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  1. Tulleys have launched a app for 2022 looks like you have a coaster for a cred … https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/tulleys-shocktober-fest/id1627013379
  2. So 5 days togo until the start of the 2022 season at Tulleys, lots of changes this year tulleys are definitely on a Roll…. some bits that have changed are still to become public Who's going this year to check out the park this year !
  3. Moving forwards in my view, it needs a 8 Million spent just tarting up attraction’s cosmetically, and Colossus new trains. Itneeds to continue to invest in thrills but also needs to re introduce theme park staple attractions that are suitable for the whole family, Something similar to Wicked witches haunt re-imagined, a decent family area. I am probably in terms of GP among a large proportion of perspective customers who have younger children, and quite simply haven't been to thorpe in 2-3 years (other than for the beach this summer) for the simple fact its not fair on the kids they have 3 rides suitable for my eldest. And absolutely nothing for my youngest. I get it’s a Thrill Park, but to have a family day out we need to cater for whole families to have a good day aswell. I will use Adventure Island as a perfect example it’s primarily a thrill park on the Coast, but it caters for everyone and does it well.
  4. Thorpe needs something, but what is it? it has a good rides selection for teens which is also a poor target audience, that directly causes other issues. presentation/maintenance/vibe etc there isn't an easy fix to make the park bounce back.
  5. The old set was completely destroyed, it will also no longer be 3D 😉
  6. Hex has been open the last couple of days
  7. The whole concept of park wide audio and its initial implementation is a mess from 07/08.
  8. Its to regulate the service on reduced ride cars ….. saw is a duel unload, so cant unload 1 car at a time, on 5 cars every 6th dispatch will result in an extended wait to enable the unload. why its on so few cars who knows, off peak strip downs ?
  9. The earlier you go in the season are the quieter nights, basically Friday Saturdays are busiest.
  10. If you didn't know, the way Tulleys tickets work are changing … Tulleys Ticket Changes
  11. The planning application showed the trains and capacity….
  12. RobF

    The Smiler

    It was only ever the back row ??
  13. Just because an attraction/area isn't to your taste or target market , doesn't make it bad. Cbeebies is one of the biggest successes of alton towers in the past 10 years it caters for its age group well, it could do with 1-2 more inclusive rides. But what it is, is great for the people its designed for .
  14. Yes you were right that twisted was demolished straight after last years event after being stood built for so many years in the elements (marquee) The new set will be a more permanent build attraction, as they say with construction 🚧 the only way is up…
  15. Thorpe park brought a completely new train when the fish reopened, along with a completely new ride system, the track was the only part that was re-used. It also isn't where Colossus is today, it was where stealth was built. covering the sunken gardens model world and the fish. It lost all its character and what made the fish good when it was brought back, unlike scorpion express all the track areas were sectioned off and covered in hedges and plants, meaning the layout was largely hidden from site and you wouldn't have known the figure 8 layout existed. The proximity and close calls made it what it was. scorpion express never got the refurb or new train like the fish did.
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