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  1. Platform 15s tunnel has now actually been half put up and the other half is in Zombie Hunt so as soon as thats done they will probably move it so they can start on Platforms Exit. Yeah - Ive heard alot of rumours about Sanctum Relocation to Big Tops area and those yellow marks are defiantly for containers I guess it might be MBV all over again.
  2. CallumSyxr

    Wicker Man

    I rode Wickerman for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I think it is a great ride at the park and in the UK altogether. I thought wickerman had an amazing ride experience on thw back and the ambience around the whole area amazed me and some of the themeing elements were just amazing, it is a high class woody in the UK imo its my favourite woody in the UK and my 2nd fav coaster in the UK. Although I dont normally rate GCI's but I love the wickerman and the pre show and the effects are just sick and Alton defiantly need to maintain this as knowing merlin the effects will stop working in a couple years time and if they do maintain the ride, hands down to towers!.
  3. Apparently Vortex has The Swarms wind sensor as The Swarms old wind sensor broke and to keep a major ride running they swapped sensors which meant vortex was running without one which explains why at the start of the 2018 season during windy days the gondula was getting carried very high and shutting down regulary, this may not be true but this is what ive heard from staff and other enthusiasts and they could be waiting on a new wind sensor for Vortex!.
  4. LOVE ISLAND COMING TO THORPE PARK?! 'An Island Like No Other' So as I saw there was no forum topic on this so I thought I would create this!. So as you may know that there is a show called Love Island which first aired in 2015 and grew very popular since with the young adults and many other audiences. Love Island is pretty self explanatory it is a dating show on an island in which people couple up with each other and face challenges as a couple in order for the final couple to win 50k between them!. So this rumour of Love Island has been going around the Resort for a couple years now and I think this year may be the year in which Love Island comes to the resort. So the first hints of love island were on Thorpe Park Resort Instagram story in which you could see iconic quotes from the series such as 'muggy' - used in season 3 which tagged Mike also known as Muggy Mike and other quotes from the series which gave us the first hint. The second hint came from this video uploaded by Thorpe Park on the 11th June which it showed the beach background and a iphone text message with the contact saved as a 'love heart and island' which could mean this is pointing at love island due to the emojis used. The video then carries on with a message from one to another saying 'are you ready for the 26th July' which could show a date for when this love island attraction comes to Thorpe Park or just an announcement. I would also like to say on the contacts image on the phone has the green screen background for the islanders photo before they come to the love island villa which is also another hint. Love Island coming to Thorpe Park is significantly possible due to Thorpe Parks target audience is young adults & adults mainly which are the main target audience which watch love island, plus the tag line for TP is 'An Island Like No Other' referring to the 'Island' and this would fit the theme of love island. Another reason is that Love Island is owned by ITV, which ITV have a very good relationship with Thorpe Park and Merlin as I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Maze was approved by Thorpe and ITV. Also X Factor was filmed at Thorpe Park last year during the auditions and X Factor and have filmed The Only Ways Essex which are both on ITV which makes a more likely chance due to the relationship that love island may come to the Thorpe Park Resort. We are still unsure what this could be, could it be an maze attraction including actors with challenges or experience like I'm a celeb or could it be like Transformers Tour in the summer last year, or could it be something on the amity beach? Or it may be like X Factor filmed at Thorpe Park but for Aftersun:Love Island or Crackin' On After Love Island? Or it may be something smaller scaled such as screening the show at The Dome?. What do you think it will be and do you like the idea that Love Island is coming to THORPE PARK!? I personally think it is quite stupid although it will attract an audience and will be pretty pointless even though I watch Love Island myself and enjoy watching the show I dont think it will be liked by other people but we will have to wait and see what it is and if I and you enjoy whatever love island brings to the island like no other!. -I LOVE THE ISLAND LIKE NO OTHER-
  5. I will be at Thorpe during that whole day so may join you guys when you come to thorpe after chessington as I wont be attending for that part but I will be with a group of others in which I may come and do some rides with you guys and I may not so its a maybe but I will deffo be at thorpe on the 19th.
  6. Next Investement: 0:The Ride worlds first ride to be themed to binary ? *sarcasm*
  7. I think Saw Alive it points at it very much and its been very much rumoured to get re vamped or removed in the past couple years and the video and the facts itself can be seen as to be related to Saw Alive.
  8. I think personally this is to do with Saw Alive and I believe that it will be classic Saw Alive during summer and then it will be refurbished for this years fright nights, as you have said the barbed wire and the colours used in the video defiantly could represent Saw and plus the sign which was placed next to the big top said 'O?' 'Legacy 2018' which makes this Saw Alive an answer to this video, we will have to subscribe for more but this was mostly expected about Saw Alive either getting re furbished or removed at the end of this season but this video shows if it is related then Saw Alive will be re furbished for this years fright nights.
  9. Although it was a free event, reliability and operations were very bad as everyone has said in the chat. The event was re scheduled and was the 'TWD:The Ride Preview' in which didnt open all day including the event. Inferno was the worst ive ever seen it closed for a couple hours dispatches taking 5minutes as the operator is not doing there job and when I was on it they had to re check the restraints 4 times. DBGT took ages to go into the pre show. Quantum has been down for the start of the season. Swarm had one train in the evening. Samurai was closed all night/afternoon Rumba opened late and closed early. Stealth broke down and plus we had to wait 15-20mins because 2 people were fighting in the queue. Rush Broke down. Vortex broke down in the morning. E:xpo was good little farewell to X and X:/NWO and with parts of Thorpe Parks Past and Future. Vortex was running very good apart from the break down in the morning and it had a mental cycle due to the wind sensor still broken therefore lifting the gondola higher which made it more intense of a cycle. Overall for a free event it was decent the sunset was amazing, it was okay and got some nice rides in the dark + weather held out on the day.
  10. They kinda do it with Pizza and Pasta but thats about it!. They used to do it for more restraunts like desperadoes and pizza and pasta and finns deal meal with better advertisement around 2015-2016 but now you only have this for inferno pizza and pasta. Although Thorpe do have the best food selection this season we have seen a decline in them with Bush BBQ for special events only now and Pulled Meat Co biting the dust aswell as Desperadoes not opening yet until the refurb to Sombreros Burrito Bar is complete we have less restaurants/ fast food outlets. It would be nice to see a Merlin Meal Pass which you could top up or pay a certain amount yearly for a Merlin Saver Meal or a pass that allows you meals for a restaurant which you pay yearly. Although this would be so much of a hassle and not marketed very well most likely is it worth it really?.
  11. Yeah Fastracks look decent this year although the off peak days will be the days that arent busy and wont need fastrack when its only £50pp and yeah, its good that its gone down for off peak days.
  12. NOPE CCR wont come back look at the trains used in platform 15 and plus half of the track is gone and I cannot give anymore otherwise its out of me as I have been assured not to say but can hint like I said in my previous comment but yeah!.
  13. Haha, Its not to do with slammer
  14. A little birdy told me something in 2018 is going to be repaired and will be working again (I dont think I can say til the park is open) and also apparently Colossus's Trains have been repainted to original Turquoise colours but this is APPARENTLY! So dont quote me!.
  15. Also Check Out My channel I have Thorpe Vlogs and PA, Towers,Chessington ect.
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