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  1. Yeah I'd say it's pretty scary if you're young from the very start, it's a fab ride though.
  2. Also to note is how the rapids restriction board states there's "no eating or drinking in the queue" despite the fact that there are vending machines towards the front! What a pickle we are in.
  3. Getting some teeth removed tomorrow, fun!
  4. Think you've started something *fetches himself a chocolate orange*
  5. I can't stand Tidal Wave. Whilst it produces a visually exciting splash, on-board it feels like a mini panic-attack
  6. I'll be doing the Merlin parks, maybe Adventure Island and my first visits to both Blackpool and Drayton Manor.
  7. Morgan.B


    My little Tabby imgur.com/CLarW1U.jpg[/img] imgur.com/5260e3o.jpg[/img]
  8. It was stuck right at the beginning of the vertical lift, and there were several crowds of GP watching it...
  9. I didn't know that crisps were avilable at Fright Nights.
  10. Make it a stand-up coaster, or add Flying Dutchman trains.
  11. My Containment ticket this year has told me to go to a Fastrack unit on the day and choose a time, I imagine it's the same system.
  12. You should be fine. I'm also autistic and I'm fine in all the mazes.
  13. Curse is fine, it's a small attraction, and you can easily tell where all the jumpscares/spooky bits are well before they happen.
  14. Morgan.B


    There isn't any kind of booking system for either events
  15. If you have a standard pass than yes, you do need to pay a fiver to get in, yet the mazes are free. If you have a premium/VIP pass than it's free, but as Fright Nights can be very busy you can pay £1 to ensure entry
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