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  1. Stuntman707

    Park Operations

    I think Mack’s shelf flaps is the best bag system I’ve seen. It’s still a compromise. Sure it’s not as safe as a locker or bagroom but it’s easy to retrofit on the platform. Don’t need extra staff like the bagroom and not as much faff as either that or lockers. The shelves are locked when the train departs and only allow access to the same train when it’s back. In regards to turn around, a lot of it is down to the staff, how motivated, how well they work together and how many of them there are. Dragons Fury at Chessington was flying through the queues down to a 10min wait on Sunday. I think there were at least 5 staff members in there. One taking bags, two checking restraints, one counting guests and the operator.
  2. Stuntman707


    Vampire is still the most popular attraction at Chessington for sure. Ideally a retrack without planning permission & refurb would be the best option if possible. No doubt Arrow made it a solid ride. The supports alone are huge! Compare that to Fury where parts of the track wobble. My latest ride on it was noticeably rough as if one set of wheels were worn down. It was jerking forwards and backwards. Even then, Chessington can’t afford to lose Vampire.
  3. Stuntman707

    Project Zero

    It’s not great that social media started posting about it if it’s got nothing to do with them. Also it’s kind of embarrassing for them that it’s actually better than anything they’ve managed to do officially. Even as far as planting references to it around the park since 2016.
  4. Stuntman707

    Ride Accidents

    A coaster has derailed at a boardwalk in Florida. The cause of it has not been mentioned yet. https://news.sky.com/story/riders-fall-10m-from-derailed-roller-coaster-in-daytona-florida-11405234
  5. Stuntman707

    Project Zero

    Yeah I was going to say, this riddle / teaser marketing is way better Quality than anything Thorpe has ever managed. I'd be very impressed if it is them however!
  6. Stuntman707

    Project Zero

    Here's the full background picture. (Right click / view page info / media tab / background image) In light writing: '27' 'BiGto' '0?' In dark writing: 'LEGACY BEGiNS' 'P15'
  7. Stuntman707

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    It's all part of the development plan. Keep the queueline shop open for two years then sack the kid on minimum wage & turn it into a cupboard. Then after a few more years close the baggage hold reduce staff and make it another cupboard. Add open racking onto the other side of the station. Regarding the pre-show the host should thow out anyone caught touching cloth and send them the bill to repair it. 🙃
  8. Stuntman707

    Project Zero

    I deciphered the pigpen message: ”All that has been is not as it seem to ind the path Zou must follow be sure to look for what zou can count but this won’t help unless zou find the Kez.”
  9. Stuntman707

    Project Zero

    The binary is mobilefish but the last two numbers don't convert to text. I tried adding two ones in like the others but you get mobilefishmj. Could be an acronym perhaps? Also just a warning, don't put binary in the search bar on Youtube. You get some seriously f***ed up ****! 😨 I never knew such a dark side of Youtube existed until just now. Mono-colour videos and demons and ****.
  10. Stuntman707

    Project Zero

    Why does it keep refering to the Corpsewood Murders?
  11. Stuntman707

    Project Zero

    I got some stills from the video Pigpen cipher!
  12. Stuntman707

    Project Zero

    I'm intriguged, this was dormant for ages and lost interest. Suddenly new cryptic video, done very well too. I like a good mystery! Has anyone figured out the password yet? Password is a minimum of 6 characters.
  13. Stuntman707

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Ugh, this is why we can’t have nice things in the UK. Anything within reach and people will touch it, draw on it and break it. I hate people who have to ruin things for everyone else. And the litter people leave behind disgusts me. Just wanted to rant! 😤
  14. Stuntman707

    Europa Park

    We noticed at Europa, the railway crossings are all open. They expect people to use their eyes and ears to not be hit by a train as opposed to treating people like idiots with barriers.
  15. Stuntman707

    The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    That's good, it still seems to be evolving as an attraction. Are there any other updates or tweaks?