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  1. They are waiting for a new pump, they ordered one but they received the wrong one
  2. This maybe shocking to some people but I personally feel like Thorpe are starting to come to terms with the branding and direction they want to go towards. A modern simplistic experience, in the main communal areas (e.g Dome) with high quality themed experiences else where. - If you want to go to a land and experience an alien invasion (you ride the swarm). - If you want to experience the horrors of torture, (you ride Saw) - If you want to get lost in a futuristic high tech confusing labyrinth (black mirror) The modern additions don’t coexist with each othe
  3. It’s almost like he saw this forum with the “areas on signage” question! Areas- I kinda get his answer to that, most people won’t care about the areas, they just want to get on the ride they want. It’s not like the areas are themed either! Should just drop the areas now in my opinion. Branding - I personally love the new branding. More modern and futuristic and associable with Thorpe park rather then the previous standard blue cladding thing... or even the tacky font thing years back.. Tidal Wave- At first the removal of the rusty ball made me confused as i
  4. I pretty much agree with you there, you touched upon this but indoor queuing is not much different to queuing inside a shopping centre. However, I think/hope at the Merlin parks for stations like saw. I hope they make people wait outside until it’s clear to board in the station. I don’t see much harm in that, if people are in and out of the building and not lingering. Indoor attractions such as dark rides should not open, I don’t agree with Blackpool opening their indoor attractions whilst all the other parks are keeping them closed. It’s unfair and at the end of the da
  5. Vampire at Chessington is open... maybe at least 50% of the attraction is outdoors it’s allowed to open? So including the actual track, it would be more then 50%..... Not sure tho..
  6. Your not really meant be going onsite at all, It’s private property and that video goes past the entrance gates. Not the best of influences, everyone’s gonna try and go in and scale the gates to have a peek 😂 I’ve seen many people driving down to go and have a look at the van..... it’s a bit strange tbf I don’t get it. Just wait a week or two and see it then 😂
  7. If they stay away from the different park areas from now on and separate them by intensity, then it’s no bother. I personally think the entrance area is getting better, they’ve modernised the signage and painted the security huts in the slightly new blue and orange branding. They just need to get rid of the temporary marquees and repave the entrance area... I don’t like how simple the new WWTP truck is, like the red speakers which used to be on there are gone but I suppose it’s one less thing to get vandalised.
  8. There’s a different sign for rush and a different sign for quantum. Once’s “Intense Thrills” and one is “exhilarating thrills”. Which doesn’t make sense considering they are they same area and direction lol. Yeah I don’t mind what way they go with Thorpe. Just proves there’s still confusion and inconsistency with their direction even in 2021
  9. Interestingly the signage doesn’t say this way to “Swarm Island” or “Old Town” or “The Jungle”. The different areas are labelled as “Intense Thrills” or “Little Thrills”. Minor I know, but few years back they started to use names like old town and swarm island. I think a lot of people thought they were gonna go down the theme park route. Now they revert back to this, the “leaked” 2021 map doesn’t even mention the areas. I get its minor, but I feel it’s inconsistent. Again it shows the park do not know which direction they are going in. The Themed Amusement park route or
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