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  1. Heyyy its Holly, we need to meet up! xxx

  2. Frankie

    Michael Jackson

    Holly: Its all fair saying all this but its another person life cut short by some reason or other. Regardo of what he's done that's bad IMO he's one of the best artist I've ever heard. I remember listening to him with my Dad when I was alot younger. End of the day he's dead and his family have to go through the greif and just like Jade Goody's boys his kids will have to grow up without one parent.
  3. Hahaha I loved year 11. All the years 7s were propper lippy and one was like 'what year are you in then?' I said year 11 and she scarpered pretty quickly. I love them.
  4. Frankie

    Forum Posts

    Hey there it's Holly. On my account I can't seem to post or pm. So yeah hi.
  5. no, ive wanted to come off this thing for ages not just because of that, but its brought into light who I can trust and I find it a waste of time to continue talking to him when I know I'm not friends with him and the way he acted sometimes I dont think he really ever did consider me a friend.
  6. Could you do that for me please?And "Ryanito" cuz he isnt gonna use his eitherI'll be most grateful
  7. Yea, we arent saying that you should... but the people who dont actually want the account anymore......
  8. yea, I know that much...................¬¬but doesnt it annoy you lot when theres an account just sat there doing nothing... and would make life so much easier....
  9. Happy? .... I was riled up by him and I apologise for annoying you...But being convinced your right about something when you arent is the biggest act of ignorance ive ever known and I felt he needed to know that.. but I cant be bothered with it any more..I swear we used to be able to request an account deletion from here... so whats happened since?
  10. I.E is in fact the slowest server... its true...Your school doesnt allow it?hmm.... I must try it out tomorrow at college....... although if I remember they already have firefox.. but I cant remember
  11. Tom thought he did but he didn't. Like I said there are plenty of people that can prove where he was. Don't back up someone who just wants to ruin my relationship.
  12. Ive moved to this topic....... ooh fun.. I just really wanna scream at a particular someone.. and he knows who he is.. because hes an f'ing retard, accusing someone I know (and love) of lying to me and expecting me to believe the accusations when hes the biggest liar ever himself... tell me... would you believe a liar?
  13. Frankie


    Anyone else p'd off ? ... I'm thoroughly hacked...
  14. 14th... was kinda rubbish in my honest opinion, I didnt mind so much that the rides were down and blah blah blah.. weather was bad and some were throwing wobbly's, fair enough, it was just the people. Several times throughout the day I experienced couples and groups of irritating 12 year olds thinking they know best and having a go at whoever was closest to them, normally a ride op. But also, and I'm sorry to say it, I felt hugely ignored by people I went to meet from here because after one ride (the carousel) I wasnt even given a chance to get off the ride before the people I was with ran off to somewhere else, I was ditched and didnt see them for the rest of the day. Its not an unusual occurance either ¬¬.
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