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  1. A vast improvement over the old one. Good to see improvements even if it is just the website.
  2. If this ever opens I don't expect it to be that good. Far too many delays now and with huge changes in design that will now be needed. To me it seems like it might be very similar to Merlin. Which is something I really don't want to see. Which is a shame as it had great potential.
  3. LC was for large coaster (I believe) and WC was white chapel. Saw had the code name Dylan. Unlike Alton towers Thorpe's are quite random.
  4. It wouldn't be too bad. Its capable of 2 trains so imagine it would have a similar throughput to a normal flat ride like rush and it would be higher than whatever slammer did. If throughput was there goal though they could go for the skyline attractions skywarp.
  5. Well the ride would have to go all the way from slammer to rocky express so the toilet block and that food stand would have to move. I'm not suggesting that it's a likely replacement, more it would be nice to see them get one.
  6. I'm not really sure how the foot print would work without moving a couple of buildings but the xtreme spinning coaster from Mack might be a nice addition. Certainly gimmicky enough for merlin and would provide something as a tie over until their next big coaster.
  7. Repainting vampire wouldn't cost as much as some other coasters due to its close proximity to the ground. They repainted nemesis so Merlin are perfectly capable of doing it. But there is no return in that sort of investment so I doubt it will get done anytime soon.
  8. You have to consider it from Merlins point of view. They spend millions on a ride where its USP is being made of wood. Opening another ride with the same USP or a similar superior one like an RMC would mean Thorpe ends up stealing customers from Alton. SW8 wouldn't boost visitor numbers as much as it could have without competition and so it would be considered a poor use of funds. While Thorpe may get a woodie at some point I highly doubt it will be any time soon.
  9. I think the best choice would be a thrilling family coaster focusing on airtime around loggers leap. A woodie wouldn't make sense as one is opening at Alton next year. They might want to take on Blackpool with a multilaunch but then again that would also be a reason not to go with one. I'd love to see a RMC T-Rex replace Colossus but I highly doubt that would happen anytime soon.
  10. I assume it's so when avatar 2, 3 and 4 come out in 2018, 2020 and 2022 they have an attraction that is with the trend. Doesn't excuse the ride being incredibly dull though.
  11. For a new coaster to open in 2018 they wouldn't need to start vertical construction until about November for a march opening (Merlin seems to aim for May anyway). Steel construction is very fast and as Thorpe is very flat the foundation's wouldn't be complicated to construct. The thing that would take the most time would likely be the planning permission which they still have time for. That being said they spent a lot of money DBGT and I suspect 2018 is a low investment year. So I would say 2019/2020 is when the next coaster might come along.
  12. Some American park has some RMC raptor track on the way. Maybe Thorpe should consider some for loggers site or perhaps the bigger T-Rex track.
  13. Well that statement is in no way optimistic. I shall assume it's another loggers situation until they say something otherwise.
  14. They should have all been open by 10. There chance was to have yesterday as a one off but clearly that isn't going to be the case. The GP will always want to blame someone and that unfortunately is the first person they see. They have every right to be angry when they are paying £30-£50 to get in and half of the park is shut. It's just a shame that anger is directed towards the hosts rather than the managers.