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  1. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    World first wood and fire .... I'm pretty sure woodan has fire effects at the top of the lift hill and arround the ride area ???
  2. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    Now I'm self employed, I'm down for this but will let you know for sure shortly, I'm down for weatherspoons onwards!
  3. Merlin Entertainments

    Merlin were relegated from the ftse 100 today down to the 250, which shows the impact on the share price and of the current performance of the group
  4. New for 2018

    When x opened the number of staff working on the ride was much higher, in most buildings there is a regulation of ratio of staff to customers for safe building evacuation, as the years went on x staff numbers dropped resulting in the outside queue and curtailed indoor queue line to ensure there are less people in the building without having double the length walk that now exists.
  5. New for 2018

    Has anyone given a thought that with the reworking of the building for the walking dead, if we could be seeing the entrance moved towards the back of the building ? It would see the end of the terrible long endless corridoors etc and could work better with having to split the queuline into 2 ext at peak times
  6. TPM Meets Calendar 2018

    We drove over to europa from phantasisa last year was a pretty straight forward drive, yes its about 3.5 hours but packs in a great trip
  7. TPM Meets Calendar 2018

    Ryan, would there be a possibility of the europe thrip coving several parks this year, E.g fly to cologne day1 at movie park germany, day 2 at phantasisa, and 2 days at europa park then fly back from basel or similar ? Obviously would only be an option if we had enough drivers
  8. Ride Accidents

    The thing is, that now it has happened all rides had to be checked and will need to be regularly re checked, to prevent this happening again. Ultimately the american accident was allowed to happen as the showman stopped getting the ride services and checked by KMG, so the arm may not have been inspected to servicing specifications. KMG have an overall have one of the best saftey record in the industry, as a one off incident that has now been identified and measures put in place, it wont put me off riding one again.
  9. X

    Sorry Benin did you want to include DBGTROTD with the accidental bulldozing
  10. Port Aventura

    We had no issues at all with disabled access at Portaventura, and we at at the noodle bar next to dragon khan on both days and the food was good. Cant comment on the rest of the park. But I do agree ride ops are shocking and fast track sales are worse than merlin! The park doesnt flow well in terms of theme and certainly feels like something is missing.
  11. Fright Nights 2017

    In terms of maze quality the big top was so much better than the annual pass night although the projector is broken for the fortune teller. (It was abit weird with just the speach). It may also lead into why it was completely missed later in the night. I agree with swarm op's yesterday. There seem to be staff who would rather talk until the train is back rather than actively running the attraction.
  12. Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2017

    Totally agree with the above
  13. Say Something About The Person Above You

    Is a newbie .... welcome to TPM
  14. Fright Nights 2017 - Spoilers!

    Have to say I was utterly disappointed with all the mazes this evening. Did several runs on most mazes, however there was a massive shortage of actors, the big top 4-5 actors throughout 1-2 in strobes one after the mirror maze and chainsaw man, the second half of the maze was just a joke! Sanctum and Platform 15 I imagine could be quite good in the dark but in daylight it just didnt cut it. Saw again was abit tame vs what I have experienced in 15/16 events. Living nightmare the opening section was actually the best bit, but the rest felt rushed and too short with no real scares. Overall a good night to get on the rides with short queues, I expect that the event will mature and build through the event.
  15. Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2017

    For those who were interested in vixi, it's essentially still just hellements, with a 10 second walk through added to the end