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  1. Well.. assuming that the Hotel gets the go-ahead on the opposite side of the park, that gives you 3 massive areas for expansion: The current Shark site, behind Swarm and Loggers / Slammer site. That would be suitable for 3 pretty big coasters / new areas and this is before you start looking at redeveloping older sites such as the current Blair Witch / Fungle Safari site, Neptune's Beach and X area. Quite how it will be "unrecognisable" remains to be seen in the LTDP, but I imagine that they will move quickly once they get the go-ahead from Lego (I believe that Alton and Gardaland h
  2. And just to build on that.. in a perfect world, they are meant to be counted out and back in too; no paper copies should ever be left unaccounted for. Granted, this doesn't always happen, but every effort to keep them accounted for should be practiced at every opportunity (as Josh clarifies in the later post than this quoted one). Digitalisation of these documents is possible and causes an obvious issue; but a watermark such as "not for publication, internal use only" opens the "leaker" to prosecution instead. While they do not contain anything secret or damaging, it is
  3. Then you obviously know something I don't.. Or the other way around. Either way, that statement is incorrect.
  4. Any-one willing to leak you the official ride document would be in serious breach surmounting to Gross Misconduct; I'd be surprised if any-one will reach out to you with it or if they even have it on their person as in some cases / rides / parks / sessions they are signed out and in again within a classroom setting..
  5. They'll release provisional seasonal hours in advance so that guests can start to plan trips early. It's the same principle as holiday companies advertising next year's Summer holidays in September the previous year. The OPERATIONAL budget for 2020 will be provisionally in place, but won't be confirmed until into the new year - particularly as the season doesn't start until March, there is no need for it to be confirmed before then. This gives them an extra few months to finalise their hours, their staffing levels, analyse last years' trends etc. The financial year may even run Apr
  6. Every year at this time we have this same conversation "oh my god, they're cutting back on hours, the scrounging, money grabbing people..." and so on.. or words to that effect. And every year, around Feb, the hours are updated. It is likely that the Summer ones are just budget place-holders and will be finalised in March when further details are known about the 2020 budget / expectations. So, my take-away advice on this is to not take these at face value as the final operating hours as they have changed every year up until now and I don't see how 2020 will be any different.
  7. New for 2020 confirmed..... Car Parking Simulator... *upcharge attraction
  8. daboywunda

    2019 Season

    Technically not. It just allows the Park to pursue one if they want to - but unless they caused any actual damage pushing for a conviction is hard, costly and potentially pointless.
  9. daboywunda

    2019 Season

    Yep. The crime would be committed by follow-up acts such as breaking into buildings, damage caused by their trespass (broken fences from climbing etc)...
  10. My 2020 realistic wishlist? It's tough to know what to suggest and keep realistic knowing that Merlin are investing else-where in the portfolio, other parks are seeing increased investment over Thorpe, Alton would be due their next SW within 3 years and so a new Thorpe coaster wouldn't want to compete, the taking over of Merlin by Lego (they need time to settle into a direction) etc. A newly published Mid Term Development Plan that updates the previous, now expired one. Given the new Head Of Thorpe being there a year, she will probably have a direction now. Build on Fri
  11. Shotgun a Topspin... and the Ramses Revenge relocation rumour. BANNED AND BLOCKED.
  12. daboywunda

    2019 Season

    Interesting that you say this.. I've just run it past a criminal defence barrister I know who's exact response was "this is textbook trespass". To do with terms and conditions of entry being that you are only allowed on site as a paying guest during "permissible trading hours". Once the final ride has been closed down, guests are required to vacate the park and the Tresspass Injunction kicks in. So, technically this IS a criminal act, the police just couldn't be bothered, for whatever reason, to follow it through. Difference being that they cannot be charged and convicted retrospectively. So,
  13. daboywunda

    2019 Season

    I{t must be close to or just above "theoretical" capacity today (The park operates 2 tiers because of the size and layout: Theoretical Capacity: The point that the park starts to become uncomfortable to be in) and Absolute Capacity: Max number of people allowed on park from an H&S point of view. I say close to because if Colossus and NI were open, the 120 min queues would most likely be 90ish...
  14. daboywunda

    2019 Season

    I think overall this season has been a good one. It has probably performed in line with expectations given the low investment year and guest satisfaction seems to be up. Fright Nights was always going to be a sticky one for attendance this year because of the 2 half terms of London / Surrey being different weeks; so unlike previous years where every-one visits in the same 1 week, this year is spread over 2 weeks. I think that the package of Fright Nights could be better - wish there was more obvious "The island changes after dark" other than a few mazes that open and a flash-mob dance, such as
  15. daboywunda

    2019 Season

    It seems that Rush is also limping home too. Was operating on 1 arm with a 60 min queue on Friday evening - and was the only "decent" attraction open thanks to the wind closing everything else. A poor end to an other-wise pretty decent season.
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