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  1. Hi! I am considering handing in an application to Thorpe Park either applying for Admissions or Ride Operations. I am hoping for a seasonal position and want to save up for uni. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what the interview process is like and if anyone has worked for Thorpe Park what it's like working for Thorpe Park, preferably in Admissions or Rides. Even information on how these sectors work in other resorts such as in Alton Towers or Chessington would be really helpful Thanks
  2. Oh! That's so amazing! Wish I was old enough to have gone there during the early years, but I would have been to young to remember anything anyway! It's a shame. I never really got to see anything going on (show wise) in the Arena when I began to frequently come to Thorpe Park. Shame really that it's gone now but it wasn't getting a lot of use anyway, except for Fright Nights
  3. I really do think this could be a simulator ride...
  4. Well I am pretty sure this year will be different to 2013 and 2014. The mazes are in different places and in different layouts too. Not long to go now, we'll just have to wait and see
  5. Maybe it will be like Experiment 10, isolation, confined spaces, you never know
  6. Well, on Thorpe Parks official twitter, they replied to a tweet asking whether breakout is only for overnight guests and they replied saying it would be free for Shark Hotel guests but available for other guests too. This unfortunately may suggest that guests who don't stay overnight will have to pay for the experience A shame as I was looking forward to participating in this attraction, but I don't really want to pay extra for it, if I am honest.
  7. Oh! Alright well thank you
  8. Can someone give me some more information about the Breakout maze please? Interested to know what to expect from it
  9. Thank you! I appreciate it! It has been confusing me haha!
  10. I always thought the audio for The Asylum was a great audio track during Fright Nights!!
  11. Well I have a feeling that if it's not a coaster then it could be a simulator. Just like the ones in Universal Studios Hollywood or Orlando for example The Simpsons Ride. I say this because: 1) the poster they put up next to the ride and on their social media about 'Minds Wanted' with an eye, must be a clue to it being something visual and mind-blowing, which is generally what a simulator is like. 2) Didn't they mention something about a pre-show and then the actually attraction itself takes place, which again, is what usually happens with a simulator ride. But hey, who knows!!
  12. Everytime I go on the website to check for Fright Nights, it keeps saying 404 error... I can't see anything! Anyone else?
  13. It's September! One Month until Fright Nights! :)

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