones.
  9. Probably safe to say that with the success of the events over this year and it being a potentially low cap-ex year, we will see some form of refit to allow better events.. such as Neptune's Beach (most likely) or Old Town (least likely). Thorpe are probably holding onto the Old Town area for the next high cap-ex cycle but I think there are other plans a-foot first. It'd be nice to see the rumoured re-configuration of the entrance area to include shops, restaurants, "Second Gates" like SeaLife, Dungeons etc that can be open all year round (that also supports the hotel too), but I doubt we will see that.. I think there's a lot of excitement brewing about "Project 2020" or "ProjectZero", but I can't see any signs in any of the financial reports that can verify this sort of spend. I think fingers have been burnt with DBGT and Swarm.. Remember that in an interview Nick Varney said that unless there is a 20% return on investment it doesn't get built... I think Swarm and DBGT have some way to hit that point. Until then, I doubt funds would be released.. So, for now, I think a focus on entertainment and retail offerings will be in the pipeline before any significant investment..
  10. Just an opinion... Hotel expansions across the whole Park Portfolio also opens up different customers who may not be going for the Parks.. Suddenly you have business customers who want unique conference facilities and packages, you have passer-by trade (I've used the Thorpe Shark hotel when working down that way in a previous job) etc as well as an expanded park visitor capacity too... Some people criticise the likes of Alton for closing Splash Landings because of expense but still building more rooms / hotels / accommodation when they haven't actually seen that at peak the accommodation offering is not enough to keep up with demand and so the investment in additional rooms brings more money in at peak season than they lose by closing hotels off-peak. It's a really clever business decision as this means that they can diversify the customers they have beyond theme park goers, meaning that theme park expansion investment doesn't have to keep pace with hotel expansions... Some people seem to have the wrong idea that the park should expand at the same rate as the hotels without looking into the business model behind it.. They think that the phrase "build up a resort profile" means adding a tonne of rides and attractions in addition to hotel rooms when in reality it's about balancing the offer.
  11. It's very possible that Thorpe themselves haven't confirmed their offering yet.. We'd have seen stuff LONG before this point this time last year, surely? And if it's the case that they haven't finalised it yet, then it looks increasingly unlikely that anything that requires a sophisticated build will make an appearance this year. I think the only thing that is safe is The Walking Dead Maze in some iteration.. Have they started recruiting yet, do we know?
  12. I just wouldn't hold your breath... That's all...
  13. I have a feeling that Big Top won't be coming back this year. There seems to be no activity around building it, Neptune's Beach is being used for Love Island (Even though BT was relocated last year) and the general consensus seems to be that it may have run its course and rather than refresh it badly, it's time to introduce something else..
  14. Just having a think on this one.. Could this possibly be the "last horah" for X? I mean, it's billed as a YEAR of walking dead... so what happens next year? Will they continue to have a disjointed Walking Dead Ride or does it return back to X? Or..... Does it pave the way for X Removal and redevelopment of that and Slammer's site?
  15. If the M25 is kind, I'm 17 mins away now...
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