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  1. My friend visited yesterday and managed just 5 rides throughout the day (1 ride every 96 minutes). I understand it was a very sunny day and it's school holiday period but this is simply unacceptable, bearing on mind I visited on a quite hot day and rode 25 rides, in the Easter holidays. Also, he seemed to say the advertised time for DBGT: ROTD was 30 mins, yet the queue was 2 hours. I'm not going to completely blame the park but one of the UK's largest parks, it's slightly disappointing to hear this.
  2. The GP are noticing 2 of the 3 rides at shut. https://mobile.twitter.com/marybmcnulty/status/886551910110638080
  3. I just guess it would have been nicer to have slightly less money spent on dbgt and use it to operate all 3 kids rides, so they are open all day long!
  4. I really don't think that sound is at all loud and I left dbgt in the middle because I found the audio too loud.
  5. It would have been so much easier to actually advertise the new attractions, rather than act like they don't exist.
  6. The image is on Twitter if you look for it
  7. I've come to the conclusion now the entrance music is good but the exit music is seriously on another level. I absolutely love this more chilled soundtrack, that uses some of the entrance music melodies, creating a good start and end to a day at the park.
  8. We've now got a hotel room that's about 8 mins drive from the park. How are the park queues in the middle of august? Also are websites like attractions tickets direct safe as their prices are far better value?
  9. This is rather pathetic. As a 15 year old, who always holds on in rapids and doesn't mess around, I can't ride anymore with my friends. I've done Congo river rapids twice by myself before so this decision is awful!
  10. How bad were queues for it?
  11. Doing a big coaster isn't scary once you have done it. If anything, it's underwhelming. Just ride and make yourself ride. It is always better with friends with more peer pressure but don't be scared.
  12. I was told it is a mixture of an actor and animatronic
  13. You should have written no saying top spins then
  14. I would most want a flat ride like a top spin to be built there or something along the lines of a RMC t-rex coaster to be built (which would also use loggers leap site).
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