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  1. Small audio changes I noticed from last Saturday compared to my visits last year the Bridge is now in synch with the dome's audio rather than the entrance/ Admissions. Nemesis inferno exit is now the Jungle Loop rather than just the original nemesis soundtrack. Angry birds plays right up to nemesis inferno now maybe it did before but inferno's surrounding area up to burger king etc turned down a bit compared to how it was booming last year. Old town more of black mirror and mixed with country western imascore soundtrack hasnt played for sometime down there. Lost city, no different amity WWTP was off around thrillmakers stage didnt visit swarm so cant say.
  2. I had an off the cuff visit on Saturday my first since Oktoberfest. Didnt arrive until 11 was amazed to walk straight in and through security checks as ive heard all the horror stories with the queues I'm normally a 9:30 arrival kind of guy so dont know if thats normal. For me the Dome has some very strong smell pods this year and didnt spend too long in there because of it although I did have a headache. Operations and atmosphere across the park felt good and could see plenty of general upkeep improvements throughout which was great to see. Nothing else majorly different that we dont already know about. Thrill makers plenty of interactions with younger guests and see they now have a training book for kids aswell. Sunken gardens looked great and ate in pizza pasta couldnt fault it. I think they have gotten on top of the music issues although strange not hearing wwtp in amity where the stage now is makes it very quiet when the shows are not on. Storm surge had a massive leak bigger than usual turning the walking dead queue line into waterfall the poor ride hosts were soaked. Playground still not ready, plenty of loggers pin badges left only small gripe the parking barriers didnt recognise my number plate or let me scan the QR code on the way out so had to buzz the intocom to get out number of other cars had same issue across all barriers and also happened to me on my last visit aswell. Lets see what the new events bring in a few weeks time
  3. Great video and nice additions for thorpe agree they should of all been ready for opening though, also looks like sunken gardens will be back aswell this season which is a much needed quiet area now the seating area in old town has been fenced off to prepare for Exodus. A possible future space for a kids ride in the former wet wet wet space perhaps? To go with high striker the playground and beach etc.. A kids area is important aswell as Exodus if it wasnt for octupus gardens and ranger county when I was a kid going there I probably wouldnt be still going now some 20 plus years later
  4. The app has high striker's new location updated already on the map, going on the pathway between storm surge and the beach basically in front of Doughnut factory. I though they would of put it next to flying fish either way good its staying.
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