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  1. Disney opened Galaxy's Edge with restricted time slots. Everyone had a coloured wristband. When your time was up you had to leave and they let in the next group. Universal telling people who waited 10 hours to effectively "Go Away" is not acceptable. If the queue reaches closing time, you close the queue and let everyone waiting ride within the park's hours.
  2. Good article over the ridiculous queue on opening day and how it was manufactured by the park for publicity: https://themeparkuniversity.com/universal/universal-orlando-uses-guests-as-pawns-in-hagrids-opening-pr-stunt/?fbclid=IwAR384fVrhee-JoNjUaRoOxBCq-wxKCzpjTc0aYt88p99KFjhACJMj1bX4ws
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    Wendy's beating them both at the end!
  4. I find it funny they're asking the GP for ideas. Just sums up Thorpe right now - they're so undecided about what to do with the place.
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    Anyone seen the new Apple Mac? It looks grate. ๐Ÿ˜… ๐Ÿง€
  6. Travelodge are offering 10% off weekend stays until the 3rd June if anyone's not booked yet.
  7. Someone at Chessington in the queue for Tomb Blaster talking to their family: "I remember riding this when it was called Terror Tomb. It used to be way scarier than this. This is just sh๐Ÿ’ฉte now." -So true.
  8. Does it really take around four months to build the scare fest mazes in the Towers though? Aside from planning, to close the Towers and physically build the mazes.
  9. As Alton Towers say, it's better than nothing.
  10. Cedar Point isn't really described as a Theme Park though. It's more of an Amusement Park. Does it have a terrible remix of music blasting out and clash with the area it's in?
  11. Don't say Happy Birthday over there, like you just don't care.
  12. If you think this is acceptable for Thorpe, they may as well just go and hire a load of funfair rides for each season. No maintenance required by the park and a constant rotation of flat rides. Who cares? The park is just about having fun now only about having fun regardless of immersion or theming now.
  13. In a way I'm kind of glad it's there. It kept all the children / youtubers busy when we went so the queue times for the real rides were quite low for such a sunny day. It only spoiled the Lost city area with its obnoxious noise but luckily didn't ruin the coasters. One of the best weekends at Thorpe I've had for a while. Ok it's not a permanent dark ride or a flat ride but it still lowers the crowd levels around the park. It's at least proof filler attractions are needed despite how bad and fun fair like this thing is. So much for Merlin wanting their theme parks to be unique and unlike any standard funfair.
  14. Only Merlin could put fastrack on a bouncy castle lol.
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