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I can say I have only been on Gladator and a Sky flyer and I have to say both were crap. Sorry.

Guess you chose badly eh? I've never been on gladiator or star flyer so unfortunately I cannot comment but to me they looked like decent rides! However, in general if you compare funfair flat rides to theme park flat rides they are run on much better settings...

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funfair rides are generaly ran on much more extreme settings... some to the extent where it's not enjoyable like top buzz at funderworld (samurai style ride) it was going round so fast, was hurting where my legs and body was pushing out to one side! samurai on a good smooth setting is much more fun!

I have been on Crows Topbuzz2 and Xtreme Rieger and they are both amazing topscans in my mind... To be honest I didn't really know where I was because it was going so fast and we kept getting chucked about everywhere. To be honest the fact that it goes so fast means that you can't see anything but one hell of a ride those topscans are!
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