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  1. They are never going to re-open now, slammer cost to much to maintain and loggers has quite clearly gone past being repaired. I’m just so confused because what is happening at this park at the moment, there has been lack of investment, looks tired, and no hotel yet. I feel like this is the park the merlin might sell on to somebody else, just a thought ?
  2. Aha snap!, what is the latest with the hotel anyway, do they have permission yet? surprised that merlin being merlin have not added 5 hotels already ?
  3. What they need to do is scarp the whole ‘fright night’ brand and mazes and completely start again as it’s so stale now. fresh new ideas are needed. I would rather spend my money going to Tulleys, the atmosphere there is a little more family friendly and not as dark as Thorpe always seem to go, Tulleys event is 10 times better.
  4. No just found where it is, it’s the land next to where the hotel should have been built.
  5. The thing is that I have looked on google earth and it dose not fit in with anywhere really as the trees are different, It’s really bugging me ?
  6. So they have just released the ‘thanks for 2018’ video, no real clues on what 2019 has to bring. However they did show a snippet of this area of the park, is it the loggers or rapids site? Probably means nothing.
  7. Joe1

    Paultons Park

    I don’t know how much more the park will be able to expand, if I’m correct the open grass land by the edge and kobra is not aloud to be built on and I believe the had to fight to keep both rides due to Building them both on country park land, here is a article from 2009. https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/4726091.New_twist_in_Paulton_s_Park_Cobra_saga/
  8. Joe1

    Paultons Park

    So I saw on the towertimes forum that Paultons park have filed these trademarks -Storm chaser -Tornado springs -Al’s auto academy -Route 83 -Al’s general store I believe that this is going to be a new themed area called Tornado springs around the kobra and edge area of the park, with storm chaser being a retheme of the kobra rollercoaster and from looking at the trademark online Al’s auto academy is going to be a driving school. If this is what Paultons are planning then merlin really need to up there game.
  9. Joe1


    Slammer looks to been taken of the rides page on Thorpes website
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