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  1. There is no easy answer other than everyone gets the same virtual queues.... and we all know how successful version 1 was ....
  2. Food luck to anyone at Thorpe today .... low temperatures and half a day of snow on forecast
  3. TBH if the gas ball was rotting so badly it was probably a risk of rusty metal fragments getting in the water / splash down which could have lead to injurys. Or collapsing all together. Whilst I wish it was like for like replacement I'm sure the budget wasn't what it needed to be to facilitate
  4. The new boats on the rapids are a good move given the history there. Wouldn't be surprised if others didn't follow suit..
  5. Is the area at the back of the bbq tent still unused? or dismantle that S&S SBNO and you have a nice area
  6. Loosing the old addmissions huts ruined the look and feel of the area along with the amount of staff processing on the day customers aside from the fencing, security would/could have been much better placed.
  7. Or they could carry on a relationship with the fair industry as we all know fair rides can be well themed if the budgets there... winter wonderland says hello... Different flat rides in the park every year keeps the lineup fresh etc
  8. It was filmed in 1999 so the wild mouse was https://rcdb.com/872.htm not sure if this featured in the video https://rcdb.com/2690.htm The ladybird coaster/apple coaster listed on RCDB all show they closed before 1999, so who knows with that.
  9. S&S screaming swing in the valley with silencers on air valves
  10. Detonator was I think granted temporary planning permission, but was later resubmitted to keep it permanently
  11. Will be interesting to see if Alton are operating and maintaining themselves or if they have hired with staff provided. All in all the ripsaw site is back in use, will be interesting to see where they put the dodgems and waltzer.
  12. Half of Samurai is missing too ...... however Colossus has a train on the track
  13. We were booked for Towers and Blackpool for the start of April, now being rebooked again....
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