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  1. Stuntman707

    2018 General Discussion

    I never understood how the beach area at Thorpe works without changing rooms?
  2. Stuntman707

    Rumba Rapids

    I guess they’re still testing these new boat mods or are they running now?
  3. Alton Towers’ latest accommodation project for next year. Pods have already been sighted arriving on site. Current plans: Logo: There’s also a competition to win a stay next year: https://www.altontowers.com/stars/
  4. Stuntman707

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    Towers mentioned on Facebook they will be sharing new content on National rollercoaster day. And here we have the awesome video from the Rollercoaster Restaurant showcasing all the coasters past and present at Towers!
  5. Stuntman707

    Which past Thorpe ride do you miss the most

    I miss the Slammer.
  6. Stuntman707


    Ah I love the irony in that they claimed it is the world’s first “dedicated” rollercoaster with VR. About as much dedication as a celebrity marriage. Though they could possibly claim it is the world’s first rollercoaster to remove VR and use that statement as a “new for 2019” claim somehow.
  7. Stuntman707

    The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure

    That's good. Still consider it the best ride at Chessington currently.
  8. Stuntman707

    Merlin Entertainments

    I think they tried to do VR too early. The headsets are very low res. The hardware powering it is unreliable, not built for constant use. The technology is still very new and being developed. IMO, they should have hired a horror game developer rather than Figment to make the content. Also the transit system is just complete garbage. It e-stops if there’s a hair in the way of the sensors. My recent and likely last ride on it was embarrassing, the group I was with still point out how bad it was to me. One said the PS VR is much scarier in comparison. DBGT is still a great concept but it was very poorly executed. They chose the wrong suppliers at the wrong time to do it. They should have built a solid Mack coaster that year and then built DBGT when there’s the well established technology and 4K headsets to do it on a mass scale reliably.
  9. Stuntman707

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    New boats are being tested on the rapids. Credit to our friends at Towers Street again for the news / pictures. People are hopeful this will mean that the waterfalls and normal operations will come back. Even if it means putting danger of death signs in the new boats, I’d accept that to have the waterfalls back on!
  10. Stuntman707

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    Yeah, the earlier the better for FN. The park frequently reaches capacity after mid October.
  11. Stuntman707

    Best Food Outlets 2018

    Mine’s Amity Fish & Chips. The fryer they use is a traditional chippy style one which means it is the only outlet I’ve found that have decent crisp chips. Also the chicken is better than other Merlin outlets. Always good to go to the non-branded outlets if you have an annual pass. Pizza Pasta would be my second choice if you’re in a group.
  12. Stuntman707

    Best Food Outlets 2018

    A vote to decide the most popular food outlets at Thorpe Park in 2018 of TPM members. What’s your go to food outlet at Thorpe and why?
  13. Stuntman707

    Merlin Name Mania!

    Zufari - Ride into Africa Warehouse.
  14. Stuntman707

    Merlin Entertainments

    Ah yes, DBGT. The future of theme parks. Currently on it's arse and the experience upkeep abandoned after two seasons. Turns out VR is just another short term fad stuck on a now very expensive, purpose built attraction.
  15. Stuntman707

    Project Zero

    Bit of an anti climax. 😐 I don't think a mental health themed maze is the best idea either... 😕 Corpsewood is a bit of an obscure one too. American, demonic orgy maze?