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  1. Nice to see a fully fledged event, by the looks of it anyway. It’s got a bit of everything, isn’t just based around food (Oktoberfest) or Music (Parkvibes). It feels like a transformation of the whole park, something which is an advantage over towers. Curious to see how well received the parade is, I’m not sure on what level to expect it. All I’m saying is that Thorpe’s demographic is likely to turn a blind eye to it. That isn’t to say, that I wouldn’t want it. I’m really excited to see it along with all the other performances. I’m just aware, the main demographic turn a blind eye to the Thrillmakers.
  2. I’ve noticed the past year, swarm has been really unreliable and very sensitive. Every visit, I head towards swarm/in the station or queue/ on the train and it breaks down. I’m not too sure if it’s always been like that, but noticed it a lot more this year.
  3. Ok, the two examples could be coincidences. Swarm audio might have been as a result of the audio changes across the park. It wasn’t good audio either way, they are still using the new station audio unfortunately. Anytime there’s a slight pause in a dispatch, the music will stop once the track is played, it doesn’t loop. TikTok board feels like the most reactive, it was clearly deliberately set up and painted. Not long after twitter went at it, it was gone.
  4. From an operations perspective, I’d say good. Every coaster except for Colossus has been constantly running two trains. The park feels fresh in areas, I’d say each area has had something done to it to make it a little bit fresher. The park and management team seem to be very aware of what people want. They are pushing their TikTok which is working. They listened (I can’t confirm) to comments on Twitter saying about how bad the TikTok board was and removed it. They’ve also returned the old swarm audio after complaints… The Roaming entertainment team have found their feet. The Thrillmakers seem to fit the Thorpe brand, however I notice they are almost always dancing with young children…. The park which has just lost two children's rides. High Striker is ugly from the back and should have been placed against a wall or a less prominent view from the dome. The theme suits the area and the soundtrack which plays is pretty good. They are appealing to enthusiasts by releasing special pins such as a loggers leap pin and selling coaster climbs. Again a good thing, they are quite an open park compared to Alton Towers. The new events seems like they could have a lot of thought put into them. They are really pushing the events on the app and on the park trying to get people to return for the events. TL:DR Very positive start, the park is listening and responding. Few issues to iron out but generally most are out of the parks control and more about Merlin.
  5. The Infamous Tik Tok board has seemingly been removed from the park. I went yesterday, it wasn’t there… 😂😂 It was bad regardless, in a themed area even worse…
  6. The roaming actors are weird….. like they aren’t advertised anywhere on the website nor do I get the point of them (yes, they are fun ect) but I mean what do they actually do? If they are around to do party dances like it’s some sort of caravan park, I don’t see the point. It was okay for park vibes, but not again… Maybe I’d like them more if they had relevance to the park (story, branding) otherwise it just looks like a group of people on a stag do. I like the posters, there’s way too many though. The soundtrack change last year already took away from the original story. But I feel that’s the entertainments team and general Thorpe management trying to divert from the original MMM concept slightly. Too focused on the “Les Coogan” reference. New graphic is a good little teaser, looks like mountains to me. Again playing to this wilderness theme from the Trailers poster (clearly showing a forest) and the planning application which states they are gonna use the environment as part of the theme. Is the coaster themed to an expedition and the coaster is the mountain, which you climb and takes you on an “unexpected journey” also could nod to Canada Creek still. That is very very light speculation, only pulled from a few hints. I can imagine it will be wrong. But hey, starting to speculate the theme!
  7. I saw this today, the railings looked like they tried to be painted but realised it was the wrong paint for metal. Roof painted nice, but the actually structure and panels were left untouched. The op booth had a few panels strangely unpainted. Hopefully this is done before the park officially opens….
  8. Always the case, if anyones seen drone footage/ monks walk updates. Every year, Nov-Jan nothing happens. Even fright nights stuff is left out until January at least….. if they started the second they closed, they would be finished by now and could undertake other tasks. always wonder why they just don’t go round painting things over closed season such as queue like fences . Doesn’t need to take long or need a specialist team..
  9. Thorpe park have uploaded a new accessibility video showing new updates such as a new RAP queue line for Nemesis inferno, new signage, new evacuation procedures for swarm and most importantly, the old Depth Charge photo booth has now been completely demolished and replaced by planting ect…
  10. Full credit to the twitter user, worlds tallest spinning coaster incoming? Thoughts….?
  11. Should we be worried that there’s basically zero information on theming? Past applications always state what type of material and colour would be used on any buildings or any plants which maybe brought into the area. As an example, croc drop, had the colour of the stone. Plants used and colours used around the attraction. Providing these details is always helpful to help local residents support the project. I suppose this depends on the location and visibility of the land and attraction. Again, this point has been brought up before. Will this attraction be themed as it’s such a large area in terms of not being able to add a theming structure for the ride to go through (wicker-man). The teaser from trailers, plays on the natural surroundings of the coaster with all the trees. I honestly can see an amusement park styled coaster, just like the big one but bigger.
  12. Surely they would have questioned it whilst the maze was being built? Considering the amount of involvement and NDAs signed. It’s hard to imagine they didn’t know, but it’s still possible.
  13. Thorpe overusing the word vibes is very cringey.
  14. I just feel like Thorpe will want to try and hold onto the maze or if not the maze. The I.P at least, it’s original and it “worked” for them. You make good points which I hadn’t thought about, I just assumed they would want to hold onto it for as long as possible.
  15. Not too keen on them preserving creak freak massacre for just this season. Scare mazes shouldn’t prevent them from cracking on, should just close old town and keep it closed. Feels like they will want to keep it for a few seasons, so should try to move to a new location this year.
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