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Black Hole soundtrack

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Hi, been searching everywhere for the original Black Hole soundtrack, but can't seem to find it anywhere.


Wandering if anyone could kindly post the link?


I have seen a few you tube videos, so quite unsure if maybe they made more than one, because if you watch some POV videos one track is different to another, so this is getting me confused?


Some have said the original was called ''pendulum'' and others have said it was called Powershaft by a composer named Barry Taylor who apparently wrote the Detonator soundtrack, which doesn't make any sense to me!!!


Just wandering because the pendulum soundtrack sounds very similar to a POV video, but they do sound slightly different when making the climb to the top of the ride.


Can anyone assist with this one please? Would greatly appreciate it.

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I must have heard the Black Hole music when I was about 8 years old because listening to it brings fond, nostalgic memories of visiting AT around the time Tussauds was in its prime. The strange thing is, I never actually rode the Black Hole... I thought my Dad was incredibly brave as he went to try this mysterious ride that I was too small (and scared) to ride!! Did the music ever play outside the entrance or in other areas of the park at the time?


In any case, with the likes of Terror Tomb, Bubbleworks, Vampire, Nemesis, and The Haunted house, etc, the soundtracks of the UK parks mystified me as a kid and all the songs had a similar kind of "sound". That could be one reason why I began to (and still do) love theme parks so much :) <3 

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I know what you mean, there's something about the style of music around that time. Perhaps it's one of the reasons I still love Nemesis, because the original soundtrack still plays prominently around Forbibben Valley. I remember riding the Black Hole the year before it closed which was sad being the first coaster I've been on. It was hard to forget aswell since the tent stayed in place until the Smiler construction started. Nice to know that the Black Hole was given a new life and is still in operation though. ^_^http://furuvik.se/tivoli/rocket/

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