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  1. Apparently according to FB replies the person who created the logo was on the Thorpe account
  2. It’s too simple, soulless and kinda cheap looking. The old logo was way better and already the new logo looks out of place on their website. I get it’s versitile because of the different colours but that’s simply that…. I don’t get it really. also removing resort, seems a backwards step and moving away from Merlin’s claw. Are they putting themselves up to be sold? Moving away from a tussauds brand and Merlin way of thinking….
  3. It’s great that they are aware and slagging off previous teams and management from the not too distant past 😂 However, unless this announcement cements their brand. What’s not to say that it doesn’t return to the old ways in 5 years time? They are so choppy and changey and have been for the past 10 years.
  4. It’s mental to me, a few years ago that this would have been massive for closed season and a Colossus repaint was always a rumour. Now it’s here and happening, it’s not even the biggest news and I’m like ‘alright it’s happening 🤷‍♂️’
  5. My only concern atm about Hyperia is the splashdown effect. There’s a lot of work going into creating that concrete pit which will inevitably stick out of the lake and I’m pretty sure it will be pretty hard for them to maintain the effect as it is in the middle of the lake. It’s a lot of effort and money for something which could have gone elsewhere? I know why they have done it, to create something to watch off-ride.
  6. It’s a bit of a weird one for me and I can tell for a few people. This is better than my expectations, I love that detonator will finally get a decent theme and the cinema is so versatile so no matter what it is used for and when. It will just be “Thorpes cinema”, even for conferences ect… The detail and look is better than what I expected, just maybe a little less empty but guest flow and events have been considered, so it’s pretty good. Thing is, I know we knew this but it is a repaint and repair of existing buildings. These buildings are some of the original buildings and have been used over and over again. It would have been nice to see some dramatic changes to the area to change it up a bit. It may have been nice to create different uses for the shop and the peckish food outlets. Just add something new. however, it’s nice to see Thorpe go down a themed route which is smart, fits in and won’t stick out. It’s not focused on new rides and bringing people into the park. It’s a project about putting pride into the park.
  7. I have a feeling they are gonna remove reference to it being a resort. I’ve noticed it’s used a lot less…
  8. It’s harmless, not taking any room
  9. Its actually embarrassing
  10. Compared to previous years, it seems like Thorpe Park are actually getting on with it rather than waiting until the new year to remove Fright Nights attractions and maintenance seems to have started one day into the closed season (proper) Credit to ComericalGaines on Insta!
  11. As the 2023 season has officially come to an end, I thought I may as well do a little review of it. Food options have vastly improved, mainly in snacking and desert options. Main meals at Aramark establishments have been a bit ropey. However, the addition of the Last Call Cafe and bar is great! Thorpe is the best Merlin park for food 10000% It was the first season in which this “new” Merlin have really took control of Thorpe with several new improvements to improve the quality of the resort and a new picnic area! If last closed season we got those improvements, this closed season we are in store for lots more! Operations were pretty decent this year, few periods of downtime with stealth either completely or one train and Colossus was out of action for a while but big picture I never really waited horrendous queue times until fright nights which is a positive! Events generally took a step back this year, they peaked last year and this year either reduced in size or stayed the same. They really do have to look at family shows, because there just isn’t the audience for it everyday. Fright Nights was solid this year, again I feel like reduced from previous years but we got something new! But really it’s for the Fright Nights section. Feel like we have lots to be positive about and the communication from the park has been impeccable. I do genuinely believe the days of run down Thorpe park are nearly over, there’s a lot of work to be done but I’m confident that a good chunk of improvements will happen this year.
  12. I’d love it to be themed back to amity but the park will see this as a brilliant opportunity to create a brand new land. (Even though, Amity makes sense). I’m not sure what we are going to see, but if you group existing dobble into the mix, it maybe (I hope I’m proven wrong) just a bog standard area with not much theme. I think 4D cinema will be interesting what they show in there. As they’ve said the new area will still be for families, they could easily get a sponsor for the cinema. I spent Sunday walking through angry birds for last time (I heard rumors) and it is really run down and an embarrassment you have to walk through that entrance portal to get to stealth. There’s a lot of TLC which needs to be done, especially removing the horrible hoarding behind the basketball stand. The parks relationship with themed lands is strange. They’ve said before they don’t really have themed lands and now the line is that they do but they just don’t call them by their names 😂 Hyperia could have a new themed land all the way back to Burger King but again I don’t think that’s gonna happen.
  13. I think a revamp of some sorts is on the cards, I quite honestly can’t see the orange and blue staying either. The entrance is littered with the colours, even the entrance screen is blue. Even if the entrance structure doesn’t change, the whole colour and images used around the entrance will change and I can imagine the screen may go this closed season.
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