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  1. SW8

    I'd say I just have a strong dislike of Merlin rather than an agenda. Merlin can sometimes do good things but there marketing hype and constant errors have led me to not visiting anymore. I had an agenda against reserve and ride as I'm sure many people picked up on. But currently I do not have an agenda against Merlin Entertainments.
  2. SW8

    The plan doesn't have any banking but on construction photos that corner has limited banking.
  3. SW8

    The fact it doesn't have banking implies it's lost all of its speed by then so now I'm not only concerned about the rides short length it now also seems the pacing might not be very good either. It's safe to say that I'm not expecting very much from the wickerman.
  4. SW8

    What sort of height is the corner? It's quite late on in the layout and it could simply be that the speed at that point doesn't need much banking.
  5. Colossus

    If the queue was 2 hours before but adding a second train doubled throughput and the queue is now only an hour then there would be the same number of people in line. (An example not saying that is what has happened) I suspect now it's on 2 trains again there are actually more people in the queue as people were willing to wait 90 minutes before (an example). So now they are still willing to wait 90 minutes but the ride is able to deal with way more people in a 90 minute queue.
  6. Merlin Entertainments

    The BBC is reporting that they are only looking to buy Busch gardens from SeaWorld rather than the entirety of it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41509236
  7. The future of Canada Creek?

    There is too much unknown to be able to comment on the ground conditions for a large structure such as a coaster for the loggers site. There are always solutions to foundations its just some are far more expensive than others. I mainly know about foundation design for buildings which are far more dense than a coaster is but then again I imagine a coaster presents its own issues such as stability and large changes in the load cases.
  8. The future of Canada Creek?

    A wooden coaster completely depends on how well the wickerman is precived and more importantly if it makes any money for Alton. If it's a flop which I think it might be then we won't see a woodie on the loggers site. I think a more likely outcome for the area is it's left as it currently is for a few years until eventually Merlin trys to install the "scariest attraction ever" which will be just like every other investment of a good concept, poorly executed. The trains are probably in storage because it would cost money to remove them. The gauge of the railway is custom so they can't sell it on.
  9. Fright Nights 2017

    The price rise is simply supply and demand. Either they think demand will be greater or they have reduced the supply. Seeing how last year they sold out a lot then I have a feeling they are just adjusting the price for demand. If people are willing to pay that much then Thorpe are going to charge it as it makes them the most money.
  10. Rush

    3 SBNO rides is never good and it's not like it's just Thorpe either. Alton has so many rides closed or removed in the last few years that it almost has no flat rides at all. Then when you look at CWOA it's so poorly run and so run down just living in the shadow of its former self. I assume rush is expensive to run and maintain but I don't think Merlin would be stupid enough to remove it. Then again the first part of my post would suggest otherwise.
  11. Park Operations

    Zodiac would suffer a lot of shear stress from high winds especially coming in off of the water. Quantum would likely have the same issue. Dodgems and the tea cups I don't see how wind would adversely effect the ride but rain water certianly could. Merlin have evidently had quite a knee jerk reaction to the smiler incident and have gone rather over board on the saftey front seeing as for years it's never been a major problem. That being said many US parks close at the first drop of rain and I have always thought Merlin would one day do the same. It's just nice to see that they still operate in bad conditions, just not as bad as they once did operate in.
  12. Europa Park

    Europa has won best park from the golden ticket awards for the 4th year running.
  13. General Discussion

    I certainly agree the park is currenrly living off of its nostalgia which can't last forever. However to say it's never had a decent theme past or present is a bit harsh. The old chessington did wonders with their budget and pretty much transformed theme parks in the UK. Now Merlin have large budgets, invest it poorly in unfinished ideas, gimmicks and try to create brands in experiences which just leaves it feeling hollow.
  14. General Discussion

    Merlin and there jungle brand obsession is responsible for that. The aim to turn the park into this consistent brand is just killing off any fun the place had left.
  15. SW8

    I haven't visited for a couple of years because of the state Merlin has fallen into and I used to visit pretty frequently.