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  1. Thorpe Park in 1999
  2. I'd put money on it 😂
  3. My top 5 my first was 2011 1) the big top (2016) 2) MBV (2014) 3) Cabin (2014) 4) Saw Alive 5) Studio 13
  4. Deptford, London
  5. Keep the big top the same as 2016 Saw needs to go its really boring now Cabin is stale and probably needs replacing And let's all forget about Platform 15
  6. Lovely 5-0 win yesterday against Southampton
  7. Yay Hex is Back!!!
  8. Doesn't know how to spell theming
  9. Having 2 injections next week Not looking forward to it
  10. Hopefully they will start work on it in 2017 to get it back open in 2018 rather than just letting it rot for another year
  11. Southampton or Norwich away
  12. I don't agree that they are anti-coaster because they are building one at Alton towers and I think we will see one at Thorpe in a few years In regards to log flumes I agree because they let a loggers rot for a whole year when they were supposed to work on it . Also on Dragon Falls they never replaced the rock work and that retheme never happened.
  13. Welcome to TPM Vince