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  1. RobF

    Park Count - 2018

    Pluk, gullivers at under a year old ?? I think your starting a tad tame tbh. 1.2 meter high heels and onto nemesis they go 😱 No seriously though I'm in the same boat kiddie parks are gonna be a bit of a thing for a few years as I will have to get my little one into coasters tbh (my needs come third now apparently 🤫 Baby, partner,me)
  2. RobF

    Europa Park

    Ive got it........ europa park to have a private runway and terminal !
  3. RobF

    Park Count - 2018

    Lets see thorpe once, alton once, chessington once. The lowest park count in like a century mainly as my partners pregnancy spanned the season and a little buddle of joy made it into the world in mid October to get her first onride picture on the gruffallo on the last day of the season 🙂
  4. RobF

    Europa Park

    Isnt the french airport strasbourg the closest in line with this plan, I know ryanair flew there last year?
  5. RobF


    The workshop was extended a while back pre2009 there is room for 2 trains in the shed ( dont know if routinely used or just over winter for rebuilds)
  6. RobF

    Europa Park

    Tbh while your at it Europa park, please link this project to the train station and the airport and dont forget a stop at the water park........ whats the worlds longest cable car? Why not go for the world record while your at it ?
  7. I remember working snow days at thorpe, stealth and nemesis inferno were the only coasters that could operate, now even they seem to be an issue in the cold
  8. I remember working snow days at thorpe, stealth and nemesis inferno were the only coasters that could operate, now even they seem to be an issue in the cold
  9. RobF

    Top 10's

    Whilst I get allot of your placements on mazes, I dont get why the asylum is in 20th ??
  10. RobF

    Slammer replacement?

    Tbh anyone remember bling at bpb ? This would be a bad idea, thorpe has a respectable amount of flats, its towers that needs the flat’s investment tbh. I hope the whole area gets a major investment and is beborn keeping to the west/canada theme. maybe add a traditional saloon to the area serving food/ drink (smith and western operated anyone?). With a decent woody comparable to woodan/troy. Interacting with a good old fashion mine train (not a mack powered). The area has a decent footprint and potential, lets see what thorpe come up with. . . (Tbh it will likely be something boring and uninspiring)
  11. RobF

    Drayton Manor

    I think surely it depends on what the issue is other X car coasters exist and still operate. So its not like its the last one..... tbh for a short coaster I quite liked it.
  12. RobF

    Park Operations

    Europa park do have a system it just isnt very well used or known of, I know phantasialand are abit weird with disabilities full stop so we never even asked, (heard of numerous issues/horror stories). Portaventura also have a system in place and it is used alot more frequently than the other EU parks.
  13. Quick question where will this maze run ? If platform keeps its current route and with blair witch back I dont see how it can be creek related?
  14. RobF


    Not able to see this pic. ?