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  1. Tbh when CCR closed only 1 loco was operational, all the others needed major engine work completing due to age /neglect/ lack of maintenance/wear and tear tbh a boat service to return would be easier for the park logistically, aside from the need for qualified operators, ( reason boats departed in 1st place)
  2. I don't even bother with this ride/experience anymore, last time I tried it was year 2 with the new ‘shop’.
  3. How many threads do you need the same post in ???
  4. RobF

    2019 Season

    Its more than likely a lack of assessed operators and staff, given that realistically only 2018 ops could have been re-assessed in the time its actually been open the probably hasn't been enough open time to train new ops.
  5. Anyone ever wondered what the brexit divorce bill will be spent on ??
  6. Asylum left due to political Pressure and stereotypes, The freezer maybe an option however to return
  7. We popped to Thorpe on Friday eve, sadly it was total rubbish we encountered 3 actors other than the intro on Creek freak massacre, and Platform was the worst I've ever encountered. We left after doing these 2 as the weather was **** as we were soaked through after a monsoon 5 minutes
  8. RobF

    The Blade

    It was closed a few weeks ago, so guessing its either maintenance or time to say bye?
  9. T-shirts for a different themepark website .... hmm
  10. RobF


    Inserts Joke... If only Europa Park ran Thorpe.... It would be back open the next day
  11. Tbh this slide looks great fun.... If you like the idea of adventure point that is lol
  12. RobF

    2019 Season

    However, how do you enjoy a day out with friends if you have a disability? I think your maybe missing the point that not every disability is one visible etc, in the event of an evac the carers/friends are there to help with the evac etc. You simply cannot put a definition to what a carer should be or look like, as everyone is completely different in terms of needs and help needed and in most cases it will be friends and family that help out... be it in the case of panic attacks, mental health etc. Some users of wristbands may seem completely normal to the bare eye, that could be there calm at that point due to the aid the system can bring. Some people can flip very quickly from seeming completely normal to hell breaking loose for example the stress, anxiety etc some people have with confined spaces large numbers of people in a small area. These are only examples I'm sure there are so many triggers for people. If it means they get to enjoy a day out that they otherwise wouldn't be then I dont see an issue with the pass provided its used correctly
  13. RobF


    Quantum runs a set program but within that there are so many variables, weight, speed, the ride down quick enough to change direction at the top so goes over again
  14. Isn't it billed as more of a beach attraction? If your referring to the area next to dragons fury ?
  15. RobF


    As an ex quantum op, the ride has quite simply a mind of its own! Sometimes Its like a crazy outta control machine others its just steady Eddie
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