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  1. My pops and I always bring ibuprofen cos one or both of us usually get headaches (I get a headache, my pops gets a migraine) from Saw the ride xD Although, the last couple of time we went on it we were okay, it seemed much smoother. I generally never feel ill from rides, but I did once make the mistake of riding Samurai, then Vortex, then Zodiac all in quick succession on a quiet day... felt very sick for a couple of hours afterwards and had a dreadful headache, probably too much spinning x3
  2. I ended up visiting Fright Nights on a couple of different dates, first off was Sunday 14th with my dad, and secondly on Sunday 21st with my dad and my partner. On my first visit my dad and I chose to turn up a little later to the park because it was a bad weather day anyhow and so we figured we at least wouldn't have to queue long at the security bag check... We were wrong, for some reason it still took around an hour and we didn't make it into the park until gone 1pm. Stealth had a short queue so we went straight for that and got pelted hard by the rain. We couldn't ride my beloved Swarm as this was one of the days it was closed. Having peeked at the queues for mazes on previous dates we decided to queue for Saw first as it seemed to attract some of the longest queues. It was a very cold day with rain on and off throughout, it then absolutely poured it down in the last hour or so before the park closed and this affected my opinion of some maze runs (positively!) So my maze ranking this year is somewhat different to what others have experienced. From best to worst: \Dead Creek Woods/ This one may come as a surprise but we had a fantastic run at this. My dad and I were at the back of our group and the rest of the people in it hurried along pretty fast so we got left behind to do the maze just the two of us. Sure, the theming was pretty poor, but we had some really good actor interactions throughout since it was just us. The actors gave it everything and it felt like we were being stalked and ever so slightly molested throughout xD They also managed to create a coherent and intriguing story with some of the things they were saying. \TWD Do or Die/ Again, possibly another surprise. We did this one twice, once during daylight and again after dark. Both times it was the brilliant actors that made it such a good experience! The first run we watched an actor chase one absolutely terrified guest around the entire maze, separating her from her group of friends and cornering her multiple times. The second run we did was our last attraction of the day at about 21:50 and it was pouring it down with rain to the point that the place was almost abandoned and my dad and I were completely soaked through. The actors in Do or Die were still super enthusiastic though, like the weather wasn't bothering them in the slightest despite their maze being outdoors. It was only my dad and I in there so we got much actor attention. I had a guy hold a knife to my throat and separate me from my dad. Later on I had a different actor pull my hood down and grab me, saying that I wasn't allowed to hide my face cos he wanted to see what was going to be carved up xD I'm not sure what that music at the end is about though, it just instantly made me think of Chop Shop/Squealers Yard! \Blair Witch/ Another outdoor maze making my 3rd place, but hear me out, it was all down to the actors and the weather again. We didn't queue for this because it was in the last half hour before closing and it was pouring with rain. Our group was tiny, and like with Do or Die in the rain, the actors gave it their all still despite it hammering down. The pouring rain actually added loads to the general atmosphere of the maze and although it was short, we did feel as though we were lost deep in the woods. I don't generally jump at all from scares, but the rain made it incredibly difficult to see, meaning the actors were pretty much appearing out of nowhere as far as we were concerned so we jumped a good few times xD If you get the chance, I highly recommend giving this maze a go in the pouring rain at night, it was just so atmospheric mixed with the smoke effects :3 \TWD Living Nightmare/ Not really a lot to say here, I've done this maze quite a lot and I adore the theming, but on both dates when I did this there weren't many actors in there at all, unfortunately. Some of the zombie actors in the strobe section were great though. \Saw Alive/ I love the Saw films and I do still love this maze, the theming is wonderful, but I've been through it more times than I can remember now and it doesn't change much. Group size was absolutely ridiculous (23 in our group) so it was one big squash. There weren't many actors in there and the ones that were in there didn't really do much aside from stand there staring. I've had much better runs in previous years. \Platform 15/ I actually forgot to include this so that probably says everything about the way I feel towards this maze xD The pyrotechnics didn't function, the rattling wall activated after most of the group had already gone past, there were hardly any actors, and that darn tunnel at the end (whilst slightly improved) is still just a long, uneventful walk in the dark. \Vulcan Peak/ I can't actually comment on this one because we avoided it both times after reading on here how awful it was xD I'm not a fan of boring hooded mazes anyhow, so we definitely didn't want to waste time queuing 60+ mins for disappointment. The Swarm was working on our second visit, with fire blast too (yay :3), however, the Saw ride died and didn't come back to life sadly and this was when I was with my partner who had never been to Thorpe before, so it's a shame he didn't get to try it. Roaming Actors: On my first visit, I didn't see any of the Amity roaming crew at all, but on my second visit they were very visible and we had some entertaining interactions with them. Both times we saw roaming clowns harrassing people which was amusing. And on my first visit as we left at gone 10pm the Big Top Showtime thing was going on in the dome with clowns going after the few people left in there, which was enjoyable, but I still miss the actual Big Top, haha. Atmosphere in general with lighting and soundtrack stuff did seem pretty poor this year in comparison to previous years and if not for going into mazes I would have felt like it was just a regular day at Thorpe with late closing time. Especially on the second visit when it was so warm. The only soundtrack type thing that I really liked was on Stealth and Nemesis. (I read it was good on Colossus too, but the one time I went on it the speakers were silent, haha.) That's my Fright Nights related rambling over for the year anyhow!
  3. I want TWD:LN Extreme Face it Alone edition! But that's not likely to happen T_T Really gonna miss Big Top, I was so looking forward to doing that again as well. Can't say I'm particularly excited for any of the mazes this year unfortunately, which sucks cos I do generally adore Fright Nights. Seeing that Blair Witch is back is just disappointing as I never had a single decent run of that when it was around before and my dad described it as "laughable" Oh and I'm fed up with hooded mazes already too xD
  4. Heya, I was just wondering if anyone happens to know/can predict what day the passholder Fright Nights preview might be on? As I'm trying to plan stuff and don't really want to miss it if it can be helped! I've never been to a passholder preview before so I have no idea what day of the week it's normally held on, or how far from/close to regular FN dates it usually is. Or maybe it changes a lot each year? I dunno, but any help would be appreciated cheers! :3
  5. Coco

    Fright Nights 2017

    I don't think this contains spoilers so hopefully it's ok to put this here. It's about the volume of people at the park and queues rather than the actual attractions themselves. I'm really confused xD I went on the first weekend and whilst it was busier on Saturday than Sunday, neither day was particularly crazy (I'm used to just going on Sunday's.) But I went again with a friend yesterday (Friday) thinking it would be somewhere in between the state of capacity on Saturday and Sunday and it was packed... As busy as it was when I went on Halloween itself last year O.O Was it half term or something? There were a hell of a lot of kids there during the day; but when I googled half term it said that's not until 23rd-27th. The queues for rides were displaying around 70 minutes in the late afternoon/evening but seemed to take longer (most appeared to only have 1 train on the track for a majority of the day.) And maze queue times were highly inaccurate also; the sign outside Living Nightmare said 60 mins, the app said 45 mins... The actual wait time by the time we got in was just over 2 hours >.< Haha. Consequently we didn't even get to do all the mazes, which sucked in a way because I was with someone who was at Fright Nights for the first time; he still had fun, but I would've liked it to have given a better impression of the event. Stealth and DBGT broke down a lot. Some of the food places weren't even open. Amity Kebabs had a mutiny go down and the poor dude in there could barely cope, he said almost his entire team had resigned! They ran out of most of the fillings and had no salad by 2pm. Queues in Burger King were 45 minutes long. The mazes we did do had a lot less actors in than the weekend and we were put in them in groups 3 times the size. Also we left dead on 10pm as queue lines were being shut and queues for mazes were still gigantic, 75 minutes for Big Top and Platform 15 I think it was, around 45 for the rest. The Swarm was 40 minutes but the rest of the rides had gone down then. At the weekend, come 8pm the park started emptying, ride queues were 5 mins, 15 on DBGT and at 9pm mazes and rides were pretty much just walk in/on. Massive difference. I guess yesterday was a very late night for staff! So yeah, just confused haha. Is that normal for a Friday Fright Nights? Was it a holiday that I didn't realise or something? xD I would've put this in quick questions but it's quite long haha.
  6. I'm just going to go ahead and add my opinion so feel free to skip past xD I was there with my dad on both Saturday and Sunday because we always tend to go on the first weekend. In total over both days, we managed to do each maze at least 4 times, a few more times on certain mazes and the experience each time was fairly different, which was refreshing! I was especially surprised by both of the Walking Dead mazes, as I fully expected them to be generic zombie mazes, so it was nice to be proven wrong. {Living Nightmare} 9/10 -Lots of praise for the Negan actors- I loved it! So, so much xD I'm not a huge fan of TWD but I am up to date on it. It was the actors that made it so great to be honest, I've never had so much brilliant interaction outside of solo mazes before. In my first run one of Negan's guys referenced my Saw jumper when telling me to get on my knees; then when being told to get into the next room, that same actor came threatening me in my ear, saying he was going to carve my skin off and wear me as a onesie xD On my second run through, the ending was different to the first (in the first a random lady chased me out with a knife) but in the second, I was happily walking behind the couple in front, watching them rather than paying !uch attention, they turned a corner and I got stopped in my tracks by a Negan actor blocking my path with Lucille. Had a funny little back and fourth for a few seconds which was great, it's really cool when actors actually go off script so to speak and actually hold a little conversation and whilst I never really get scared at all in mazes, this Negan genuinely made me feel a tad intimidated haha. Then it ended by being challenged to outrun a walker on a long leash. Third run through was the weakest, less actors inside. However, I was happy to see the Negan actor at the beginning play off the group a little bit. It was a small group, just my dad, myself and 4 friends together. When he asked who the leader was, the 4 friends for some reason all pointed at me and accused me of being the leader, which the actor then played off of spectacularly! The ending was weaker and just involved being shot at haha. Finally, while it can be crowded in the beginning, it's quite easy to just separate and go through in your own little group, which is much appreciated. {Sanctum} 8/10 Genuinely surprised at how hilariously good this was. 3/4 times running it it was packed with actors, couldn't turn a corner without bumping into one. The ladies were great, lots of creepy one liners. My dad was in love with an actor laid on the bonnet of a car with intestines being yanked out and eaten by another actor xD who then proceeded to actually pretend bite at my dad's neck, getting some fake blood on him in the process. At least 2 of the actors in there recognised us the second time through and adapted some of their lines accordingly, which was a lovely touch :3 I presumed it would be better after dark, but actually enjoyed my daylight runs more. I can see how the mud could be an issue in wet weather though and some of the blocks on the fences may be a problem, I nearly fell over one and flat on my face when an actor pushed me in their direction xD {Big Top} 9/10 I loved it last year and I think it's even better this year! :3 The strobe bit is always good fun. Actors were pretty full on and lots of them were in there every single run through (all 6 times.) The little rooms with numbers on the doors were consistently amusing to see what the actors who made you go in them would do. My dad was pretty shocked when a clown shouted "Catch!" at him and gently tossed a severed head in his direction whilst laughing crazily xD There was also a lot of blocking and staring down going on, which I personally love and the fact that you can go through in your own group, rather than having to stick with others is great. {Platform 15} 6/10 This was my least favourite maze last year and remains my least favourite this year too unfortunately. I'm happy with what's been added, really impressed by the village section as that was interesting and had a few great actors in; but the walk to get there and the walk afterwards are still just too drawn out and empty of anything much going on. In all but one run through, the tunnel section was devoid of an ending, nothing was there at all In the last run we did there was an actor at the end dressed as the conductor who grabbed some hands and yanked them off of shoulders just before the exit, so that ending was at least decent. {Saw Alive} 7/10 I've done this a lot now so knew what to expect, maybe the rating would be a little higher if not for that. However, the actors in most of the runs we did were pretty darn full on... I don't think I've had so many actors clinging onto me before xD I could never get near the front on any of our walkthroughs, usually ended up right at the back, which lead to a fair amount of actor attention. Multiple times I had an actor grab my shoulders and pull me away from my dad whilst screaming at me to help them. One even went as far as to clasp hands around my waist to drag me backwards which was highly amusing! Even on a very late run the actors still kept the intensity high, the actor at the start really went for it (which doesn't seem to happen that much in Saw Alive.) It was the first time out of loads of runs through the years, that an actor pressed a gun to my forehead in there, haha. So yeah, overall I was really impressed this year :3 With any luck I'll be returning later on, but I can't see anything beating that one particular Negan interaction, that really made my weekend! xD On a more negative note, roamers were practically non existent and didn't really interact with anyone on the couple of occasions I spotted them and Containment was pretty much exactly (apart from the answers ofc) the same as last year, if I'd paid for it as opposed to having it free with the hotel, I probably would've been miffed, but since it was free it was still a good laugh! TLDR: The actors were really impressive, plentiful and lots of energy, way more physical and verbal interaction than last year! All of them deserve a great big hug <3
  7. Coco

    Fright Nights 2017

    So now that Containment is actually bookable, does anyone know what's happened in regards to booking your free slot as a Shark hotel guest? I booked everything before fright nights details were released and once they said Containment was included in a hotel stay, I asked customer support if that still applies to my booking, they said yep, you should get an email soon about booking a slot..... Our stay is next Saturday and still nothing >.< Live chat isn't up atm and I have a weird phobia of using phones to call customer services xD
  8. Coco

    Fright Nights 2017

    I asked them this question about 2 weeks ago by email and by FB message, but they didn't respond to me, I'm guessing this is why If it is true then they'll be getting less money out of me for Fright Nights this year xD I was planning to go on at least 7 different days, with multiple hotel stays at the Shark, just so I could do lots of face it alone's.... If there's not going to be any, I guess I'll just stick with the 2 days that I've already booked! T_T
  9. Coco

    Fright Nights 2017

    I really hope they bring them back and have them on every night, it already seems like I missed out on the best years of them! I did think the day before Halloween was oddly quiet for face it alone last year, it was 4 I think for Big Top (I always imagined there would be more people up for it); on Halloween itself though a lot of people showed up for the one in Cabin. Containment was weirdly empty too, it was just me and 1 other person on the slot we were given xD
  10. I got my answer haha, support responded saying that as long as the person who books stuff is the lead party member and has a pass, then no one else in the group has to have one, they can all just buy their tickets separately.
  11. Coco

    Fright Nights 2017

    I don't suppose if anyone knows whether face it alone usually runs on every single fright nights date? It was my first go at it last year but it was on the day before Halloween and Halloween itself that I did it. Where as this year I'm going on the very first weekend.... We've already booked the hotel and stuff so it would suck if they don't run it during the quieter weekends T_T We're also concerned about any extras that might get added to hotel stays later on since they've not revealed much (like a go in Containment was included in hotel packages before); and that we might not be entitled to them since we've booked early I did ask the Thorpe Breaks team, but they just said they don't know what would happen with that >.<
  12. Sorry if this has already been asked before, I don't even really know how to word the question and can't find any info on it anywhere. I asked the MAP team but they replied saying they can't help and that I need to contact the Thorpe Breaks team instead, which I have, but they're busy atm and have an estimate of 12 days response time. Basically, I have a premium Merlin annual pass and no one else that I know has one. I have all of my share the fun vouchers left and they can be used for fright nights dates up to 19th October. I want to book the shark hotel for my friend and I; booking using the MAP discount saves a little bit VS paying the full price with tickets included, just because of the bring a friend for £15. (It's not much but I try to save everything possible cos I'm fairly poor!) What I'm trying to find out is, do both my friend and I need to have an annual pass to be allowed to do this? Am I ok to book it using the discount and then buy her tickets separately? Or will they say I need to pay more when we get there because she doesn't have an annual pass too? I just don't wanna go ahead and book something, only to find out I have to shell out more money further down the line! Thanks for any help given :3
  13. Thanks everyone for your replies. I had my interview today, wasn't sure if I'd make it because my rabbit died yesterday afternoon (He was a house rabbit who was allowed to free roam, he went off his food and the vet said to take him to their hospital the next day to get a good look at his teeth, despite looking himself and saying they looked fine but he said he wanted to be sure. We did as they said and dropped him off in the morning, got a call in the afternoon (5 hours later) to say they'd only just gone to get him to begin and found him dead. Didn't offer any insight as to how and why he died, we're guessing heart attack from being so scared we even told the vet who took him from us to keep an eye on him because he gets very stressed and upset at the vets, but I guess they didn't heed that. He was probably just left on his own for hours, scared stiff! He was only 2 years old, far too young to die, so we're very upset and angry atm.) Anyway I still went, as I didn't want to cancel on the day. Everyone was lovely and the guy who interviewed me just explained that they have pretty flexible hours so there might be something to suit me. It was my first ever interview so I probably don't stand a chance, but I tried my best so that's all I can do. I guess I'll just have to apply again another time if I don't get offered a job.
  14. Thanks for your replies too :3 Yeah the 951 is my only option really, as the route from Aylesbury to Staines is just really expensive and I'd pretty much not be making any money at all because of that. Whereas Aylesbury to Rickmansworth on a train and then catching the 951 Sullivan bus is more affordable. It's just fairly unreliable since it says it only runs once per day, doesn't arrive at Thorpe until 9:43am earliest and doesn't run at all on Sundays. It really comes down to what times they want employees in, as I could do 10am until 6pm, but if they needed me in for 9am it's just not possible My careers advisor said to me I shouldn't be diving into full time work yet anyway because it might be too much for me (I suffer from anxiety and depression) and could hinder rather than help if I end up feeling trapped. She recommended I do anything up to 16 hours. I don't know if Thorpe would let me do that or not to be honest.
  15. Thanks for your reply :3 I've been looking at buses and stuff, it would be alright if they ran earlier than advertised, as many seem to get there at good times for visitors but staff would need to be there earlier I would imagine. I live in Aylesbury so going by car has always just taken about an hour, not too bad. Public transport sucks though. The easiest journey would be Aylesbury train to Rickmansworth and then bus, but the bus timetable says it arrives at Thorpe at 9:43am at the earliest, which is surely too late Then there's getting a train to Staines, which involves going into London, using the underground and then onto a train that heads to Staines, costing around £40+ for a return. Sort of wish my family hadn't encouraged me to apply now because it's looking like I'll have to turn up to the interview and just apologise that I wouldn't even be able to get there for work until I can drive T_T
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