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  1. Great trip report Ethan... so glad we got to go even solely for the joker it was worth it, incredible ride and straight into number 2, behind Shambhala... we need an RMC in the UK asap as Twisted Colossus went straight into number 3 aha! I really didn't enjoy medusa, nor did I enjoy scream and six flags magic mountain, or dragon Khan at PA... not sure why, but maybe that's me. The surprise ride of the day for me was Superman Ultimate Flight... I absolutely loved it, so much fun it actually made it into my top 10!
  2. I can make Sunday 29th, so I'll have to see... But If it's then I'll go for sure
  3. would be interesting to see in what order people would rate the 25 rides themselves...
  4. People are starting to get almost as serious as Matt Creek last year not wanting Slammer to win the Thorpe one... It's a forum on the Internet, don't take it too seriously, and if you show a strong opinion/weakness, expect to be trolled, you're asking for it, just sayin' aha! Zufari (5) Scorpion Express (5) Dragon's Fury (6) Dragon Falls (5) Monkey Swinger (5) Treetop Hoppers (5) Tomb Blaster (5) Seastorm (5) Black Buccanner (5) Kobra (5) Rattle Snake (5) Hocus Pocus Hall (6) Ramses Revenge (5) Carousel (5) Tiny Truckers (5) Toadie's Crazy Cars (5) Flying Jumbos (5) Jungle Bus (4) Peeking Heights (5) Sea Dragons (5) Griffin's Galleon (4) Tuk Tuk Turmoil (5) + Monkey Swinger - Jungle Bus
  5. Nemesis Inferno (8) The Swarm (3) Tidal Wave (4) + Best ride in the park!!! - The ride that is only good in boiling hot weather (and how often do we get that!?), and then it gets like a 2 hour queue, so pointless..
  6. It definitely looks like the top of the conveyor belt before the turntable. Just trying to get my head around how it flips in the opposite direction to the way it's moving once it has hit into the stuck raft at the beginning of the turntable.
  7. Well, after visiting Frightmare Saturday evening, I think I have a new favourite overall scare attraction... The Haunted Hayride... At first I thought this won't be as good as the Tulleys one... but as it went on I realised how different it was and things took an extremely unexpected twist that really took me by surprise, and it just went on and on, the longest, most unique and humorous scare attraction I've done, with lots of scares!
  8. This year so far I have 3 favourites I cannot pick between... all completely different aha! The Final Cut... They Came From Outer Space (Screamland) The Big Top (Thorpe) Horrorwood Haunted Hayride (Tulleys) If it's a past maze then 100% Carnival of Screams (2013)... incredible maze, RIP.
  9. 1 - Nemesis Inferno 2 - Stealth 3 - The Swarm 4 - X 5 - Saw 6 - Colossus 7 - Flying Fish
  10. Nice little blog there, glad you care so much love ?
  11. I messaged Liseberg on Facebook... They open 22nd April for the 2017 season. I'm sort of hoping the new ride Loke would be open then but not getting my hopes up anyway even though I will be visiting like the weekend after season start.... I have to go back in 2018 for the dive coaster anyway, and going in 2017 means I get to ride kanonen before it's removed ?
  12. I know someone who is at Oktoberfest now where Olympia Looping is now, and apparently when asked the operators confirmed to him it would 100% be at Winter Wonderland.
  13. Please stick to this... And don't backtrack on statements, like someone else on this forum ?
  14. Well after California of course I was going to have to update my top 10, and had the best time, but honestly shocked how my Top 10 still contains so many UK coasters and still haven't found a new number 1! On holiday the two RMCs were really the standout coasters for me, I still cannot really get over the intenseness, relentlessness of speed, how forceful the ejector airtime is and just all round how much fun they are, I need to ride more! A surprise to me was also the two Superman launch coasters at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom & Magic Mountain, one with some pretty forceful backward and forwards launches and a fun compact layout, and the other being the 100mph backward launch then up a 400ft tower with the most incredible views ever (I'll put a photo at the bottom aha)! There were also quite a few disappointments from the trip, mainly at the Six Flags parks which I was sort of expecting all the coasters to be amazing, but Goliath was a real disappointment, the two floorless B&Ms (Medusa & Scream) were just not that enjoyable and so rattly, same goes for the Stand Up B&M Riddler's Revenge which I thought woild be amazing and better than Shockwave at Drayton but it honestly wasn't! Also as I love B&M inverts (Nemesis & Nemesis Inferno), I was really looking forward to a couple more, and while Batman at Magic Mountain had a nicely themed station and queue area (oh yes, another thing that shocked me was how well themed the queues and some ride areas the DC coasters were!), and felt a lot more forceful and lengthy, as much as I wanted to just couldn't seem to like it, and then at Knott's with Silver Bullet, it looks amazing, except the most bizarre one gradient not even steep drop, and just seems to have so many elements that would be cool, I do like the overbanked turn a lot, but apart from that it seems quite forceless and not very fast and doesn't flow overall as a ride. Also GhostRider I had high hopes for to beat Megafobia, unfortunately it broke for the day after the first ride so couldn't get more goes to judge it properly, but I found it too rattly at times, and while at times it did feel incredibly fast and out of control which was great, as well as being a lot taller and longer than Megafobia it just couldn't beat it or make it into my Top 10. Honourable mentions should go to California Screamin at Disney, a smooth intamin!? Fun launch and cool on board sound track... Also really enjoyed Hyperspace Mountain really surprised me how good it was with all the effects too, same goes for Revenge of The Mummy at Universal Hollywood. Manta was also a shock at Sea World San Diego, a really fun Mack Multi Launch coaster with sort of an immersive tunnel at the beginning, some nice bits of airtime and the most comfortable seats! Now finally to my updated Top 10... 10 - Tatsu 9 - Superman Escape From Krypton 8 - Superman Ultimate Flight 7 - The Smiler 6 - Megafobia 5 - Nemesis Inferno 4 - Nemesis 3 - Twisted Colossus 2 - The Joker 1 - Shambhala Here's that view from Superman: Escape From Krypton ?
  15. Had a really good weekend, cheers guys! Pleasure Beach was great even in the rain and as a bonus Valhalla opened even though it was meant to be closed! The few of us who done the waterpark had an awesome time as some others went back into the park for free. Then the afternoon spent around the Blackpool Tower and ending with the great circus altogether. Dean's Meet Rating: 4.5/10
  16. Unable to make it unfortunately... Legoland fireworks is calling me!
  17. So on Sunday 21st August 2016, me and EC! as part of our California trip, visited our first theme park of the trip, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom... I'm not the best at explaining things or going into detail, so here's an overview of the park and our day, and some pictures, Enjoy! From the outside the park looks incredibly compact, a bit like Thorpe Park... But once inside, even though some of the coasters are bunched together the park is surprisingly big to walk around. The park is visually stunning and very well kept, and just in general looks really nice, unfortunately the day felt a little ruined by the reliability (or lack of) of the park, with V2 not opening and remaining closed for the rest of the day, along with some other smaller rides, though only one actually being advertised as closed originally. The new RMC The Joker kept breaking down all day, as well as some of the other rides and their main water attractions, and their star flyer, it really felt like a bad day at Thorpe Park, luckily for us we had a Flash Pass and got on all the coasters (except V2 of course) and done The Joker and Superman twice.. Which I'm so glad we done as these two were really the standout rides at the park, actually incredible! Superman I had pretty low expectations for as it was a short compact ride, but the launch was so forceful and the twisted compact layout really packed a punch and will be in my top 10 somewhere... The Joker easily goes into number 2 in my top 10 (not beating Shambhala), it is actually amazing, the speed of it throughout is so relentless and out of control, and the airtime even in the middle rows literally chuck you out of your seat like I've never experienced before (the closest to it is probably Grand National at Blackpool on back row, just not as painful). The B&M floor less, Medusa, I found to be a bit rough and just meh. Kong, the Vekoma SLC was horrendous, worse than Infusion at Blackpool, it closes after today to get the VR makeover. So overall a nice park, let down by its reliability, but really really glad we visited, and made a bit of a dent in my Top 10... With so many Californian parks left to go I wonder what UK rides will even be left in my Top 10 by the end of it aha! Thanks if you actually made it down this far haha! EDIT: I read back through and realised I said I'd try and keep it quite breif... Oops lol!
  18. I'm going to try and do top 10 overall not just coasters, this will be interesting... going for rides I've ridden loads and consistency as there are some coasters and flat rides I had some of my favourite rides on ever, but then other times were terrible, *coughs* Furius Baco. 1. Shambhala - didn't really understand or appreciate airtime till I rode this, omg 2. Nemesis - my first 1.4m coaster and still one of the most intense coasters with the terrain, amazing 3. Nemesis Inferno - don't get the hate, really does make me question if it's better than the original, so much fun and rerideable 4. Megafobia - ridiculous and relentless especially on the back row, and surprisingly not really rough 5. Rush - amazing to make puns that never get boring... and just simply my favourite flat especially when the restraint is loose 6. Maelstrom - consistency at its finest, perfect every time (I wish Vortex could be that consistent...) 7. Air (Danters) - Ridden this quite a lot, it is simply insane, but not sickly! Shame it's a fairground ride and not at Thorpe Park haha! 8. The Smiler - a tangled mess of awesomeness 9. Stealth - what a race! 10. Hex - As you can guess I don't rate dark rides highly, but I have a real soft spot for this and the whole theme Mentions go out to rides in Florida but 2005 was too long ago to judge against rides I've ridden frequently so recently, so until the day I return, then I imagine a lot of them will appear... next stop California though next month, it'll be interesting to see what my top 10 is after then haha!
  19. don't forget the rumored inversion... and the fact it goes indoors surely some sort of dark ride section...... OR EVEN THE WASHING MACHINE ELEMENT - there I've called it before Towers Times does - 26/07/2016 So yeah, while it's not a massive thrilling coaster a lot of us wanted, I'm happy to look forward to it if it does have a dark ride bit, launch and inversion, it'll be a really fun thrilling family ride, and I do love 13 and spinball, so this has the potential to be even better!
  20. Furius Baco at Port Aventura (apart from the one ride on the front row on the inside where it was incredible) has to be the roughest coaster I've been on... you can't even describe the way in which it is rough, Colossus and saw can give me headaches and is a bit rattly, but is nothing compared to BacOHHHHHHHH!
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