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  1. RobF


    Depends how its been sold to said purchaser, if its a heavily discounted rate per head vs mid season for effectively a preview/Beta day
  2. Whats actually scarier is that we had 4 coasters in 10 years.... now we have had 1 in ten years..... sums up the investment and overall feel of the park of late
  3. RobF


    It was the stain the arms went under, the power of the motors, the bearings, the fact it was air powered, the fact its buckled, the fact weight distribution is a problem, the fact it was a money hole to keep running, it simply wasnt viable to keep running
  4. Are they not run by HB leisure. ??
  5. There are different options anpr barriers is an option link an annual pass to a specific reg and it automatically opens. Same with online and onthe day tickets provide the reg , it would speed up the current barrier system. Another option is pure anpr It depends if they got an operator in to manage the car park in that sence, I'm very anti car park management companies, some are ok others are robbing *********. Ultimatly when the park is busy people are too quick to forget before charges were introduced at thorpe that you could queue for 2h to get out.
  6. RobF

    Logger's Leap

    How old does a ride need tobe to be considered for a heritage attraction?? Dont get me wrong I get the ride most likely will be demolished. But as the history of thorpe goes it was the first major attraction at the park. I would give allot to see thorpe forced to stop demolision and reconsider.
  7. RobF

    Logger's Leap

    We all knew it but NOOO!
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-47289125 Due to a an issue following a gust of wind seaworld are evacuating there sky ride in san diego. If thats a back up system like towersor a physical scale the ride kind of evac remains to be seen.
  9. RobF

    2019 Season

    Thorpe need more space in years to come, buy the land instead..... perfect hotel site 😜
  10. RobF

    2019 Season

    TBH I would welcome the rangers back but thorpe will need to make them relevant again actoss the park.
  11. Whilst yes a 6am start in theory means 10:00, but you need to take into account if all of those engineers are exclusive to DBGT, engineers check and card multiple rides every day, it maybe a case of get everything else/most things ready then DBGT
  12. Tbh the ones we had were freshly cooked and very nice, admittedly Europa’s were superior
  13. Are you able to view(copy and paste)/ screenshot whole article as you have to pay to view it.
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