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  1. A coster is one thing but the park are planning 2 new areas and 5 new attractions at the moment ....
  2. Visited towers today although was just a kids visit , the park was deserted I cant even say it was this quiet post smiler and 10-6 opening is a surprise. As we went for my kids no coasters for me today . have to say though the offering for younger kids seems to be declining at towers with the loss of attractions for the likes of dungeons and rides that have been sbno. Enterprise has some pretty semi perm/long term looking signage about its future.
  3. Only thing I can think of is the ride PLC computers....
  4. There isn't any Air con inside possibly fans but never known them to run in a long long time.
  5. Darren Brown 3.0 walk through attraction no ride no VR, experience the Marvel of the floating train.... please exit this way, tell your friends about the possessed floating carriage Thorpe park Market the floating carriage as a worlds 1st, the future of theme park wonders and the impossible.....
  6. RobF

    Wicker Man

    It requires some track replacement I think
  7. Colossus goes through periods of downtime.... it always has had them. normally computer/lift hill related but could be anything
  8. Can you imagine the complaints even sized groups only can ride!
  9. Tbh at present ride operations and staff costs are potentially lower with closed rides, admissions, F&B etc so overheads will be lower atm. So it really depends on the bigger picture to aim to break even
  10. @Mattgwise how about most missed past attraction ??
  11. Its a very compact cattle pen filling the area beside the station if I remember right
  12. I wonder if the queue line for ultimate is an issue or if its more technical
  13. Asylum come back .... face masks were standard
  14. All staff who were in and trained prior to main season will likely just need a reassesment same as any closed season for returning staff, this is a quick process. The only difference maybe amendments to the COSWP for the individual rides to account for covid procedures, which will likely be a talk demonstration ,read of processes and sign the amendment. None of this will be rocket science and a full retraining process unless they re write the whole COSWP for each ride. fyi if you dont know the COSWP Is the code of safe working practice and basically its a bibl
  15. Alton towers gardens reopen 6th June
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