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  1. The Big One by far. The way it whips round to the right is always a bit terrifying. But Hyperia could take the best first drop.
  2. Call me mad but I visited on the opening day as Nemesis is a very missed coaster. All the park updates this year justified a new annual pass for me. I didn't run to FV but I knew if I didnt go there first thing, the queues were going to be mental. Anyway, only ended up waiting 2 hours which wasn't bad for the insane popularity that day. One thing I've not experienced before is the positive energy and enthusiasm in that morning queue. The atmosphere really was electric. I'll go in depth on Nemesis on the other thread. Forbidden Valley was a nice surprise to me. I wasnt expecting such an overhaul of that whole area. The atmosphere there now is just top level. Frankly I could happily spend all day just in that area and Gloomy Wood. It feels like a different park. As I did not go last season, The Curse was also new to me. Feels like a proper ghost train again now. my favourite effect was the hall of mirrors where Emily is riding in an empty carraige in your reflection and then it turns back into your own reflection at the end. I love all the little references and easter eggs in general, such a nice nod to the parks history. Oblivion was smashing it in terms of operations. It had all 6 trains going round and not stacking for too long. The repainted hole was looking vibrant and a bit of a taster for the sparkle project to come. This did however make the station feel very worn and looking like it's in need of a modernisation itself. X-Sector felt very empty even with the end now blocked off to guests. Surely that area must be in sight of a Forbidden Valley style update. Rita was probably the worst for operations. Didn't even bother. If it was on two trains, they were stacked in the station. Thirteen was fine, nothing negative to say although it always seems to have a massive RAP queue which I find funny considering it's supposed to be for those who have issues with queueing. Thought I'd give Burger Kitchen another chance this year. My god the burgers are still awful but they are charging a premium for quality worse than a fast food chain. The burgers are literally like the frozen horse meat you get in the freezer isle. They need to get rid of that Aramark contract and bring back the fast food franchises because I'm not eating there again. It's one thing if they were running it themselves but now they are outsourcing again this is just not acceptable. They are smashing it with the merchandise, some great offerings and proper embroidered items that are going to last. When I went to Engerylandia I was rather disappointed with the lack of branded merch so Merlin in general do a great job here. Overall I had a good day. Nice to see Towers busy and as popular as ever. The new areas are a great sign of the future for Towers if they can sort out the food.
  3. Now that drop is going to be a whippy transition!
  4. Thorpe released a somewhat embarrassing video explaining how their new Kelvinized Dafont logo was styled to include Stealth references. I bet the graphic designers were happy they were paid for it. At least they designed the o themselves. 😅
  5. There’s a new website that Universal has made for this project - https://universalukproject.co.uk/
  6. This potential new theme park has been confirmed by officials at Universal to the local press. https://www.bedfordindependent.co.uk/breaking-news-universal-studios-confirm-they-are-planning-a-theme-park-in-bedford-borough/?fbclid=IwAR2JMdC9eWlveZy8ooDXDpdm2Z_4ezS8HC2zLlaozOqm5_JHD7ATcBBznsk#
  7. The difference here is Comcast has the funding and experience the London Resort never had. With the right IP and not just US attraction clones they would have the potential to rival European parks and even Disneyland Paris, never mind Merlin.
  8. Here’s some Google maps screenshots of the land Universal has acquired, including a large brownfield site, lakes and a train station on its doorstep.
  9. It looks like there is potential for a UK Universal attraction. Taken from Attraction Source: Universal have registered the domain names “universalstudiosgreatbritain.com” & “universalgreatbritain.com” using the same registrar as their other park website domains around the world In September. Comcast, the owner of Universal, recently acquired a construction and development company on 31st August called Cloud Wing UK Limited. Cloud Wing UK was itself already the parent company of two UK subsidiaries, Kempston Hardwick Developments Ltd and SC Collection Ltd, meaning Comcast indirectly acquired these companies and their assets. From Theme Park Stop's article (linked below): "With the acquisition of Cloud Wing, Comcast also received its land assets, which include a 240 acre (95 hectare) section of a parcel of land in Bedford, England. Known as the “Kempston Hardwick New Settlement,” this former brickworks land is currently described as for agricultural uses, but has had multiple stalled proposals for future commercial use over the years." So where is the land that Universal have acquired? South west of Bedford, England, in a place called Kempston Hardwick - this is centrally located with a high catchment area, close links to the M1 motorway, and its own train station across the road from the land. Below is a Google Maps aerial view of the area, and absolute confirmation that the land has indeed been purchased by Universal's subsidiary. Explore the area on Google Maps - https://www.google.com/maps/@52.0947821,-0.4994712,4133m/data=!3m1!1e3?entry=ttu Still early days but exciting times - I have more faith in this actually happening than the London Resort. It would definitely bring competition to Merlin if it’s themed to the same standards of their other parks.
  10. WTF? This is almost a copy paste job by someone who probably spent a few days searching Dafont. Now I'm much less impressed. 🤨
  11. I think more people will change their minds when they see the logo on merch and attractions. Here’s some examples from their site - https://www.thorpepark.com/rebrand
  12. I like it. Playful & colourful but still clean & modern. It should be easier for them to use in different colours and themes. They mentioned Hyperia won’t have a container shop too which will be nice. If they’re dropping resort, does that confirm the permanent hotel plans have been shelved?
  13. In terms of theming, I'm not fussed if it's more like an amusement park than a theme park. Feels like Merlin's version of Icon. I'm just happy Merlin are actually building a Mack Produkt. 😃
  14. Looking at arranging a trip to Alton Towers opening day as it is expected to see Nemesis reopening at the start of the season now the retrack is complete. I'll be getting a Merlin Annual Pass in the next sale for the "24 Season. *Update* Towers After Dark will be open until 8pm on opening Saturday. My current plan is to travel to a hotel around Derby on friday evening (15th Mar). Premier Inn looks like the best option currently. Then travel to the park to arrive at the corkscrew entrance plaza for 9:30 - 10:00. Plans may be subject to change but now's a good time to get a date in the calendar. Opening day has not been officially announced however it can be found through the Towers hotel booking site; Thorpe looks like it will be opening on the following weekend on Sunday 24th Mar
  15. All I will hope for is minimal trims. If we get some insane grey out bends and ejector hills I’ll be happy.
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