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These recently opened up!




Hals-über-Kopf (Suspended Thrill Coaster) POV:


Volldampf (Vekoma Boomerang) POV:


And a lovely promo video from the park:


The noticeable thing is that the HuK station is yet to be themed, and is just a set of concrete slabs. That theming is coming in 2021:


The theming for the Volldampf station is complete though. I haven't found a good photo of it, but if you look at the videos, you'll see how it looks pretty damn good.


It's a shame they couldn't do all the theming at once, and I make it no secret I hate it when parks do that. But at the same time, I get why it's done. A necessary evil I guess. Personally as well, I'm not sold on the rides: Volldampf looks to be the weakest Boomerang out there, and I'm just not sure on the STC yet (and reviews I've read have been mixed). In saying that though, the total investment is an absolute winner for the park, and once the theming is finished, will be a fantastic extension for the place.


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