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  1. Logger's Leap

    It was a great ride indeed, my favourite on park
  2. Logger's Leap

    The ride closed at the end of the 2015 season for redevelopment and it's currently unknown if it will reopen however I would probably say it will never reopen due to no visible works taking place and the fact it wouldn't be cost effective to maintain
  3. Canada Creek Railway: The Bear Hunt

    It's just closed for the rest of the season due to being classed as a seasonal attraction alongside the I'm a celeb maze, both will return in 2018
  4. 2017 Season General Discussion

    No they haven't announced anything as of yet unless the two walking dead fright night attractions are considered "world's firsts"
  5. There are no Plans For Summer Nights To Happen this year sadly
  6. 'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    It's a seasonal attraction so will only open on certain dates
  7. Adventure Island - Southend

    The Ride Reopened Yesterday, Has Anyone Ridden it Yet?
  8. Lumber Jump

    I find it funny that no one on Twitter was commenting on the fact they were happy that Lumber Jump is now open , they were just asking them about Loggers and when it will reopen
  9. Wish a Member a Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday To @Timber Creek Have a Great Day
  10. Park Music

    Maybe a Track For Old Town , just an idea
  11. Logger's Leap

    I wouldn't keep your hopes up
  12. Rumba Rapids

    The age restriction on the ride is just advisory. Thank God For That
  13. Can I use a college id for the student discount?

    Yes , As Long as it has an expiration date on it