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  1. Stuntman707

    Nearby Development

    I just think they're covering themselves though by being able to say "We objected" if new residents do move in next door and complain about noise.
  2. Stuntman707

    Nearby Development

    So this article came up about Thorpe objecting to a nearby retirement development because the new residents would complain about the noise. I guess they are objecting to this to cover themselves legally in the future if this development went ahead? It could well interfere with Thorpes future development plans.
  3. Stuntman707

    The Next Big Thing

    Thorpe don't know who they are targeting, what direction to take the park in and has pretty much been abandoned for major new investments from Merlin after DBGT.
  4. Stuntman707

    Premium season passes

    The digipass makes it a pretty good offer.
  5. Stuntman707

    TPM TP Opening Weekend Meet - Sat 30th March

    I'm there. Wouldn't mind a bit of TGI's after.
  6. Stuntman707

    2019 Season

    I think they were offending the enthusiasts too much so this post is to offend everyone else. Good job Thorpe, bravo. 🙄 👏🤦‍♂️
  7. Stuntman707

    2019 Season

    Not for lols?
  8. Stop wasting money on it and knock down the whole ride. Then put a real ghost train in the building.
  9. Stuntman707

    2019 Season

    Well the current social media is really trying to p off their followers. Basically saying, yeah we know what we're bad at but we're going to mess with you anyway just for lols rather than tell you what the improvements are.
  10. Stuntman707

    TPM Guildford Meet Feb 19

    I'll be at the meal. Also just to be aware, travellers have set up camp in the spectrum carpark this week. https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/travellers-move-guildford-spectrum-car-15746063 They have left the Spectrum now.
  11. Stuntman707

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    The Dr Archibald was another VR ride that felt like more of a demo. Not worth £9 a go. The best parts of it were actually the real world theming in the queue and the exit tunnel. To me its conclusive that no matter how good VR may be, it does not beat the immersion of real world, old fashioned theming, animatonics, smoke, lighting, sound effects & UV.
  12. Stuntman707

    2019 Season

    Yeah, there's not really much of a marketing campaign for Thorpe yet like Chessington and Towers. I have a feeling that Thorpe is going to focus on it's anniversary in a big way. Maybe have more throwback type stuff. They're certaintly targeting us as enthusiasts this year with the maintenance videos and old references. That's the problem with Thorpe though, it has an identity crisis.
  13. Stuntman707

    2019 Season

    This sounds great, the best parks in Europe have roaming actors. I just hope Thorpe can make it work for the whole season.
  14. Stuntman707

    The Alton Towers Dungeons - New for 2019

    It's a bit of a slap in the face to Premium MAP holders. Making their second biggest customers pay extra for the privilege. That's power towers.
  15. 16 hours maintenance a day is ridiculous. Now we know why it always opens later.