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  1. I read on towers times it was a trim brake activating when it should t have
  2. TT posted on Facebook that towers are to be featured on watchdog later tonight! Any publicity is good publicity, right?
  3. It was surprisingly quite good, although I only saw the first part. They had been on site since November following construction
  4. Towers just tweeted a behind the scenes look tonight on blue Peter, CBBC channel right now And if your interested, they will also be showing things to make with tin foil
  5. ^ thought something wasn't right! That clearance under the flasher
  6. For some reason the furthest the date of birth would go back to was 1993, which is stupid because anyone born before today could be 18 and born in 95. (I'm 1994)
  7. Daily star: 'Alton Towers unveils worlds largest rollercoaster!' Not quite
  8. Well, daybreak's report was very detailed...
  9. I might see if I can make a trip over there once my exams are finished, will it be busy in June before the summer holidays?
  10. How long until Jonathon Ross is on to tell us it goes 100mph and goes upside down 20 times?
  11. Where did you find that? And what are those things on the right? Edit: worked it out, it's krave!
  12. The girl does look very similar though. As a theory, Alton could have seen it and liked it, so they asked them to come up with a pre-story to it?
  13. Looking through the twitter account of trisha, it seems a bit if an odd marketing style, considering it started ages ago before anyone was even aware of it. Plus she does swear at one point, which I know doesn't seem like much, but it is a bit unusual for towers
  14. Yeah, it's looking pretty good, despite the fact that its using saw in the video! How are these support/not supporting issues usually fixed?
  15. Loving this style of marketing, although more people need to see it
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