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  1. New video with 100% facts, no opinion.
  2. This was tweeted, drop towers confirmed then!
  3. It might work if they find a way of hanging the wires above you in a moving wire loom but other than that I don't know.
  4. Now I may be stating the obvious but I would say that we will be moving whilst wearing the VR headset because that is the usp of the Vive, it can be tracked. If we were to just be sitting on a train carriage wouldn't they have got the cheaper Oculus Rift or even the Gear VR
  5. Anybody else's website gone to cogs but with the dbgt logo???
  6. This clue is going to have to hurry up if it really is coming in December.
  7. Minds wanted site has changed back to the cogs and gears, while the Thorpe Park site has gone all Derren Brown.
  8. Just by going on the minds wanted site I unlocked the third clue.
  9. I would personally love a Derren Brown theme, I love his work.
  10. The countdown is when the next clue arrives.
  11. Containment? People who want to be scared go to fright nights.
  12. https://youtu.be/KOK-6_kFZqw
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