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  1. Some new concept art has emerged of a very Joris En De Draak looking dueling woodie.
  2. Designs have leaked for Efteling's new hotel by The House of The Five Senses. https://www.looopings.nl/weblog/185...n-nieuw-hotelcomplex-bij-Efteling-entree.html I think this looks great though at the same time... it does take away from the House of The Five Senses somewhat?
  3. Hellooo I'm Max! Long time lurker but was once a member as a teenager as 'Coaster XTREME', so it's good to be back with a slightly more mature username xD. I'm a filmmaker/film geek and long time coaster/theme park enthusiast. I've been going to Thorpe Park since I was very young and I run some of the biggest theme park groups on Facebook..
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