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  1. @Fin The Human Might even bump into you tomorrow! I'll be shouting Fin on the rides and if someone waves at me, I know it was my forum buddy!
  2. Thought I'd just implant myself into this thread.
  3. Relentless

    Services Day

    I'm not sure if I am allowed to post the specific date due to social media rules in my contract, as you can appreciate I do not want to get the sack! If you scroll up, another member may have mentioned a date
  4. That sounds really positive, thank you Fin for your comment! I am less worried now! I am a partner myself and I have invited my brother to join me :-)
  5. "More attention from the actors" - Oh great haha! Thank you for the speedy reply!
  6. Hi folks, *new member alert* Sorry if this is in the wrong section but it is Fright Night themed! Has anyone taken part in any corporate events for the Fright nights? I am in the John Lewis Partnership and we are lucky enough to have exclusive access on a certain date to the park with Fight Night experience included (10am-10pm). I am just curious to what experiences people may have had and if it is the 'real deal' so to speak? As it will obviously be less busy than a public day, so my fears will be fewer actors in mazes ect. Thank you! Relentless
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