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  1. He says "You're stuck in a mechanical device that will crush further into you as you go round. The twisted metal is desinged to give you concussion around the unnecessarily tight elements. If you make it to the end, trust me you're gonna need paracetamol."
  2. I want to go this year since I haven't done Fright Nights for a while and just want to do something different to Tulleys. Just need to see how busy work is going to be and will confirm soon.
  3. I think it was just after that turn where it does the corkscrew.
  4. Stuntman707


    This AI image generator is a laugh. It's not great at drawing eyes though so it looks a little demonic.
  5. I have a new found appreciation for this ride since our hot weekend visit. The intensity almost made me grey out which I've never experienced on a ride before. I was drinking plenty of water but I guess the heat still affected me. That and we had to wait for a "Colossus Clone" cleanup in the direct sun before riding. It's just a shame the area is so grimy & disgusting.
  6. I can't see them using a transfer track, I'd bet on it being back to back seating. Hope that they can keep the queues short however they build it.
  7. I should be able to go. Would be good if we can get the same time slot for Bozos.
  8. Great blog, what I like most about Europa is that there is no fastrack or priority lanes which really helps move the queueline in my opinion. On the other hand you could argue that it's not as disability friendly as Merlin's parks. What I dislike most about Europa is the lack of free drinking water / water fountains. One thing Merlin offers in abundance at all it's parks (I know it's also law in the UK). That said the detail of theming, great ride selection and great operations makes Europa a resort leagues above Merlin and arguably better value than Disney and Universal. When you buy a Europa admission, you get equal access to all the attractions.
  9. I’m happy to do some meets again, definitely Thorpe soon.
  10. I have little patience for cryptic / troll posting unless it can be verified.
  11. Installing the 2ft booster seats to retain the UKs tallest coaster. 😉
  12. It would be great to have a Mack coaster at Thorpe. Smooth, high throughput and the best coaster seats in my opinion. If the London Resort never happens, at least it was enough of a threat for Merlin to finally build a new coaster at Thorpe. As to theming, I’m getting a lot of X vibes. Matrix type theming would be interesting with the speed and airtime. Something new and fresh to Thorpe's offering like Helix. I’m certain MMM could come up with a unique theme as compelling as Wickerman and the Smiler if they wanted something without an IP. They can do their own great standalone themes!
  13. Exciting news! I have a feeling it will be a B&M, possibly a hyper just to take the UK’s tallest crown away from Blackpool Pleasure Beach. (And they need something to compete with Ensō and Valhalla V2!) It’s about time Thorpe finally got a new coaster and having old town renovated with it. After the past few years feeling rather stale at Thorpe for me, this has already brought back my enthusiasm for the place again. Thorpe shouldn’t be afraid of being a thrill park. Let Chessington and Legoland cater to families but let Thorpe be a destination thrill seekers want to come & visit.
  14. I’m sure they put the prices up to meet demand. This year felt very busy when I went and a lot of people seemed to have fast passes. I still think it’s better value for what you get. Coven felt like it had grown much bigger. I still like Wastelands, such an impressive maze and area they’ve built. Filmed the show again this year;
  15. If they redo a popular maze, I may be persuaded to go back to FN (pending reviews that are not on influencer night)😉
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