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  1. Cant give a definite number but the swarm on a ministry of sound night drunkish ….
  2. Tbh, as busy as last year was, the park didnt cope well with numbers/ staff and has probably left a sour taste in many peoples mouth, choosing not to return thinking last year was the ‘normal’ especially for new guests to the resort
  3. TBH my favourite host spots was twisted breifing room and chop shop breifing room. The atmosphere you can create in just those 2 spaces is amazing. I also quite liked the gates on wastelands were great for making people jump in the strobes.
  4. Clowns V2???? the old set was in a state of disrepair and had stood year round for many years
  5. Has merlin also gone down the H&S route and increased the gap between boats following erm incidents ?
  6. The bass cannons were originally removed from use when the park wide system was installed. they weren't compatible with the new system from what I remember as it would require a separate low frequency feed. they never have properly got them working since even when they have tried
  7. Olymipa looping has a fatality a member of staff was killed when she was to close to the track https://www.looopings.nl/weblog/19347/Vrouw-overleden-na-aanrijding-met-achtbaantrein-in-Oostenrijks-pretpark.html
  8. RobF

    Wicker Man

    I get that as I work on logistics, I said it was to early to blame P+O a dig at last weeks actions.
  9. RobF

    Wicker Man

    Its too early to blame freight delays on P&O …… but I think that park seasons, staff changes/ shortages/supply issues all have contributed to the issues at hand. In otherwords the perfect storm for delays
  10. Could the whole ride be a spinning hyper ??
  11. I can imagine it now …..Daddy….. what are those silly people doing without kids they are to big for this ride …. Daddies reply…. There just big babies and to scared for the big rides
  12. You missed a category, you ride them as you have kids ……
  13. Some very bad facts in this video…. wicked witches haunt stood connected to the side of the KFC building. The ride actually stands on the site of Dino bumper boats/ mr rabbits tropical travels/ mrs hippo’s fungle safari was also shortened slightly to accommodate Inferno. detonator actually is more where the station was for wicked witches haunt.
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