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  1. I hope Colossus keeps it's theme, IMA Score may produce good music but nothing they have made comes close to Colossus.
  2. I strongly believe that VR will never be up to what they want it to do. The 1st generation headsets were never designed to be running all day playing the same thing over and over, and no generation of headset will be designed for that either. The graphics will age horrifically as graphics always do, the hardware will become tired and outdated faster than Merlin will be able to keep up with, it's got an IP of a man that in a few years will be completely irrelevant and the ride system is so under used and stuck as a VR tech demo that they might as well just use the chairs from angry birds and be done with it. It is possibly the single most short sighted investment Merlin have ever done and all the problems the ride is giving them they truly deserve. It could have been so much more and a fantastic ride but they had to go with every idea on the table and then throw in some VR so people think they are innovative. It's a flawed concept and a ride that will forever be stuck with the thought of it could have been so much more.
  3. That would be a lot of continuous investment for a diminishing reward over time. What I suspect will happen is the rise of the demon will result in guest satisfaction going up slightly and them leaving it at that. I highly doubt it will be as successful as they had hoped and I suspect a fair few will still dislike it. The ride is a flawed concept which I don't think they are able to change now it's been built.
  4. It never seems to get much of a queue compared to the other rides anyway. Just get rid of it and replace it with something completely different. That thing is beyond redemption and isn't worth the time or money. I'm sure the people at MMM can come up with another disappointing attraction to replace it.
  5. I am amazed they allowed it to open in that state. How any engineer could have signed that off is a complete mystery.
  6. Was it doing that all day?
  7. TTD has lap bars and is much smoother than Kingda Ka , it's "theme" is also more pleasant. While it's got potential to beat Kingda Ka I don't think it has much chance at beating TTD.
  8. Should have named it like RCT to match the look so it would be called Launch Coaster 2
  9. I know bounce had issues repeatedly last year but it will be a shame if it has actually gone. There just isn't enough that appeals to me for me to go to Oakwood, removing a ride that did won't be bringing me back any sooner.
  10. Those headsets will become outdated very quickly, especially as they are the first edition. The PCs will age very quickly so they should be spending approximately £250,000 every 2 to 6 years plus the cost of replacing all the damaged ones (which is every PC they used last year). They won't keep that up at the rate they should. I wouldn't be surprised if they only ever updated the hardware once in the next 20 years.
  11. There is an entire topic on Reserve and ride which I imagine makes quite an interesting read seeing how intense the debate was. However I do believe Reserve and ride was axed.
  12. Well this news has raised even more concerns I have over DBGTROTD. I suspect during peak times they will use those actors on whatever short sighted investment they have added to DBGT in an attempt to increase its capacity. Then again I suppose they could be using the actors as park entertainment during peak time which would be a nice addition and certainly a better use than spending the money on the abysmal "attraction" of IAC.
  13. I don't think it would be possible to get get all 5 coasters done in time and get to Harry potter by 4. Heathrow is regularly delayed with landing and take off and also takes a while to get through the terminal depending on which one it is. Factoring in time of renting the car, getting to the park, ticket picking up and all that I suspect that would be around 11:30 onwards. It's a weekday so the M25 will be conjested so thrope to Harry potter will be 45 minutes minimum. You would have to leave Thorpe at around 2:45/3:00 to get there in time. Which does not leave long at all in the park. Seeing as it costs so much I'm not sure it would be worth it. However if it's the only time you have it is possible, just a very busy day.
  14. It's a good ride, no doubt about that. Just a shame it's in PA. I prefer nitro over shambhala ride wise but my opinion on shambhala is very biased because of the appalling staff running it. Anyway updated Top 10 1. Millennium Force 2. TTD 3. Nitro 4. Bizzaro (SFGA) 5. Shambhala 6. Maverick 7. El Torro 8. Mean Streak 9. Kingda Ka 10. Stealth
  15. Well that second launch is mighty impressive. Surprised it didn't damage the train.