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  1. 2018 General Discussion

    Yeah Fastracks look decent this year although the off peak days will be the days that arent busy and wont need fastrack when its only £50pp and yeah, its good that its gone down for off peak days.
  2. 2018 General Discussion

    NOPE CCR wont come back look at the trains used in platform 15 and plus half of the track is gone and I cannot give anymore otherwise its out of me as I have been assured not to say but can hint like I said in my previous comment but yeah!.
  3. 2018 General Discussion

    Haha, Its not to do with slammer
  4. 2018 General Discussion

    A little birdy told me something in 2018 is going to be repaired and will be working again (I dont think I can say til the park is open) and also apparently Colossus's Trains have been repainted to original Turquoise colours but this is APPARENTLY! So dont quote me!.
  5. Youtube Videos

    Also Check Out My channel I have Thorpe Vlogs and PA, Towers,Chessington ect.
  6. Your first Thorpe Park ride

    My first actual ride was the flying fish when I was 8. But My first major coaster at the park was Colossus.
  7. How Far To TP From Your Home?

    30 mins if no traffic on M25 Although quickest time has been 20mins from where I live
  8. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Thorpe have announced that Saw Alive will be operational during the six weeks of the summer opening at 12pm and closing at 10 during the 10pm days at the park. Also Thorpe are leaving little hints from the Emily video of a walker at Thorpe Park that had a code on it that was binary and it spelt 'SAFEZONE X 05/03/18' So that gives us a rough date of when a possible announcement for TWD or X retheme. Also Thorpe Park have also confirmed that yet again Loggers Leap will be sat to rot as they close it for 're development' more decaying of loggers. Anyway I like the Saw move but whether it will work is another thing as when it was a permanent attraction it didnt work out.
  9. Theme Park Memes

    Welcome to the new Theme Park Memes Topic! Where you can post all your favourite Theme Park Memes and show them off to the community and make your own memes ect.. I thought why not make a topic on theme park memes as I have seen some out there and thought it would be fun to see all of them here and new ones!. Post your memes or jokes on Theme Parks below!! Have a Thrilling & Memeful day!
  10. Should Island Beats Come Back in the Future?

    Yeah I think they should bring it back It was a good edition, and if it was like a mini festival and summer nights put together it would be amazing and it could work and would attract crowds as Thorpe can get hold of some good artists like in 2015 they had Ella Eyre also Stormzy has is birthday bash there and I'm pretty sure he would do it so it can defiantly work.
  11. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    I get that I was told this by my friend who is a staff member and I agree completely different projects. We will just have to wait and see for future announcements or construction.
  12. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    This is from what I have been told from staff members and other people, so it may not be 100% true but; 2018 TP: -Removal of Slammer (Been going around the staff room for 2018) -X Closure (Rumour from most people, but recently had its retheme/paint job so imo I think it will stay) -Logger Leap Reopening (According to staff Logger Leap work was going to start this year if they did not get the AMC deal and around the staff room it has been said many times construction should start on it) -TWD Mazes Permanent attraction or themed ride? (nothing has been said within the Thorpe Staff team has been said apart from the twitter post that is all we know but it is possible for something to happen with this IP) -General improvements -Swarm VR (Although the theming will be pointless this rumour has been going around for a long time) -Possibly Announcement or clues for 2020. Yeah so thats what my friend staff member has told me and the rumours that have just been flying around.
  13. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Saw Alive returns with a retheme and is open all year round like its opening years haha
  14. Fright Nights 2017

    I normally do the weakest to the best tbf but exclude platform 15 and sanctum til dark this is normally my order: You can do any order but this is the one I usually do and its pretty effecient and better in mazes and sometimes I get runthroughs on mazes again and I complete the cycle again. Saw Alive TWD: Living Nightmare Containment (If bought ticket) The Big Top Later on: Sanctum Platform 15