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  1. I'm assuming this won't be opening for a while?
  2. I was alive of course, but 17 years ago I certainly wouldn't have been tall enough to ride Colossus!
  3. I'm sure many posters will already know most of these facts, but I had an interesting Thursday researching Colossus's history for an article: http://themeparkaddict.co.uk/ride-history-Colossus
  4. Wrote my review of the ride today and was happy to find that I still think highly of it. It's not the best coaster in the country but is surely among the best at Thorpe. I hope they can repaint at some point soon.
  5. Always been disappointed with this ride even though the projection at the end has always worked when I've gone on it. It feels like a huge waste of space where a great dark ride could go...
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