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  1. Tbh at present ride operations and staff costs are potentially lower with closed rides, admissions, F&B etc so overheads will be lower atm. So it really depends on the bigger picture to aim to break even
  2. @Mattgwise how about most missed past attraction ??
  3. Its a very compact cattle pen filling the area beside the station if I remember right
  4. I wonder if the queue line for ultimate is an issue or if its more technical
  5. Asylum come back .... face masks were standard
  6. All staff who were in and trained prior to main season will likely just need a reassesment same as any closed season for returning staff, this is a quick process. The only difference maybe amendments to the COSWP for the individual rides to account for covid procedures, which will likely be a talk demonstration ,read of processes and sign the amendment. None of this will be rocket science and a full retraining process unless they re write the whole COSWP for each ride. fyi if you dont know the COSWP Is the code of safe working practice and basically its a bible for procedures for the specific attraction, all fun fair rides etc are required to have and abide by the rides COSWP
  7. RobF

    Alton Towers News

    Alton towers gardens reopen 6th June
  8. Tbh, why duel cant be socially distanced is beyond me....
  9. Do we know where the old boats ended up? in maidstone just seen the Kentish Lady is she ex Thorpe
  10. If were looking at Europa park, they are reducing staffing levels. I think loading should also reflect group sizes EG capacity on silver star will be higher with groups of 4,8 as they can sit together with empty rows vs smaller groups will require more gaps between rows etc, will be interesting how its implemented by europa . With reduced capacity In surprised merlin is still selling tickets with 50% off. As when they reopen the demand will be quite high I'm sure.
  11. We now have the capacity and capability to test its self referral for people still working + there house hold. Out of my work base I think I'm the only one who sees any benefit of being tested. ( yes I have been through the drive in at gatwick) they were using 2 of the 9 testing bays onsite simply because people are not booking the tests. We booked and tested in and out within 20m on the same day with results in under 2days
  12. You dont want to know how slippery that floor is covered in sick, I saw far so many people slip over in it! I would say its worse than people throwing up on the ride, as people either bent down and were sick on the floor or over the side of the train.
  13. RobF

    Paultons Park

    The thing here is, Tornado springs isn't finished yet, its unknown when contractors from abroad will be back on site for the project to be completed, Paultons ultimately dont want to open a half finished area where rides are not ready. This season is going to be a difficult one for all parks and attractions and simply put dont need any bad press and complaints from sloppy openings ,( cough cough Vortex,Smiler etc). I think its better to put 2020 behind them and focus on weathering thIs storm so 2021 can be a success
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