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  1. 2017 Season General Discussion

    capacity was allot higher in schools weeks due to more car park students spaces being available due to the high amount of coaches, Thorpes physical capacity was allot higher during schools weeks I'm unsure if thats still the case
  2. SW8

    Building control also stopped and held up construction with the smiler, I believe the contractors were replaced due to the issue
  3. Health and saftey in relation to the rides capabilities of stopping the cars within the block breaks, there were I think incidents were cars slipped through block breaks ect due to cars being over the max weight.
  4. When its Kids in the line yes as the weight limit platform on fury often only lets 2 adults on at once so when there is a group of 3, or 2 large adults you may only be able to get 1 child extra on. I wouldn't recommend using the single rider on fury to adults due to the weight platform that is used to ensure the car isnt overloaded.
  5. Park Operations

    There is a feed from staines and another from chertsey so 2 power grids cover the park
  6. Park Operations

    Nemesis and swarm are showing as open, it mainly appears to be lost city and saw that are closed, this maybe todo with the x factor thing last night but still shouldnt be affecting today.
  7. Thorpe Park Hotel

    Stuntman, its worth noting different target markets of the parks, family venues tend to more look for the resort feel in terms of having the expendable income and the experience, thorpe being ultimately a park that attracts teens and young adults alienates allot of the clientele that would ultimately stay at a hotel. I personally would like to see the hotel built, but demographics are definitely an influence when looking at return on investment
  8. Lumber Jump

    I accept that this is ultimately a second hand ride, bur I cant help but feel that it looks like a second hand poundland ride from the gondala design and how old it looks to to the exposed and wuite frankly ugly tower. Our local beach park 15 years ago had a better family drop tower called the bat than this pile of ****
  9. Drayton Manor

    There is a manual process for this, to quickly get the ride uninverted. However normal operations mean a e-stop sensor ext is normally quicker being reset from the control room
  10. Rumba Rapids

    I would treat vicking river splash differently as they added doors to the boats and they are quite high sided, so I would assume the risk of someone going overboard is slim, also with the audience at legoland, the majority will already be accompanied
  11. Logger's Leap

    Also if people didnt ask, there would be no business case to keep the ride, when people ask it is probably tracked to see what the impact / return on investment would be
  12. Portaventura Summer 2017

    Direct with the park, I'm unsure about the summer but it was cheaper for us to stay at the hotel for 1 night and have 2 days on park than a 1 day park ticket, also hotel guests get 1 day ferrari land includ d over the summer. and get the express pass
  13. Europa Park

    Tbh eurosat is an awsome ride, I would like to see Merlin givebthis sort of referbishment..... oh wait there isnt a usp or marketing gimick in it it can go sbno ...
  14. Europa Park

    Euro sat is set to have the shell of the building removed to replace/ refurbish the track trains decorations ect when it is rebuilt there will be an adittional station added to the circuit which will be dedicated to VR, http://www.looopings.nl/weblog/7954/Europa-Park-gaat-achtbaan-helemaal-opnieuw-bouwen.html
  15. Port Aventura

    Had an amazing time at Port Aventura last week, Key points I have to say never have I visited a park with such poor operations in terms of speed and efficiency The fast pass system is 10x worse than fasttrack at merlin parks. We stayed in the gold river hotel with 2 days on park and 1 night accommodation for £35 each which was a bargin. In terms of the rides we did most of them, however I have to say I prefer silver star to shambala. Furious baco is so rough for its age, any ideas why its so bad? I think Dragon Khan is the strongest coaster at the park. we also did ferrari land, red force seemed to be having lots of issues, I dont think for the ride line up it warrents the extra €25, its a shame red force doesnt utilise a hydrolic launch as its not very forceful but the views are brilliant. Given I feel I have been generally quite negetive in this post, we had a amazing time at the park and local area, I just didnt feel the overall wow factor that made me think I have to come back here I had when I visited Europa park and Phantasia Land