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  1. A Newbie's Trip to Tulleys Shocktober Fest

    Great blog, I went to Tulleys the first time this year too and the difference between this and Fright Nights is night and day. I loved it. Only downside is it did make Fright Nights worse for me this year. The only maze which came close was Platform 15 with the unique theme and effects, use of audio and being the longest one there. The Fastrack queue was dreadful though, glad we didn’t pay! Did feel like it had only been 2 mins and I was already out the exit of the other mazes, they felt so short after Tulleys. I know this is primarily a forum for Thorpe Park, however Fright Nights is such a small and overcrowded event in comparison to Tulleys (Offering NINE at least 10min long mazes next year) I would be much happier if we held the official meet at Tulleys in protest! As you described, I just left Tulleys feeling joyful and like I had got more than the entry prices worth of entertainment. It’s open later with more time in the dark, the whole atmosphere is superb and the intensity of the mazes is exponentially higher when there’s so many actors in each one too.
  2. Merlin Entertainments

    I’m not thinking of renewing my pass next year as I don’t think I would get as much value out of it. Thorpe which I’d mainly visit is not offering enough to keep me coming back as frequently next year. The entrance and getting in is worse than the previous season (I know not entirely their fault but I can’t see it being any better next year), the events I went to this season were completely disorganised and poorly managed, there are more sbno attractions at the end of this year than in the previous season and no signs that the recent announcement will be a new attraction or just a botched ride facelift. (Do NOT touch the Swarm! All it needs for next year is that out of place American dispatch voice to be deleted) Finally, either I’ve done recently or am not as interested in Merlins other attractions. I can see how Merlin have balanced the price increase for premium with more value over peak season. Equally the price freeze for standard is also justified by excluding entry during this time. They could have just increased the price of both passes by a tenner but this will encourage those who can afford it to upgrade to premium while keeping the standard pass more affordable for families and individuals on a tight budget.
  3. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Can’t wait to ride Icon next year. First on my list!
  4. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    I’ll be there, still haven’t done the Alien escape at Tussaud’s yet.
  5. Ride Accidents

    For me, it all depends on the cause of an accident as to whether I would consider going on certain rides in the future. I have no problem going back on the Smiler as the ride has always been mechanically safe and was an operational failure. As for KMG Afterburners, the picture is pretty condemning for me. It wasn’t even a joint, to see the structural steel beam torn off like a baguette, and the fact they can’t be easily inspected is very concerning. I certainly won’t be going on the one at Winter Wonderland this year.
  6. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    It’s a shame Hollenblitz won’t be coming but still glad Olympia Looping is returning. It’s enough to draw me back this year. Got to do the Alpen Hotel too!
  7. New for 2018

    I think Thorpe Shark is really going to suffer when Premier Inn in Staines upon Thames is completed. Arguably superior purpose built spacious double rooms and unlimited breakfast at literally half the cost of Thorpe Shark a stones throw away from the park with restaurants around the corner is a no brainer for people looking to stay for a few days at Thorpe.
  8. New for 2018

    I think the problem is that Merlin see themselves being on par with Disney and therefore justify the very high hotel prices for their respective areas. In a way, they are the biggest amusement operators in the U.K. But in direct comparison, Disney has way better and much bigger parks, theming and rides.
  9. New for 2018

    Surely it’s clear evidence shutting Splash Landings that Towers have too many hotels now. Technically 4 if you count the lodges.
  10. New for 2018

    A world first could literally mean anything with Merlin. A re-theme, VR retro-fit, new IP etc. I know DBGT is still a new attraction. It’s just quite depressing when you think what kind of coaster Thorpe could have built on the same budget. It was a bold move to make an attraction built around VR and it’s a nice experience. I just don’t think VR works in a theme park. I go for the thrills and rides I can’t replicate at home. This is a good watch about what makes rides thrilling: Then you look at Towers which has a new hotel this year and a new ride next year. And Legoland which also has a new hotel and a new ride this year. Thorpe is still stuck with a temporary hotel and no new rides to know of yet but multiple rides left SBNO at the end of the season.
  11. New for 2018

    It would be good for Thorpe to announce some kind of plans for the near future. Also they need a TLC project like Towers. Just something to get the hype going for next season. If all they offer is closures and ‘world first’ announcements which is already a complete joke now to be honest, people will lose interest. I’m not sure about renewing my pass next year. There are better, more exciting things happening in 2018 outside of Merlin and Thorpe is offering nothing so far to compete for my money. I’m most hyped about Icon at Blackpool, never been on a full sized Mack coaster and very exciting to finally get one in the U.K. Tulleys was amazing this year and far supassed Thorpe’s Fright Nights. I will definitely be going there in 2018. Also next year, they will have NINE scare attractions and didn’t have the crowding and e-stop issues Thorpe really suffered from this year. I will still visit Thorpe but I don’t think I’d get the value next year out of an Annual Pass Renewal Unless they have a compelling new attraction or event.
  12. Extra Costs To Passholders

    In regards to the Thorpe Park Annual Pass, they are really cheap, practically the price of a day ticket when they’re on sale. So IMO, there is no dilemma. If you want all access all the time, pay more for a Merlin Premium Pass. They always have a new year and summer sale.
  13. Extra Costs To Passholders

    That’s why the standard pass is cheaper than the premium. If you want to visit the London attractions over the summer and visit Fright Nights without the extra costs, you should get a premium pass.
  14. Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    I’d like to see an Annual Pass preview event Thorpe actually give a **** about next year, that’s for sure. But too early yet. I’ll come back to this topic in about 300 days.
  15. New for 2018

    I really hope Merlin don’t ruin the Swarm with VR like they did with Air. I must be one of few who actually really liked Sub Terra as an experience, when it wasn’t broken! What I’d like to see for 2018 in order of priority: 1. Loggers Leap to reopen or even just plans for Old Town redevelopment. 2. New entrance building & plaza with much faster security, please! (Annual Pass priority lane perhaps?) 3. The grime washed off Colossus. I don’t expect anything like Europa Park but at least pretend you actually care about your rides Merlin. 4. Storm Surge demolished. It’s painfully slow, pisses more water than a sieve and blocks the view of X. That’s my wish list, If one of these things happens I’d be happy but sadly I won’t hold my breath about any improvements yet. Also, don't waste any more investment on DBGT for a third year, just focus on new attractions and the park in 2018.