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  1. I love these drone chases.
  2. I need one of these for ride sims!
  3. If you're feeling bored or looking for something to do, there's always Ride Sims! https://ridesims.com/ If anyone wants to follow me my name is: BurgerKing707
  4. Thanks, stay healthy everyone.
  5. The new music is very generic compared to the old music. It fits the theme but it's not as memorable. It's nice to see the effort has been put in this year to reinvent it and fix the awful lighting.
  6. I'm cautiously optimistic its been improved. They can't have made it any worse than it was. Hopefully there is more of a story with hints of a darker theme again and better lighting. Audio will have to wait until I hear a recording. I'm not expecting it to be better than Valhalla though!
  7. It looks like we've been viewing the HEX pre-show wrong for all these years!
  8. Measures are starting to become more serious. Even if you are at low risk of being badly affected, there is the possiblity of passing it onto others that are at higher risk. Also it's really not pleasant having the flu. In F1, McLaren pulled out of the Australian GP after one of the team tested positive and now the race is cancelled. Rumour has it they were part of the setup crew so they had touched everything in the garage if anyone thinks that it may have been an over-reaction by the team. At work, everyone who can has been ordered to work from home to limit the risk with production. Had a very strange day today.
  9. Been watching POV's of Disney's latest trackless dark ride, Runaway Railway. I have to say that it looks incerdible in terms of the immersion and really blending a 2D cartoon into reality (2-and-a-half D as some call it). The screens / projections are seamless and the whole experience is just magic from the moment you step through the blown hole in the screen to exiting out the other side. This is why Disney are number 1 in this industry by a mile. It feels modern and up to date with technology yet classic & timeless, filled with nostalgia and instantly recognisable characters. I absolutely love it.
  10. Really liking the new map and graphics I have to say. Full of light and energy!
  11. BPB are selling full monorail cars on the online shop. https://retail.blackpoolpleasurebeach.com/product/monorail-car-rock-fm/
  12. And the GP will want to ride it as it is the "World's First" Duplo coaster.
  13. What everyone wonders; How many seasons does it take to change a lightbulb?
  14. On one hand, I’m soo glad to see Thorpe finally moving away from new horror attractions and the idea sounds quite interesting. On the other hand, have they learnt nothing from actor led attractions? Although it renews interest in Thorpe this year, it’s yet another short term investment. The IP thing doesn’t bother me really if it’s the right fit for the park. Disney and Universal have invested big money in IP attractions so it’s clearly an industry trend that gets people through the gates. A skeptical as I am, I really want it to work just so Merlin will finally add new long term rides the park needs.
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