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  1. Project LC

    SAW: The Ride

    The ground settlement would have been accounted for in the detailed design. Most structures are designed to a 1mm tolerance so I doubt it would have been a mistake in the design especially as it would have been checked atleast 4 times before being approved.
  2. Project LC

    Merlin Entertainments

    It's that sort of thinking which management is following but is my single biggest issue with Merlin. You don't need the latest technology to have a good attraction. At the end of the day a rollercoaster is a rollercoaster. The public don't know the difference between manufacturers and they don't care how the experience is achieved. They just want a fun experience. Varneys brand/marketing background is showing its colours. New technology is easy to sell initially but nearly impossible to sell later on.
  3. Project LC

    Merlin Entertainments

    Rather interesting article. I've been looking into Merlin's business structure lately and this article gave some good insight. It does give me a bit of concern though with Merlin in the UK. With so much focus on China and development into North America coupled with him just expecting the UK to bounce back the near future, in my opinion, doesn't seem too great.
  4. Project LC

    Merlin Entertainments

    Another bad few weeks for Merlin with pre-tax profits down 13.7% leaving it with just £43m profit between Jan 1st and 30 June 2018. They are continuing to blame terrorism and weather for the drop. Some good news is for the theme park division as revenue grew 9.7% like for like in the same period last year. That profit for the size of the company is worrying especially when revenue grew by 10% in the theme parks. If it wasn't for the heatwave I suspect the fall in profit would have been significantly worse. Merlin aren't investing in the parks because they simply can't afford to.
  5. Project LC

    2018 General Discussion

    £8 to park when you have already paid £25+ to get in is a rip off. It's hardly trying to stop people driving there anymore. At £8/10 it's just trying to squeeze more out of there customers. What a great lasting impression to give to encourage people back.
  6. Project LC

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    Why spend money to attract new guests and win over the fans when you can just give the illusion of spending money to keep the fans happy. The parks supporting rides are basically non-existent at this point. Once again Merlin's shortsighted decisions have left the park in a state needing serious investment in the next few years to solve the issues. Merlin's business decisions have been poor and have been with the aim to maximise short term revenue out of the assests to please shareholders. They have invested with no consideration of maintaining the assets so that money will keep coming in for years to come. I have great concern that this behaviour will lead to the parks becoming worse and the theme park division getting into financial difficulty.
  7. Project LC

    2018 General Discussion

    Please don't give them ideas. There will be 2 tiers of fastrack before you know it. Fastrack and fastrack: the fast and the furious 8 or FTFTF8 as it will be called by the forum. Instant access to any ride all day for £1000. Oops now I've given them details for the idea...
  8. Project LC

    Park Operations

    Guest satisfaction went out the window to cut costs a few years ago. Doesn't surprise me if they are now cutting costs by removing staff members from places they are probably needed. It's depressing to hear how Merlin runs the place, especially this year. Although it's not Alton levels with the rapids. The way that is currently being run is just funny at this point.
  9. Project LC

    The Alton Towers Dungeons?

    I don't think this is the right move at all. I strongly dislike actor led attractions as I get no enjoyment from them. On top of that they have high running costs and they are polarising with audiences. I can see the dungeons working at Alton towers if implemented correctly but by no means should they be trying to install it now. They have almost no flat rides, the park is full of closed shops and food outlets and the opening hours are terrible. There are better investments to be made.
  10. Project LC

    2018 General Discussion

    There operations were bad a few years ago and the service was poor so I just stopped visiting. It was in decline and by the posts on this forum it sounds like it has stayed in constant decline. They under invest in the essentials and as a result it's starting to impact on them. In a few years time the bill to fix the place is going to be staggering.
  11. Project LC

    2018 General Discussion

    I suspect they have changed tune to love island because it's a current talking point. Also there is the fact that the year of the walking dead was a stupid idea from the off as it's been proven time and time again Halloween attractions in the UK don't do well outside of Halloween. Thorpe's marketing has always been poor and Merlin's guidelines are very restrictive. They can't even advertise a new coaster on the merit of being a new coaster. It always has to have some nonsense gimmick.
  12. Project LC


    For structural engineering we currently use the BS EN 1993 for steel structures. Which is the European standards with the British national annex. The old British standard was more conservative and so the load calculations would have to deal with greater values (EN BS 1993 1-1 the partial safety factor for steel is 1 due to high control over steel manufacturing where as the old method had a combined saftey factor of 3, I believe). The thing with the suspended coasters is that the supports would suffer very large bending moments due to the distance from the train whereas a ride like fury has a small load directly above the support so buckling or axial loading would likely be the failure mode. Manufacturing choice would also be a difference between the 2 as more modern supports are far harder to manufacture than a steel tube with an I beam on top.
  13. Project LC


    The wobbling of fury will result in metal fatigue which will make the life span of the ride significantly shorter than vampire. Although it would have been designed with a shorter lifespan anyway so the wobbling will have been deemed acceptable. One of the main differences in design will be that fury would have been designed in accordance to the eurocodes where as vampire would have had to follow the older British standard which was far more conservative in its saftey factors and so would be a far more solid structure.
  14. Project LC

    Logger's Leap

    Yeah no one would give it insurance due to health and safety concerns. The risk associated with the ride was not worth the pay off for the insurer. Admittedly there would be other things that increase the risk with the ride but health and safety would have been the biggest one.
  15. Project LC

    Logger's Leap

    Can we please stop banging on about bpb and the Mouse. Just like loggers it was evidently closed for health and safety reasons. Also like loggers neither had any chance of reopening once it closed so it might as well be torn down. Loggers is typical Merlin were they don't see any value in reopening it. I'm just thankful they didn't stick a dated or inappropriate IP on it with a load of actors to reopen it.