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  1. I would not take Twitter as any form of information regarding the ride type. They know enthusiasts are after information and they will happily provide them with what they want to hear. I still dont think a hyper is likely on that side of the park. The noise will be a sticking point in the consultations for anything much taller than saw or Colossus.
  2. Come on Aquatrax! World class sure sounds better than world beating. Hopefully it means we can get a gimmickless coaster that isnt striving for some strange record.
  3. I don't think a hyper would overshadow the park. It would take away from stealth as the two trick pony relies on height and speed. I just don't think Merlin want that planning application battle for a hyper when the public just might not understand why a hyper is good. Bare minimum it would have to be the UK's tallest which makes it a tall ask for the planners to approve. It is exceptionally rare in any industry for a company to only contact one supplier. When dealing with multimillion pound construction projects the law actually requires them to get multiple bids from suppliers and contractors. (They don't have to go with the cheapest, just the bid they feel works best). So Merlin working with intamin again isnt out of the question by any respect. The issue with a multilaunch is its supporting infrastructure, they drain a lot of electricity so end up costing a fair amount to build and run. The older rides are now pretty old and the park is going to need some serious investment in the coming years. The unholy trinity have lost their pull towards guests due to their age and should be considered for refurbishment/replacing in the next 10 years (Colossus I'm mainly talking about you). I also don't think any of the rides are pulling in people anymore. The park does as a whole due to its line up but no one ride is the headliner. Their next investment needs to be a headliner that can carry the park for a few years while they either repair or replace their ageing assets.
  4. Stealths unique selling point is the launch and the height. It was also Tussauds era so didn't need to meet Merlin's critera. I do not believe stealth would have been built under Merlin. It costs a fortune to run, it doesn't have a good enough worlds/Europe's first and it had planning permission issues with its height. They definitely will not be going for the UK length record. A lobger coaster pushes up the price and the operating costs for a record the general public wont care about. The MTDP (still out of date) highlighted coatser lengths of 950m and 800m for the 2 coasters. Seeing as Swarm was the 800m id expect a new coaster to be around 950m in length. A hyper would steal aways stealths unique selling points, it would be an incredibly expensive choice, it would come with planning permission nightmares and a giant question mark on if the general public will understand it. While yes from an enthusiast point of view I'd love to see a hyper. It would compliment the line up well. I just don't think it will happen. My guess would be an IP on the loggers site 110ft, 900m in length, probably planned as wood but having to undergo some changes due to the price increase. With 2 flat rides to go along with it. That said I think the best choices they could make is an intamin multilaunch. A multilaunch around the loggers site, hugging the ground and interacting with the lake could make for a great ride. Especially if they had an alpine like theme to match. Maverick is a masterpiece of coaster design and trying to replicate that at thrope I think could work well.
  5. Merlin are very money driven and risk averse. They won't take on any project that doesn't promise atleast x10 return on their investment. Applying for permission to the CAA is going to be expensive and risky. The go/no go decision is likely to fall at that hurdle unless it promised crazy returns. A hyper in the eyes of Merlin is also likely to be harder to market. It wouldn't cary a worlds first tag line and to the general public will seem tame due to the lack of inversions. Something would have to change at MMM and the marketing rules for a hyper to be given the green light. I'm not saying its not going to happen, I just think its very unlikely at the moment.
  6. Some important things to consider here regarding a hyper or a RMC. A hyper by very definition would have to be over 200ft. This is something that the park will struggle to get planning permission for. Stealth took a lot of consultation, was situated in the back corner of the park and had to be painted white. The mtdp (which is definitely out of date but the best point to work from) outlined that the coaster on swarm island would be 40m and the coaster on the island behind it would be up to 50m. Too short for the desired 61m and even if they did get permission it would overshadow Stealth. The loggers leap site which seems the most likely for the next development is the closest point to Staines and planning concerns relating to noise and looks will limit the height of the site accordingly. I struggle to believe they will get permission for anything over 35m there. Because of this I would be highly surprised if thrope get a hyper next. As for an RMC/GCI my concern with these is the sudden rise in timber costs. Any return on investment for these is now unlikely to be viable. Covid poses a huge risk to guest numbers meanwhile the project would have sky rocketed in price. Merlin doesn't like risks and always seeks unrealistic returns so will likely avoid it for now. In my opinion Merlin are going to play it safe. It will have some world's first tag line and an IP slapped on the side. Probably fitting the disaster/end of the world theme they love so much.
  7. An odd choice to say the least. Like what on earth was the brief for the ride to end up with an energy guzzling winged shuttle coaster as the best option*. However if it is Jumanji themed it would mean an IP that isnt dead for once. Providing they go with the newer films based off a video game and not the board game original... *Subject to planning permission. Better hope London resort doesn't object on environmental grounds.
  8. I don't think the planning consultation would bother to show an inversion if there wasn't going to be one. Typically consultation documents are based off designs a couple of months old. They also need to reflect the designs to a reasonable extent otherwise the consultation is pointless. Assuming the ride will have trains like Wild Eagle (and the swarm for that matter) that gives 28 riders a train. A typical family boomerang from vekoma has 20 riders a train giving a throughput of 750pph. Given that this ride looks a little longer than a family boomerang but a bigger train id say the expected throughput will be pretty similar. Not great but not horrific either. To me it seems like a poor choice in design, throughput should have been one of the highest priorities in design for cwoa and yet it seems that has been compromised for whatever vision MMM have gone with. When the planning documents come in it will be easier to judge if it was the right choice or not.
  9. Better go visit all the cedar fair parks before they are ruined. Hopefully this falls through as I can't think of a worse owner for cedar fair.
  10. Project LC

    2019 Season

    The dome is a very large open space where the structure itself wouldn't be that strong and airflow is a nightmare. I have doubts that the dome would be able to support an air-conditioning system large enough to be able to cool the dome effectively. The other issue is that as standards change any updates to the building typically require the whole structure to be brought up to standards. So the cost of installing air-conditioning might lead to significantly more work. Its just not worth the hassle for a couple of days where its too hot.
  11. Is the issue related to Top Thrill Dragster? That has also been down for a similar period of time.
  12. Sometimes people will know things but are under non disclosure agreements so can't say there sources. That being said it is really annoying when you do know something and then other peoples nonsense mean your claim is now thrown into doubt.
  13. Merlin has once again blamed bad weather for poor performance financially and also stated that the Lego movie 2 failed to boost revenue as was seen with the first film. Profits fell to £34m for the group while sales grew by 8.1%. one day they might see the current approach doesn't work... Unfortunately a consequence of them going private is that figures like these will stop being published. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49189375
  14. For the time being very little. Blackstone are already heavily involved with Merlin Entertainments as well as other parks (Port Aventura and Busch Gardens/Sea World). The Lego family are also already involved with Merlin. It should make the parks less accountable to shareholders but it would mean more accountablity to Blackstone. With any luck if the buyout goes ahead they will replace the board and get a team that actually knows what they are doing. Someone who is willing to use the overall Merlin brand to entice people as well as the sub-brands. As well as someone who is willing to invest in higher risk projects to increase growth and profit while ensuring existing assets remain functional in the long term.
  15. The end goal is to make profit. This Legoland VIP pass (and the other parks to follow) enable customers to pay a higher price if they are willing to do so. Merlin operate a similar model to airlines. You have standard class (day tickets), business class (MAP holders) and first class (VIP pass). An airline makes its money from business class, standard is to fill the plane and get customers who are unwilling to pay more. While first is to extract as much money as possible from customers who can and are willing to pay more. (Its a little more complex than that but I deemed it a reasonable comparison). I don't think that the VIP pass is going to be an issue, demand won't be high and it seems like they are still restricting the number anyway. For the park to really maximise profit they should invest in complex algorithms for day tickets. Not only would it increase revenue but it would also help on distributing crowds.
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