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  1. Recently, The Ghost Train has rarely opened in the morning, It often opens pretty late afternoon about 3-4pm But if it does open early , I would advise that you do head to it , because the queue will build up pretty quickly.
  2. Since it's a weekend and with it being Summer I would expect it to be relatively busy with max queue times being about 60 mins possibly more for big rides.
  3. Thorpe Park Central on Facebook
  4. There are some new rules on Rumba Rapids most likely due the incident at Drayton Manor. Credit to Thorpe Park Central
  5. The Only News we've gotten about Loggers Leap is that it is Closed for Redevelopment with it being unknown if it will ever reopen. No Work has happened since it closed at the End of 2015. In Regards to Slammer, Thorpe Park are Saying to " Watch This Space" Which Suggests To me that they will be replacing it with a new ride, most likely another Flat.
  6. This Summer Get Ready to take a bounce on Lumber Jump, the first ever Mini Drop Tower to incorporate VR.
  7. I definitely need to get some of these
  8. Sounds Like The End To Me
  9. Theresa May has also been urged to Resign and will speak later this morning
  10. Former Newcastle Utd midfielder Cheick Tioté has sadly died after reportedly suffering a heart attack while training with his club in China. R.I.P
  11. I have not seen it go off this season either so I'm guessing it's broken Unfortunately
  12. London Bridge has been placed on lockdown amid reports of three men carrying knives attacking people and up to 20 have reportedly been struck by a van.
  13. The terror threat level has now been raised from "Severe" to "Critical".