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  1. Great trip report Ethan... so glad we got to go even solely for the joker it was worth it, incredible ride and straight into number 2, behind Shambhala... we need an RMC in the UK asap as Twisted Colossus went straight into number 3 aha! I really didn't enjoy medusa, nor did I enjoy scream and six flags magic mountain, or dragon Khan at PA... not sure why, but maybe that's me. The surprise ride of the day for me was Superman Ultimate Flight... I absolutely loved it, so much fun it actually made it into my top 10!
  2. I can make Sunday 29th, so I'll have to see... But If it's then I'll go for sure
  3. would be interesting to see in what order people would rate the 25 rides themselves...
  4. People are starting to get almost as serious as Matt Creek last year not wanting Slammer to win the Thorpe one... It's a forum on the Internet, don't take it too seriously, and if you show a strong opinion/weakness, expect to be trolled, you're asking for it, just sayin' aha! Zufari (5) Scorpion Express (5) Dragon's Fury (6) Dragon Falls (5) Monkey Swinger (5) Treetop Hoppers (5) Tomb Blaster (5) Seastorm (5) Black Buccanner (5) Kobra (5) Rattle Snake (5) Hocus Pocus Hall (6) Ramses Revenge (5) Carousel (5) Tiny Truckers (5) Toadie's Crazy Cars (5) Flying Jumbos (5) Jungle Bus (4) Peeking Heights (5) Sea Dragons (5) Griffin's Galleon (4) Tuk Tuk Turmoil (5) + Monkey Swinger - Jungle Bus
  5. Nemesis Inferno (8) The Swarm (3) Tidal Wave (4) + Best ride in the park!!! - The ride that is only good in boiling hot weather (and how often do we get that!?), and then it gets like a 2 hour queue, so pointless..
  6. It definitely looks like the top of the conveyor belt before the turntable. Just trying to get my head around how it flips in the opposite direction to the way it's moving once it has hit into the stuck raft at the beginning of the turntable.
  7. Well, after visiting Frightmare Saturday evening, I think I have a new favourite overall scare attraction... The Haunted Hayride... At first I thought this won't be as good as the Tulleys one... but as it went on I realised how different it was and things took an extremely unexpected twist that really took me by surprise, and it just went on and on, the longest, most unique and humorous scare attraction I've done, with lots of scares!
  8. This year so far I have 3 favourites I cannot pick between... all completely different aha! The Final Cut... They Came From Outer Space (Screamland) The Big Top (Thorpe) Horrorwood Haunted Hayride (Tulleys) If it's a past maze then 100% Carnival of Screams (2013)... incredible maze, RIP.
  9. 1 - Nemesis Inferno 2 - Stealth 3 - The Swarm 4 - X 5 - Saw 6 - Colossus 7 - Flying Fish
  10. Nice little blog there, glad you care so much love ?
  11. I messaged Liseberg on Facebook... They open 22nd April for the 2017 season. I'm sort of hoping the new ride Loke would be open then but not getting my hopes up anyway even though I will be visiting like the weekend after season start.... I have to go back in 2018 for the dive coaster anyway, and going in 2017 means I get to ride kanonen before it's removed ?
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