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  1. RobF


    If its like Thorpe of old…3rd party parts or old reconditioned parts caused samurai no end of issues
  2. Why when its part of the area theme ??? Destruction carnage etc
  3. Legoland use a reservation system for RAP, it seems to work allot better than the other parks approch.
  4. There was a jam on Coastguard HQ today near the end, they closed the ride and half the boats decided to turn around and go back to the start ….
  5. RobF


    Lego has gone back to buffet pizza pasta/ 12.99 online or 15.99 walk in. Overall quite happy with lego mythica, although I wish they screened the warehouse roof, it spoils the experience a little
  6. Ultimately were teaching kids its fine to tailgate
  7. Thorpe copied October fest this just seems a rehash of the mardi gras idea at Towers. Thorpe seem to be unable to come up woth Unique ideas at the moment
  8. They joined them together running 5 trucks again and joined together to speed up the queue
  9. Bot of an own goal with the restraint changes to reduce the height restriction.... wait a second they did it to reduce the height restriction and .....
  10. Tbh were at chessington and I was shocked tiger rock didn't close in the storm.
  11. Tbh if there is a switch track outside the station/ behind. it could still achieve a 2 train operation
  12. New restaurant in mexicana opening soon... Tortilla
  13. There is a switch in the console that turns them on and off, likely they weren't switched on or the operator switched them off
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