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  1. Watching peoples videos from the tour, the updates made do look nice! However, the flooring across the park needs to be replaced urgently. It actually brings down their work and by now should have all Covid markers pressure washed by now
  2. And the announced their new themed land as Big Easy Boulevard?! Like use land names across the park, not as and when it suits
  3. However the park have confirmed that the viewing plaza has now been cut
  4. As amazing as the sparkle project is and I’m very aware it’s a multi year project. I’m curious as to why they didn’t attempt to refresh the whole entrance area and plaza this year. If you want the park looking the best for the opening of Hyperia. Surely the entrance plaza is the place to start!
  5. There we have it, quite a short partnership! Again, the area is now left empty. Black-mirror always held a queue especially around Fright Nights. I’m not sure it was as planned as they make it out to be.
  6. I think I’m criticising more the way instagram displays ads more than anything. The image is great, it’s just easy to scroll past on instagram. There’s not text or anything to grab attention.
  7. They have started to pay for sponsored advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Strange use of image and description, it’s not necessarily the most engaging or descriptive.
  8. ML27


    The Nemesis Inferno has now no similarities to Nemesis considering they reverted back to the old font
  9. They did send out that newsletter saying book for 2024 and ride Hyperia. it would be misleading if it didn’t open in march? Plus why is Thorpe opening on a Sunday this year?
  10. Whats peoples thoughts on an opening date? It possibly could still be March, they are progressing pretty well.
  11. Looks like they are removing the rocks too in the right hand side of the second pic. I’m glad they are doing this, amity is such a pinch point during peak periods. Just a shame there’s no way I can think of that the park could install adequate seating whilst keeping the area clear. When asked about the Hyperia Burger King on the pass-holder group. They replied saying “they will keep us updated on this area soon”. What’s clear to me, even tho it was never included in the planning application, that ‘street’ with the toilets and Burger King is actually part of Hyperia’s area and they’ve gone the smart way in bringing it into line with Hyperia. It’s cheaper to do this way and already making good use of existing buildings. They still look pretty western though and don’t really match the black and gold of Hyperia’s station. I personally can’t see that Burger King staying, my bets is that it’s going to be a themed Aramark unit. Which isn’t a bad thing because at Thorpe, it seems Aramark has to complement the existing brands and offering.
  12. It’s all well and good and will look good for next couple of years but will need regular maintenance to keep the appearance up to scratch. They really need an onsite maintenance team specifically with an eye for quality and standards. Not just general facilities
  13. It looks strange it being just straight track 😂😂
  14. See below screenshots, the brand industry seems to also share the same opinion.
  15. Apparently according to FB replies the person who created the logo was on the Thorpe account
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