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  1. Cedar Point

    It does look like one hell of a coaster. I really liked Mean Streak but it certainly felt like you were being beaten up unless you were in the front row. I think the conversion is going to turn a pretty good coaster into an absolutely outstanding one. I'm now going to have to find a way to get back there.
  2. RMC

    The throughput is estimated at about 600pph operating 3 trains so very odd for the park to go for the raptor. Maybe it was just a case of finance or RMC being unable to deliver a T-Rex for the time six flags wanted. Nonetheless it's a really cool looking ride and I hope it's the first of a few to get announced for next year.
  3. Doctor Who

    Steven Moffat is to blame for it being stale. He ran out of ideas years ago. The doctors gender I don't think will make any difference to the actual show. I suspect it will just give the viewing figures a bit of a boost so the new show runner has a chance at retaining them.
  4. 2017 Season General Discussion

    They did also "fix" DBGT and they have improved security so there is some positive additions this year. Yeah the rotation of whatever that area is currently called is poor but it's hardly damaging guest experience much.
  5. SW8

    I seriously doubt this will be even half as good as mystic timbers. It is one of the most lack luster layouts for a new ride they could ever have come up with. The lack of interest in the ride is a good indication that people just don't care about it and I think the ride will be forever haunted by the thought of what it could have been.
  6. Next Roller Coaster

    Seeing as it seems to be a road on a fancy looking bridge probably the road to 2020. What it tells me is they seem to have switched to a 4 year investment cycle. Hopefully it also means bigger budgets but with Ghost trains questionable performance I doubt Merlin will be willing to put huge sums of money like that into singular projects again.
  7. Cedar Point

    I think power tower is nearly always on 50%. I went in mid august a couple of years ago and it was only half open then. Dragster and Kingda Ka for that matter are both very unreliable. That being said TTD has been having a bad year. Only way around it is visit the park for a few days and hope for the best. Even if it is closed for your whole potential trip at least there will be RMC meanstreak to make up for it.
  8. Cedar Point

    This year they opened May 6th.
  9. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    A vast improvement over the old one. Good to see improvements even if it is just the website.
  10. Paramount Park UK

    If this ever opens I don't expect it to be that good. Far too many delays now and with huge changes in design that will now be needed. To me it seems like it might be very similar to Merlin. Which is something I really don't want to see. Which is a shame as it had great potential.
  11. Next Roller Coaster

    LC was for large coaster (I believe) and WC was white chapel. Saw had the code name Dylan. Unlike Alton towers Thorpe's are quite random.
  12. Slammer replacement?

    It wouldn't be too bad. Its capable of 2 trains so imagine it would have a similar throughput to a normal flat ride like rush and it would be higher than whatever slammer did. If throughput was there goal though they could go for the skyline attractions skywarp.
  13. Slammer replacement?

    Well the ride would have to go all the way from slammer to rocky express so the toilet block and that food stand would have to move. I'm not suggesting that it's a likely replacement, more it would be nice to see them get one.
  14. Slammer replacement?

    I'm not really sure how the foot print would work without moving a couple of buildings but the xtreme spinning coaster from Mack might be a nice addition. Certainly gimmicky enough for merlin and would provide something as a tie over until their next big coaster.
  15. Vampire

    Repainting vampire wouldn't cost as much as some other coasters due to its close proximity to the ground. They repainted nemesis so Merlin are perfectly capable of doing it. But there is no return in that sort of investment so I doubt it will get done anytime soon.