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  1. Yeah, I admit both your comments are true. They probably just haven’t built enough modern coasters recently which could have had just a lap bar but then the most recent coasters have been, smiler and saw. In other news, the site for project exodus is flooded and the lake and the site have become one. To create a mega lake!
  2. I love seeing the UKs general reaction to project exodus having a lap bar. The amount of people saying “how’s that safe” or they simply won’t ride it is hilarious. I’m not being funny but it’s because of the way Merlin (and it is just Merlin) have always put otrs on their coasters and this has created this culture because of it.
  3. On a nice sunny day in the summer it will. I just hope during autumn and rainy days it doesn’t look like a swamp
  4. Lake looks tiny, I assume that they’ve started to infill parts of the lake or they will open it back up when construction is finished.
  5. I think there’s been some confusion as it’s never been advertised as a spa or such. Always been a quiet space, you’d have to speak to first aid anyway to use it. So you have to have the intention of needing it to get access to it They’ve only partnered with a company to help get some equipment and helps fund the space I suppose
  6. Some new images from the Exodus22 Twitter account. I’ll start by stating that obviously the park does not want people doing this and is frowned upon. It’s legal at the end of the day and I think it provides something of discussion. Amazing to see how much space there is, the more space they clear kinda makes me wish it was a whole area with multiple rides because of how much space will be unaccessible with just exodus. Anyway, the space they are working on now looks to be where the foundations and supports for the lift hill will go. I wonder when we will see that lake cut off. Whilst on project exodus, that Burger King in old town is definitely not staying. When Jack asked russ about a refurb in that Burger King when amity had one. Russ said that we would have to wait and see what the future holds. I sincerely hope, that there are plans which don’t require planning permission to refresh and retheme that whole area away from a western theme. It doesn’t make sense.
  7. Wondered why I saw the cans of paint behind curse when it opened 😂
  8. Ultimately, it’s not something for a demographic. It’s not an attraction, it’s a sensory, quiet place for people who need it. Sometimes people can get overwhelmed by the noises or lighting in the park and this place provides a safe place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the park. this place won’t nor should it have a queue. Your talking about a medical space, this is like this forum talking about a queue for a first aid room. However in regards to Matts point, I’ve seen a few people on Twitter and other places use the room to say they’ve been in it and just use it for sake of it rather than using it for it’s intended use 😂 however it’s not for me to decide what’s good and bad uses of it, however some people definitely are using it as a badge
  9. Still don’t think it looks good on taziker. I’d like to assume they get approached by Thorpe saying that we need to replace track however it needs to be done in the closed season. Taiziker promise them they will commit by a date. In this instance, the track was delivered 5 days before opening. I don’t think that’s great. They had five months, unless they started to make the track in November? But again I’d say that’s poor again. It was same with big one last year, theoretically they have a whole season where they should be working on the next bit of track now at least for delivery over this winter. Preventing delays
  10. I suppose it’s good to see Taziker trying to make track? I suppose? But I don’t think I have much confidence in them now. It should have just been done by Intamin rather than the wish version. The mantra online is that we should be supporting a British company attempting to do something. However they kinda messed up on the big one retrack last year by having weird lats on it now. They seem to always always be delayed, the big one never opened for opening weekend until they moved it to March. Colossus is still closed in a park which depends on every single rollercoaster. It’s pretty unprofessional
  11. Just seen this, yeah it didn’t fit eeek
  12. Apparently the reason why there’s no track at all now is because it didn’t fit? That’s what I’ve seen a few people say online…
  13. New Russ and Jack video today. Not like we are gonna learn much new but hopefully some cool little things
  14. Thorpe taking aim at Alton They don’t care about marketing it clearly
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