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  1. Definitely see The Zombie scenes being ripped out, but I can't really see many of the Hautned Houses scrnes being ripped out. It's quite easy to tell they're bringing the Haunted House back in some manner with the teasers, and a tweet from John Burton Definitely relating to the Original Haunted House. The only HH scenes I can see being removed is the Remaons of the Giants Lair, The Skeleton Corridor, and that's it. It wouldn't be the Haunted House without the Haunted House sets or scenes. I just hope they keep the Grand Hall. My favourite set in the ride as you could probably tell from my Profile XD
  2. On TowerTimes forum, there's been a report that the rides internal walls are being stripped out of the warehouse. What are your guys thought on this?
  3. Surely Chessington can't just order a new set of Arrow Like Swinging Cars from S&S Sansei? They hold all of the arrow blueprints, still supply the remaining Arrow rides, and they've even Brought back a few of the old models such as the steeplechase, which you can see on their website. It'll definitely be expensive, but it'll be a long term profit in terms of reliability, operations, and experience.
  4. My money is on a new Dark ride maybe. The building is the same size as Valhallas... Who wouldn't want another Valhalla like attraction in the country!!
  5. Hey everyone, decided to make an account here to off the same name of my other account on Tower Times forum. I'm sure @Matt Nknows me. On about Duel, I've already said this on Tower Times forum, but I'd like to see them Revert it back to the Haunted House, but gut the zombie scenes like after the trommel, and the Lab Finale. I'd love to see them recreate the Ghost Corridor scare but with more reliable technology. For the remaining HH scenes, fingers crossed the restore them to their former glory with some proper UV lighting. Hopefully it'll be screenless as well From what I've heard outside of John Wardley being involved with the project, the team working on it are REALLY Passionate about the ride.
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