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  1. Nice idea but shame it looks like trash. If it was up to the same standard Brewdog has commissioned in their bars, it would look pretty cool.
  2. A new ITV attraction at media city in Manchester (formerly the Lowry centre) Based on I’m a celebrity, it opens at the end of July. This looks set to be a bigger version of the indoor attraction that was at Thorpe. Set design from Scruffy dog. https://www.imacelebrityjunglechallenge.co.uk
  3. It can’t get much worse than that cheesy American dispatch audio. I see the new “Radio” style is inspired by Amity and livens up the area with music but has been done at the cost of losing the atmospheric background audio for the area. Not sure what to make of it myself until I visit again.
  4. Found this page by chance that does some great artwork; https://www.facebook.com/GCArtWork-110522680647626/
  5. In general, their own brand food sucks most the time. The best own brand places I’ve found are the fish and chip ones. They have different fryers and the chips are way better in my opinion. Shame Thorpe got rid of theirs.
  6. What about a Q-Bot style system for RAPs? Virtual queuing without having to rely on staff filling out the cards. There needs to be a better system. Says a lot when I hear from others about closing, the main queue suddenly starts moving faster. All these priority lines just make things worse.
  7. A valid point. I don’t see why they couldn’t charge for RAP passes even if it is a discounted rate just to deter the abuse of the product. This money can then go towards investment and maintenance of accessibility in the parks.
  8. In a way it does show how Merlin thinks The London Resort is now a credible threat and not just an investors wet dream. Now it’s got Merlins official attention, I hope it does go ahead for the sake of competition. Merlin are going to have to start planning some new coasters if they’re want to draw people away from a brand new theme park. Small walkthrough attractions and rebrands aren’t going to cut it.
  9. Crowds overwhelming Chessington this week. 🙄 https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/chessington-world-adventures-huge-queues-24265847?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=mirror_main&fbclid=IwAR0OXAscdt_LiMoz5JpwV5vch9jGBiuZ5e80Gjm374UubrK3Dqp8gT5wF0U
  10. On the Facebook MAP group - “My youngest has an allergy to water”
  11. Honestly it’s nice to see more live entertainment like the European parks have.
  12. An off-ride video of Stealth I’ve put together;
  13. Actually quite enjoyed Black Mirror today. Reminds me a lot like a modern funhouse. The layout changes which makes it very disorientating and the effects make it a great experience. I think it’s going to be a popular attraction even if it is a low budget addition.
  14. Going to go try it out tomorrow. Trying not to watch too many spoilers but I don't have high expectations either. Agree X would have been great for a Black Mirror re-theme.
  15. It’s looking like a mirror maze but maybe with footage of you unwittingly picking your nose in the queue? 😅
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