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  1. There is an entire topic on Reserve and ride which I imagine makes quite an interesting read seeing how intense the debate was. However I do believe Reserve and ride was axed.
  2. Well this news has raised even more concerns I have over DBGTROTD. I suspect during peak times they will use those actors on whatever short sighted investment they have added to DBGT in an attempt to increase its capacity. Then again I suppose they could be using the actors as park entertainment during peak time which would be a nice addition and certainly a better use than spending the money on the abysmal "attraction" of IAC.
  3. I don't think it would be possible to get get all 5 coasters done in time and get to Harry potter by 4. Heathrow is regularly delayed with landing and take off and also takes a while to get through the terminal depending on which one it is. Factoring in time of renting the car, getting to the park, ticket picking up and all that I suspect that would be around 11:30 onwards. It's a weekday so the M25 will be conjested so thrope to Harry potter will be 45 minutes minimum. You would have to leave Thorpe at around 2:45/3:00 to get there in time. Which does not leave long at all in the park. Seeing as it costs so much I'm not sure it would be worth it. However if it's the only time you have it is possible, just a very busy day.
  4. It's a good ride, no doubt about that. Just a shame it's in PA. I prefer nitro over shambhala ride wise but my opinion on shambhala is very biased because of the appalling staff running it. Anyway updated Top 10 1. Millennium Force 2. TTD 3. Nitro 4. Bizzaro (SFGA) 5. Shambhala 6. Maverick 7. El Torro 8. Mean Streak 9. Kingda Ka 10. Stealth
  5. Well that second launch is mighty impressive. Surprised it didn't damage the train.
  6. Needs a bit of smoothy smooth and a change of the queue path type but apart from that it looks pretty good. Much better than anything I could make in it.
  7. Why change the inferno and Colossus themes. They are the 2 best pieces of music on park. I hope they are just rumours. IMAscore might produce nice music but I don't see how they could ever top those 2 tracks. I feel there tacks lack character, it's always samey music that goes well in the background and sets a nice theme but it's not stuff you remember easily in my opinion. Whereas Colossus music is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Thorpe park to me.
  8. While yes it breaks advertising standard agency rules on false and misleading information it would be very hard to prove that the media department knew.
  9. TLC this time have painted a red wall a slightly different red in the skyride stations.
  10. Trump will quickly learn the things he can do and the things he can't do. He could try and reduce women's rights but it is highly unlikely he would ever succeed. He has mid terms and the next election to win so he and his party must ultimately try and please the people. The media polarizes everything because people only seem to understand a binary system so the fact he has to try and please people is forgotten as it doesn't make a good story. Women's rights completely destroyed is a much better headline than Trump wants to rework women's rights but can't because his party wants to be relected.
  11. What I don't understand at the moment is the current protests about Trump taking place in the UK. He is an elected official of a different country. The people of the united states may have elected a right wing extremist but the point is he was still elected. What exactly are these protests trying to achieve? They know who he was and they still elected him so continuing to call him a racist/sexist I don't think is going to change the American populations mind.
  12. As more and more information comes to light the more and more I think they are adding a maze. The attraction is typical Merlin, good initial idea which turned into something trying to do everything and then poorly executed. The floating train is cool although makes absolutely no sense. The VR is just terrible along with the live action portion. They would have to improve so much for this attraction to be half decent that I don't think it's possible without starting from scratch which with Merlin just isn't going to happen.
  13. Gate price has gone up but online advanced tickets have been lowered by something like £3. So there is very little change in price. The hours are just so abismal it's not worth visiting. I'd spend more time getting there and going home than the park is open. All this cost cutting is running the park into the ground and I'm sure it will start hurting gate figures soon if it hasn't already done so.
  14. Any chance of a Q&A thing with him on the forum or something along those lines?
  15. I am aware of that, but what I'm trying to get at is that they are selling the absolute minimum as exceptional care for their parks when in reality it's far from it.