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Rocky mountain Construction and Vekoma Partner up!


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So I was snooping around TPR of all places and I found this which was interesting.

In the November issue of Parkworld Magazine Vekoma made the announcement that they have been selected as the partner to RMC.
RMC coasters have only been available for the North American market so far, but that will now change.

Vekoma and Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) have initiated a new partnership for wooden coasters.
RMC will continue to serve the North America market, but now we can offer customers in Europe and Asia the new Topper and IBOX track, which considerably improves the ride experience. Wooden coasters have offered ride excitement for many years, but now with this new wood steel alternative we can offer the thrill, the nostalgia and intensity of a wooden coaster, but with added speed and smoothness.

Seems very exciting, A win, win I feel as RMC get tonnes of extra contacts from Vekoma expanding their business model to around the world and Obviously Vekoma it just puts their name out there more. What do you people think of it, I feel it is quite exciting!

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Was literally about to post this...

Expect a boom of them over here then in the next few years... Probably mostly on the continent first...

I agree, knowing how much Asia loves a Vekoma there will be a tonne going over there, But any european one will be welcomed even if the uk has to wait a tad longer for theirs if a park puckers up enough courage to buy one.

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This could led to some very exciting developments. I've always wondered if the lack of modern woodies in the UK was partly due to a lack of anyone really trying to sell them over here. Hopefully this will lead to a push for sales and a deal that is attractive enough for UK park to go for it.

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