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  1. RobF

    2018 General Discussion

    It may also be used to boost number of admissions to either the board or shareholders to show growth of its customer base, this maybe needed to secure investment into the park as admissions have been pretty flat since pre darren brown
  2. RobF

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    Towers is quite busy today, its nice to see but a shame all the cuts are still in place
  3. RobF

    Black Buccaneer

    3 cranes on site today in black buccaneer area, hopefully re-assembling time.
  4. RobF

    Black Buccaneer

    The thing with this is, was it a delay by a third party contractor doing the work.
  5. Have to say is it worth driving to thorpe just to ride x ... at midnight haha
  6. We visited europa October 2016 and portaventura june 2017
  7. Europa didnt have a wristband system when we enquired they just got us to show the blue badge at the rides exit
  8. Having visited europa and PA they both offer disability access via the exit on nearly all rides. I think the only attraction at PA that doesnt cover the disabled access is the rapids. Though as mentioned they are not commonly used like in the uk
  9. RobF


    The older areas are pre merlin #saysitall
  10. RobF

    Rumba Rapids

    I heard it was about to be refurbed and receive sponsorship to a TV show unsuitable for familys with a run down theme.
  11. RobF

    The Sun offers

    If you join sun savers you can pick your date
  12. RobF

    Food Outlets

    It reduces operational costs, less tills to get security to collect money from and escourt to the dome to cash up, less staff required to cash up, then issuing floats to tills the next day. It Will stop fraud through change scams, staff theft and ( underinging/sweethearting) It doesn’t bode well for customer service and is likely another budget cut exercise
  13. RobF

    Food Outlets

    Tbh thorpe could introduce a cashless system, with the option of a wristband/gift card style system that can be topped up during the day and unsued credit refunded at the end of the day.
  14. RobF

    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Link so this is the worst idea ever .....
  15. RobF

    Food Outlets

    The pulled meat co is the only food option in that area, it is also one of the best in house options.....