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  1. Unpopular Opinions

    When I rode maverick it did have the stealth restraints so atleast the park noted the issue and tried to improve it, although it was still a wonderful ride even with the stealth otsr. The horseshoe roll followed by the second launch is just my idea of perfection.
  2. Good it wasn't just me who thought the departure terminal with easyJet is just the worst and a highly unpleasant place to be.
  3. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    I would not say that the park are responding to market conditions. They are randomly changing direction presumably because of the change in director. The park seems to have no long term vision and doesn't consider that there investments are going to be there for 20+ years. This ride is another where the same mistake has happened again. Thorpe is going to look incredibly dated in 10 years time without serious investment. Not only should they consider replacing Colossus by then but also, Saw, IAC, walking dead, Angry Birds, DBGTROTD, samurai, vortex, slammer, and loggers leap. I highly doubt Merlin will be spending the kind of money ontop of new investments to make up for the rapidly aging park they have built themselves.
  4. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    We must be looking at different rides because to me it looks like a dated IP plastered all over a kiddie coaster for the sake of something new for as little cost as possible. The IP is a bad choice and I think it looks cheap. They didn't even get rid of the old station signs.
  5. I understand shambhala, dragon khan and baco but I don't understand how you enjoyed stampedia. The food in the park is appalling at the restaurants. The side places serving food are ok.
  6. Food Outlets

    It would be a lot of money to develop unless Merlin used an existing system. But existing systems will take a cut of the money. Cash and card works fine and an alternative like Merlin money would cost too much to solve an issue that isn't really there.
  7. Food Outlets

    Card transactions are hardly faster anyway. They are faster than cash when it's contactless but about the same for when a pin is needed. I don't see why they would make things card only for the sake of a couple of seconds. Just like the no sugary drinks at CWOA and the pizza buffet I'm sure there is another motive.
  8. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Wickerman makes sense because of the parking issues, and I guess the other rides would be a little slower than usual because of new staff. Nice to hear that you like the ride. Do you feel it is genuinely good or could the new ride hype be influencing your opinion slightly?
  9. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    It would seem wickerman has had a pretty poor first weekend with the trains struggling to park. This has resulted in trains being sent with rows unavailable and very slow dispatches. Reports on social media saying people having waited 4 hours just to be evacuated. Not helped by the fact that multiple other coasters at Alton have experienced downtime today. On a more positive note atleast it's better than Saws opening.
  10. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    To not open it during the week just seems to be a way to annoy all those who visit as the ride would be closed for literally no reason other than to create hype at the weekend. It would provide a good oportunity for the staff to practice running the ride with the GP, rather than the media, so on saturday the ride can run efficiently. If the cold and snow was the reason it is closed I wouldnt have an issue with it but the park saying it wont open until saturday is making me doubt the weather is the reason its closed on thursday and friday.
  11. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    What? A multimillion pound investment and you think they would keep it closed for the sake of a couple of fastrack sales. Either wickerman has developed a fault which would be expected as it is brand new or it just can't operate in the temperatures forecast.
  12. next big thing

    Currently the highest they can go is 50m on the island behind swarm and stealth. It should also be no longer than 950m if they comply with the mtdp. However the mtdp doesn't seem very applicable anymore and is coming to the end of its term anyway. It's also more a guideline than set rules. My concern is the length limit would make any 50m ride feel rather short so if they were to go with an RMC I'd like to see the length far longer so it doesn't feel like a wasted opportunity.
  13. next big thing

    RMC do offer the T-Rex track instead of raptor which seats 2 per row rather than 1. Not really sure what it would bring to Thorpe's line up though other than something pretty cool looking. I'd like to see something like steel vengeance but with Thorpe's restrictions in height and there guidence on length of the coaster I don't think it would be very good. I'd like to see how Fly turns out because a new generation of vekoma flyers might offer an experience that complements swarm.
  14. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Can't wait to go and ride it. Some of the comments on the facebook post hurt to read but its nice to see a lot of positive reactions.
  15. Tomb Blaster

    I wonder if they should consider deliberately making it worse so Merlin give them some money to replace it. The ride in its current state looks dreadful and, just like the bubbleworks was, should just be torn down and changed into something else.