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  1. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Yeah, it should be expected to be busy now over the summer holiday. I remember last summer, I didn't get on many rides at all. There's no point complaining it's not as quiet as it is off-peak. Also not that I disagree It's bad, but it's well known that the queue estimates are not reliable at all. It's better to see how big the crowd is before joining. If the back of the line is not far from the entrance, you know it's going to be a 2 hours+ wait.
  2. 1. Loggers Leap 2. Original Terror Tomb 3. Original Bubbleworks 4. X:\ No Way Out Dead rides I've been on but would have liked to go on again: 1. Knightmare (A Schwarzkopf with a 5G Psycho drop at Camelot) 2. Ripsaw 3. Back to the Future 4. Bone Shaker 5. Thunder Rock Rally Rita (TRRR!) 6. The Black Hole
  3. Park Music

    I believe that the speakers (and TVs) in the Nemesis Inferno queue line have been fixed too. The music didn't keep cutting off like it used to do.
  4. Thorpe Park Hotel

    It's Merlins only theme park in the UK without any hotel/accommodation investment this year. Every park should have at least one permanent hotel especially if Merlin insists on calling Thorpe Park a "Resort". It just feels like Thorpe is being left behind with investment this year especially when Towers and Legoland are both being given a new hotel and a new ride.
  5. Thorpe Park Hotel

    It feels like Thorpe is desperately overdue a hotel now. Alton Towers have just opened their fourth on site accommodation. Legoland has opened a brand new second hotel too. Even Chessington has two hotels and opened a new camp site this year. On that top map Mitchada posted, it's interesting to see that the land Where Thorpe Shark is and the island next to the Swarm are definitely areas which have been considered for new development and coasters. Also in the 2006 map the coaster that now became SAW winding around Loggers Leap.
  6. SAW: The Ride

    From the variety of opinions on here I'd say it's subjective how much people think the ride is rough. Just saying if I could have 9 back to back rides on any coaster in Thorpe, The Swarm would be my first choice. The comfiest restraints and the smoothest coaster!
  7. Lumber Jump

    I don't think anyone is complaining about Thorpe installing new kids rides. Every park needs a good mix of different flat rides and fillers. Its just the way it's been done on the cheap like a funfair, heck worse than that as even Brighton Pier managed to invest in a brand new rotating frog hopper. So since a funfair managed to build a better ride than Thorpe Park, then I'm afraid Thorpe rightly deserve a damn good mocking over it. It's not what people expect to see in a top UK Resort. Nor should we drop our expectations so low to the point we shouldn't moan and be glad that they installed literally 'any old s**t' in an almost abandoned area of the park just to boost the ride count. There's no excuses, Thorpe Park Resort should not be run like an unsuccessful funfair. If anyone thinks it's pointless to keep on moaning about a lack of theming at a theme park, then you're misunderstanding what a theme park should be about. When you can see what other places like Europa Park are capable of, it is frustrating to know that's possible and frankly insulting to imply people would still moan if Thorpe was anywhere near that standard of theming. I'm certain that Towers would not be doing TLC if it hadn't of been for forums like this moaning about years of neglect. I have always praised Thorpe when they do things right but I'm not going to defend them over this ride just because it boosts the ride count and they never do theming properly anyway. I hope this clears up the misunderstandings as to why most people on here aren't exactly being positive about this ride.
  8. Lumber Jump

    I disagree, people at least queue for I'm a Celebrity.
  9. SAW: The Ride

    I guess Thorpe can't be bothered to fix the blades yet, if at all. The day they fix the blades will be the day they jet wash Colossus. I was thinking that maybe Euro-Fighters were getting smoother with better rides I've had on the Smiler. Then I had a ride on the back row that was rough as hell which immediately undid that opinion. The vibrations were horrific. Gerstlauer Euro-Fighters are horrible. Didn't even consider going on Sore Saw the last two times I went to Thorpe.
  10. Lumber Jump

    This has to be the worst new attraction Thorpe has ever done. A half arsed re-theme of a used ride with a hut and fencing painted by someone colourblind. To top it off, a grand opening with no-one on it.
  11. 2017 Season General Discussion

    It looks like Thorpe is the 'official partner' for X Factor this year which suggests they will be financially backing the show. I wonder if we will see a new advertising campaign during the show or just comps for free park tickets? http://www.thorpepark.com/xfactor
  12. I will be going, booked my ticket.
  13. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Oh dear, I guess that's why there was a maze of barriers put up outside the entrance this week. The entrance needs rebuilding anyway, theres so many temporary fences and structures. The ticket booths are no longer used also.
  14. In celebration of my 100th post, here is a video of Peaj stuck on Battle Galleons soaking a kid.
  15. The Swarm

    I've made a montage of The Swarm from yesterday: