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  1. That is great news about Thorpe Blast.That was great last year.and wow,fright nights is going on longer this year!16th Febuary isn't half term for me,bit weird,but from what happened last year I'm quite pleased (:looks as though the park isnt opening too 10 as much this year :/
  2. haz


    its back 30th may lol
  3. They had to shut detonator because they have installed a new saftey system on the ride and they have lights for all the seats and one of them was red and they had to shut it. Also when I got on my seat wasn't safe enough so thye had to push it down on me I couldn't breave!
  4. well thorpe another great day.Got there and checking the website it still saying (this is at 7 in the morning) slammer and detty were closed. But when I get there...please be aware the stealth and flying fish are unavailble NOOOOOOOOOO AGAIN?????? thatsh the thrid time that has happened.Well after moaning got into the park and had a go on depth charge and noticed that for some reason the water from the slide next to me was....going into mine (obviously fat) and I got SOAKED. The it was detty and I really like how you can not hear the music from up there so you really don't know when your going. they had to close detty half-way thoguh the day because the lights to check that the seats were okay were flasing RED. Also when I went on it he really had to tug on the restraint to get me out.. Well after the good ol' go on nemesisi and Colossus went over to lost city and rode RUSH ONLY because it had the shortest queue and it was really good today the speed and the atmosphere is just amazing on that ride. While walking for another go on detty I noticed STEALTH IS OPEN AHHHHHHH legged it over there queued for half a hour AND RODE THAT SON OF A B####.YES I got on it But sadly that was the only ride as they were not allowing you to but fastracks and the queue was 100 mins long.overall it was a great day won a sonic in the crane machine(luck) and had a go on stealth.Favourite ride of the day:going to have to got oo rush today great ride and still makes me swear.Least favourite:Stealth because the reliability on thath thing whenever I go there is stupid and they were only running one train ona very busy day,.....but still good ride.
  5. ^The fish was shut all day stealth opened at 1 but with a huge queue and.....slammer did not brake down at all today (from what I saw) also loggers shut for a brief period and so did detty.
  6. Chessington is facing closure if they do not improve the state of animal welfare: Lets hope they sort it out
  7. Made a video from the 25th March if anyone is bored and wants a peek.The video
  8. I really should have gone on the saturday.Well I went on the sunday but stupid me did not check the website in the morning that stealth was going to be shut.Once I found that out that was dissapointing but hey that's life. Anyway I went to x:/ no way out and I'm pleased wioth the way it looks the dummies scared my sister (forgot to tell her about them) Then went off to n: I really had missed it but finally it was open again and what an experience sad to see the bald guy wasn't there but oh well day off maybe.Then went on Rumba rapids which was a LOT better and a lot more fun and I still love the view of stealth from that ride beautiful Then went on teacups which was fun. Then went over to stealth to see what was up and she said "the maintennance guy has been sleeping in" o great. So after that went on pirates which was as cheesy as ever and really not funny but that's why it's great!Then went on the fish which was a lot of fun and it goes round 3 times woot!Then got on colly which was great and due to no queues got o the front and what an experience. Then went on most of the lost city rides then went to loggers andafter doing the whole park only had been 2 hours... Also does anyone know what happened but around 3ish I think a LOT of security guards were legging it towards loggers?Anway great day shame about stealth hope it gets well soon but got the magical towers next week so rita yay!Colossus-2N:I-3x:/-3quantum-3zodiac-1vortex-1loggerz-1rumba-2teacups-2fish-3
  9. haz


    Hi just to say does anyone know what happened to the cherry picker hat was operating on rush yesterday as I was leaving there was an ambulance and two police cars by rush and the cherry pciker was on the floor does anyone know what happened?
  10. ^no sorry I don't I only a few videos taken from my phone which are ok quality I'll try and get them up this afternoon. The theming on the ride is really bare to be honest the area where the ride goes around looks ugly with pipes and horrible mud puddles in the middle hopefully there will be a large improvement soon. Also the seats are nice and comfy and the new lap bars are great. The announcer sounds really good and sounds very much like Billy Bob etc. The fish is great but no-where near the standard as to what it was a few years ago.EDIT:I now have photos and videosIt's the fishLogoTrainhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMdNydnN6MYhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j7jHmmOgSUSorry about the poor quality but that's the best I could do
  11. Yeh I meant each ride in lost city sorry I was tired
  12. One of the weirdest days yet I think.Got there at 10 saw that stealth was shut so went on Colossus whihc had a huge queue after Colossus got on quantum and all other lost citys rides noticed that there was a cherry picker on rush. Around mid-day (stealth still shut) I noticed everyone running...to flying fish! I pegged it and got on the area looks really bland and boring however the ride only operated for around 2 hours during the day whether it will be like this during normal days we shall find out. The theming like a the art-work is good the speakers are cool woth the cheesy music and the cool "the fish is read are you?" and obviously the ride is great. FINALLY after more Colossus riding stealth opened they were testing the ride with staff on tif ro about an hour. The ride was going very slow at some points but still an awesome ride. Around closing time I noticed a ambulance and the cherry picker was on the floor the path to lost city was blocked and a man was being taken with an ambulance don't know what happened there but hope everything was okay. Overall I think thorpe were kind enough to gett he fish opened however nemmy still closed .Ride count:Quantum-3Colossus-3stealth-1Flying fish..dude-2mr.monkey-1teacups-1lost city-1Good day can't wait to go on 25th when everything is officially open!
  13. Queued up for an hour on x:/wtf then suddenly the fir alarm went off and we had to be evacuated I was in the elevator part and all. We had to leave through the side of the building and got fast-passes for later so damn annoying....flase alrm too :mellow:Also got stuck on the lift hill of loggers for 10 mins and got stuck on the final brakes on x:/wtf.
  14. Went today too.Got there at around 11 found out Colossus was shut but when found out getting refunds was quite alritght about it still it ticked me off that there was literally nothing open.Stealth was great as usualy finally worked out where the best to sit is (at the back). X:/ no way out was a lot of fun although they said the queue was 40 mins it was walk-on Quantum was fun vortex was crap kept breaking down stealth was only down once when I queued for a while but go running again.Overall it was an alright day great day for riding stealth but notma great day for everythin else fish is looking good Count:Stealth-7Quantum-2X:/no way out:3Depth charge: 1Vortex-0 (gave up) What was it had better been good because it really annoyed me
  15. I have a recreation on my computer it was on the old www.tussaudszone.com website but it's gone now It has neil-fevers name on it ask him.
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