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  1. @Theme Park Fanaticmay I ask, what group are you on Facebook? I'd like to see if there's anymore news about this refurb!!
  2. That's great news!!! Always liked the not too over the top theming on the pews/cars had with the wood-carved goat face. Glad they didn't retirements them, why would they anyway when it'd going to still be a haunted House theme? Thank you for sharing the news!
  3. 1) The Haunted House 2) Professor Burps Bubbleworks 3) Journey into Imagination 4) Space Mountain: De la terre à la lune 5) Toyland Tours 6) Tinkaboos Sweet Adventure 7) Terror Tomb 8) Shrieksville 9) Jaws, the ride 10) Horizons
  4. @Theme Park FanaticWell, The Sparks Group did design both The Haunted House and Wicked Witches Haunt, so that probably explains why so many of the props are the same style, but John Wardley wasn't involved with Wicked Witches Haunt. If you're interested in that style, I highly suggest looking at the now defunct Shrieksville that used to be at Pleasure Island in cleethorpes. It was made a year after The Haunted House debuted in 1992, and was also designed by Sparks, which it also used a lot of familiar sound effects from The Haunted House. In scenes with Emily Alton being involved, only 2. The Skeleton Corridor, and the Finale. I'd rather have more unique scenes in the ride rather than something like the Gruffalo River Ride where there's exposition and the same characters reappear. In terms of the Giant Whitch prop, I doubt it'll be reused as we haven't seen it for 20 years now and is probably stored for preservation, or left to rot, and hopefully not the latter. I'd love to see a lot of Former Spark Group members to be given a gravestone or at least hinted in the new ride as an Easter egg.
  5. 1) The facade 2) The Drawing Room (Indoor Queue) 3) The Grand Hall 4) The Screaming Heads 5) The Sinister Garden Wouldn't really want the old scenes incorporated for Emily, but would rather have new scene implemented for Emily and have the old scenes speak for themselves in their original manner.
  6. Double post sorry, but if anyone's interested, Euro Theme Park Archive has released a trailer of his Upcoming Haunted House documentary!
  7. No problem. Thank you for taking your time to resolve this wee accident and being respectful in the situation! Anyway, let's try and actually discuss about Duel now!
  8. I can still see it! Just press the backspace key on the keyboard, When writing the post, like deleting a letter, but a picture, it still works!!
  9. Press/click the three dots on the bar your profile pic is on above the post of the screenshot, then select edit when it comes up, then delete the screenshot, and if you want to replace it with a edited version, just go over it in a colour, just doodle over both email addresses and your name. If you can't find a way to edit the screenshot on another app, just delete the screenshot. Don't allow any more bots to see it!
  10. It's okay, you didn't mean to. It was a mistake, but by god, PLEASE EDIT THE SCREENSHOTS ON PAGE 9 OF THIS FORUM!!! YOURS AND JOHNS EMAIL IS STILL ON THERE!!!!!
  11. Don't worry, I censored your name and email address on tower's Streets duel forum
  12. You're right on his emial being revealed @Theme Park Fanatic I sugges to edit your screenshots and hide yout email. Don't want your privacy leaked, that's all. I think that JWs rides are just more unique as most of Disney rides heavily inspire pther rides or knock offs are made in other countries, but that doesn't seem to be the case with any of John's and Keith's work over the decades, they've managed to stay unique and beloved by many, even after their closure because they were never copied like HM and Pirates of the Caribbean. The closest ride I can thin of that feels very JW even before Chessington was built was Journey Into Imagination.
  13. To me, I think he's legues above most of Disneys Imagineers because he adds such a lovely charm and unique feel to his rides that I haven't seen any other attraction not by him manage to recapture that feel. That and he's incredibly passionate about his career! Passion always leads to some great things being made!
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