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  1. Chessington seem to specialise in low capacity attractions now. If I were being cynical I’d say it’s done on purpose to boost Fastrack sales. I remember once going on the Scorpion on a quiet day and getting on before the people in the RAPs / Fastrack queue!
  2. I’ve not seen any other reports on this?
  3. Better transport options would really help bring more visitors to Europa Park.
  4. I agree. Did Wastelands 3 times at the weekend. Without a doubt the best scare maze I've ever done. I'd recommend boots or wellies especially for The Wreckoning. My review will be incoming soon.
  5. Spoiler: Some footage I got of the Wastelands show from last night.
  6. Hahahaha! I have no words for this. What an absolute joke. 😂 Do it right or don't do it at all.
  7. So glad to see Olympia is coming back! I thought we wouldn’t see her again last year. 😃 🎢
  8. After following reviews of both events, I’ve decided to revisit Tulley’s this weekend instead of the meet. I was genuinely set on visiting FN this year but the new attractions have compelled me to go back to Tulley’s instead.
  9. The last weekend before Halloween is usually the worst time to visit as it will be very busy / likely to reach capacity.
  10. We usually start with Creepy Cottage as it's the least intense one to get started with. There is certainly a lot to do there! I'd go to the indoor ones next like Twisted, Vixi and The Cellar. Wastelands is also supposed to be busy later on. Then when it's getting dark we usually start with Coven then do the outdoor ones like Chop Shop, Shipwrecked (This one will take a long time) and usually end with the Haunted Hayride. Wasn't going to go this year but the new attractions have drawn us back this weekend! 😃 Love all the street actors, live music atmosphere. Most of the farm and all the queues are under cover too.
  11. You can't have a coaster without something wrong with it at Thorpe. I'll take a green light for everything else working.
  12. Sub Terra was more enjoyable even though there were mixed reviews but it was still shut down. How they can still run it in this state is beyond belief. I stand by my advice; Don't ride, avoid at all costs.
  13. WDW Skyliner gondolas have crashed. Sounds like the Gondolas have been running too close to one another as they approach the station at speed. Reports are that no-one has been injured. https://wdwnt.com/2019/10/breaking-an-accident-has-occurred-on-the-disney-skyliner-at-riviera-resort-station/
  14. Looks like The Skyliner has hit a few "teething issues" 👀 😳
  15. Oops! The Park’s closed today. (Some people tried to visit in the comments!) #marketingfail
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