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  1. I have just seen some pictures, It was awful. Who would do such a thing? My thoughts are with the families of the people that were either involved or sadly died.
  2. I hope it hasn't closed permanently, its a great ride and its the last of its kind
  3. Terrible news
  4. My lowest ever ride count was in summer 2012 at Thorpe when I only got on 4 rides. Terrible day My ride count was Tidal Wave x1 Loggers Leap x1 Swarm x1 Quantum x1
  5. I would love to come but unfortunately I can't because I'm visiting family.
  6. So silenthillXD was actually right in the end
  7. I feel sorry for the bears just having to just watch the ride rot away 😧
  8. I love it 😂👌👍
  9. It looks terrible just doesn't fit in at all
  10. Work on this ride will more than likely never happen it will probably just sit there rotting until it is removed.
  11. Welcome to TPM Joseph I hope you enjoy it here
  12. Its gone down to 70 mins now
  13. Does anyone know if the signage outside loggers has been changed or is it the same sign as last year?