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  1. Waiting for Thorpes 2020 attractions alongside Towers new area, Chessingtons new area and Legolands new attractions like...
  2. A Huss Breakdance with a chrome control panel of course. Breakdance has got to be bling! 😉
  3. ooh, those are some nice industrial playsets. Nice to see Top Scan has some proper analog control knobs. Bet it's fun cranking them up and down.
  4. Just good to see a new dark ride comming for TWODW and not just a walkthrough.
  5. A bit overblown as a headline. "More people will die on UK theme park rides"
  6. I wish they had a new coaster coming. I don't care what tbh just a normal thrill ride like Inferno or Stealth.
  7. It’s alright guys. Thorpe have got some highly trained bull****ters businessmen to save the park.
  8. S&S have just announced a new coaster concept in time for IAAPA with footage of a working prototype ~ AXIS
  9. This sums up my thoughts on Thorpe’s future -
  10. Found a good copy of the new Big One soundtrack;
  11. Can't believe the Saudi Arabian Gov wanted to buy Alpen Hotel so badly. Was always a highlight of winter wonderland but damn, they must have really wanted it.
  12. Towers are advertising TWODW with the remains of Bouncezilla 😛
  13. Chessington seem to specialise in low capacity attractions now. If I were being cynical I’d say it’s done on purpose to boost Fastrack sales. I remember once going on the Scorpion on a quiet day and getting on before the people in the RAPs / Fastrack queue!
  14. I’ve not seen any other reports on this?
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