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  1. Gave this a couple of goes yesterday, felt quite underwhelmed when I came off, it does have some nice sets and effects on the ride which are an improvement to previous and the trommel and clock was my favourite part was great to see that all working. But for me overall I found it a bit dull, I gave it another go in the afternoon to see what another run through was like unfortunately it was Dark from the usual spot after the Trommel to just after the old screaming heads which was a shame so missed the spiders and mirror effects 2nd time round. Was walk on both times so didnt see too much of the queue or pre show, The hosts were in their new character in the morning but in the afternoon were just normal and was asking everyone their thoughts on it, John Burton was also outside in the afternoon talking to various people
  2. Passholders group have now shown the removal of containment, great to see all the abandoned areas get some attention, alot more has happened than I expected albeit all long overdue things this close season
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  4. For me I would just like the car park barriers issue to be resolved and more focus around the music around the park back to at least 2021 standards. Definitely a good shout with continuing the toilets refurb to old town etc don’t think will be too much difference around the place roll on 2024
  5. My Thorpe rankings are.. 1. Nemesis Inferno, for me my number one off ride like the theme, the soundtracks both old and new the booming low frequency in the queue and the base in the station that adds to the area and the interlocking corkscrews element path views. On ride I like the speed it carries throughout l, the twist and turns and the rush of blood to the head as you walk down the stairs recovering from the forces. 2. Swarm, A very close number 2 torn between right or left side but my past few visits tend to ride the left rear when possible. Off ride swarm island is in my eyes the best area of the park which says a lot with broken screens graffiti all over the station etc but anyway an area well done and I actually quite like the current mishmash of music the area currently has between the old and new music. On ride great first drop followed by the near miss elements and forces feel a tad too restricted with the vest restraints which is the only reason it’s number 2 as I like a looser restraint. 3. Colossus, I always enjoy the interactiveness you get walking along the paths to this ride. Are the trains terrible YES are the restraints even worse OF COURSE but I enjoy the layout and the length of ride time you get with Colossus plus at the time was quite a big deal for Thorpe. I don’t find it too rough to the point I’m not able to enjoy it. 4. Stealth, Now as much as I appreciate the ride and maybe never experiencing a front row could be a reason why it’s not higher but I value a ride that has a longer ride time and for me it’s a do once if there’s time and no queue, love the launch just personally prefer longer coasters. 5. Walking Dead, I always have fun on this with watching others reactions down the corridors and when they have the Zombies in the canteen, I know this isn’t meant to be a funny theme but with that along side a fun little coaster that’s good enough for me. 6. Saw, Love the theme the area the layout of the ride and wish I could enjoy this thing unfortunately I just don’t enjoy how rough it is no matter if inside or outside front or back row the pain I get after with head, neck and shoulders mean it’s a once a year job for me which is a shame, any tips appreciated I’m only 5,11 and have no problems with Colossus but can’t not manage to look after myself on this one. 7. Flying fish, does what it’s meant to do well great starter coaster for nostalgic reasons always have a ride on this.
  6. Yeah I agree I liked the Carnival event especially the Carnival area itself, didnt do the maze but Junkyard area needed something more atmosphere wise even though the acts were still good. The music is so frustrating like yourself I think the music is a big part of the day and atmosphere but its been really lacking on my 3 visits this year, I do like the return of the Colossus and Nemesis old tracks but I think the constant swapping and changing of area music and volume adjustments as ruined the flow at least with just Imascore everywhere it was consistent. Also dont get how so many RCF speakers are broken or off after just a couple of seasons of being put in. These barriers are annoying my number plate is registered to my pass and has only worked once in the 3 times ive visited to make it worse the barcode on the pass doesnt scan either so ive had to read out my number on the help intercom. Until they get on top of it they need to man the barriers again at closing instead of the help button I'm surprised they havent done this as they must know its an issue guess its down to cost/ staff head count why they havent. Ive had 3 good trips overall this year and they have done some good things but do wish the park would sort the smaller issues out that make a big difference especially over halfway in of the season.
  7. Ah yes didnt they used to tweet out daily closures a few years ago. Transparency is definitely good if they can do it.
  8. Nice addition to the website, long overdue but helps with planning. PS appologies for now a triple post albeit different topics 😅 https://www.thorpepark.com/plan-your-visit/resort-information/ride-availability/
  9. Went to Thorpe to check out the Carnival event today for a few hours, really enjoyed it and I thought it was well executed especially for being so new. I watched the individual circus acts across both areas and all were very impressive. If the event is not your thing its really not a in your face event and can still have a normal day on park. The carnival area had more atmosphere than Junkyard area felt the junkyard could of done with a mini stage for the acts but will definitely go again to it next year if it returns.
  10. I guess its one way to make £45 more value for money, wernt sure because turned out to be quiet they were more lenient.. haha yep definitely done good and proper I pre booked everything expecting 90 minute queues but going on the Tuesday heatwave meant walk ons most the day for the coasters I only used Saw, WD and Colossus as they had a massive peak of 20 mins at one part of the day 🤣
  11. I was meant to ask something ref fast track.. Never bought it before but used it on last visit fearing a rammed park of school kids. I bought the adrenaline one so 5 coasters. Only Saw scanned my fast track barcode, walking dead and Colossus let me walk straight through cant comment on swarm and Nemesis as they were walk ons so didnt bother. Is this a usual theme for it not to be scanned meaning people can take advantage of getting more than 5 coasters? Just interested as never used fast track before and if this is the case makes the queues alot longer and people affectively having joker cards to fast track again
  12. I agree with you both with the Entrance and Dome area alot better with Imascore music playing. Oktoberfest and parkvibes tracks are also personal favourite event tracks of mine. It was refreshing to hear the old nemesis inferno track when it came back and I like the current mix of old in the queue and the new in the station booming out and the jungle tracks should definitely be left for the surrounding area Mr Monkeys to Wilderness. I also prefer the old town imascore playing even if was a short loop to the old country music they play now. With Lost city I think the old track should of played since the start of the season for its 20th but unlike Nemesis I prefer the new lost city stuff more to its old track
  13. Just got home from todays Thorpe park trip 2nd of the year for me, had a top day dispite the weather warnings. Ride count of 17 Walking dead x3 nice blast of aircon to cool down every now and again being main reason haha, Inferno x3, swarm x2, tidal wave x2, storm surge x2, Rapids x2, saw x1, Colossus x1 and black mirror.. Was clearly alot quieter due to the weather still a fair few school trips but nothing like it would of been most rides walk on most of the day I prebooked fast track a week ago expecting last week's queues but only used it twice as just wasnt really needed. Plenty of extra announcements highlighting the free suncream station locations and water refills they had plus ride hosts also encouraging you to stay hydrated. Massive shout out to the staff for working in the heat I'm glad they all had extra fans and portable air con units in the ride stations and shops etc to try take the edge off things. No real down time noticed mainly depth charge and a small amount for Saw, samurai and Swarm. Pizza pasta is my go to for lunch and did not disappoint, Plenty of work going on for carnival prep no other things too noticable swarm screens off as expected, Nemesis inferno Station speakers broken and very tinny lost city as a whole had no music was looking forward to hearing Colossus old soundtrack.
  14. Small audio changes I noticed from last Saturday compared to my visits last year the Bridge is now in synch with the dome's audio rather than the entrance/ Admissions. Nemesis inferno exit is now the Jungle Loop rather than just the original nemesis soundtrack. Angry birds plays right up to nemesis inferno now maybe it did before but inferno's surrounding area up to burger king etc turned down a bit compared to how it was booming last year. Old town more of black mirror and mixed with country western imascore soundtrack hasnt played for sometime down there. Lost city, no different amity WWTP was off around thrillmakers stage didnt visit swarm so cant say.
  15. I had an off the cuff visit on Saturday my first since Oktoberfest. Didnt arrive until 11 was amazed to walk straight in and through security checks as ive heard all the horror stories with the queues I'm normally a 9:30 arrival kind of guy so dont know if thats normal. For me the Dome has some very strong smell pods this year and didnt spend too long in there because of it although I did have a headache. Operations and atmosphere across the park felt good and could see plenty of general upkeep improvements throughout which was great to see. Nothing else majorly different that we dont already know about. Thrill makers plenty of interactions with younger guests and see they now have a training book for kids aswell. Sunken gardens looked great and ate in pizza pasta couldnt fault it. I think they have gotten on top of the music issues although strange not hearing wwtp in amity where the stage now is makes it very quiet when the shows are not on. Storm surge had a massive leak bigger than usual turning the walking dead queue line into waterfall the poor ride hosts were soaked. Playground still not ready, plenty of loggers pin badges left only small gripe the parking barriers didnt recognise my number plate or let me scan the QR code on the way out so had to buzz the intocom to get out number of other cars had same issue across all barriers and also happened to me on my last visit aswell. Lets see what the new events bring in a few weeks time
  16. Great video and nice additions for thorpe agree they should of all been ready for opening though, also looks like sunken gardens will be back aswell this season which is a much needed quiet area now the seating area in old town has been fenced off to prepare for Exodus. A possible future space for a kids ride in the former wet wet wet space perhaps? To go with high striker the playground and beach etc.. A kids area is important aswell as Exodus if it wasnt for octupus gardens and ranger county when I was a kid going there I probably wouldnt be still going now some 20 plus years later
  17. The app has high striker's new location updated already on the map, going on the pathway between storm surge and the beach basically in front of Doughnut factory. I though they would of put it next to flying fish either way good its staying.
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