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  1. Yay date's confirmed, I'll prebook my ticket now!
  2. As always, me and Mer will be going to the Fright Nights passholders preview night. If anyone was able to get tickets this year and is going, feel free to join us.
  3. Yes, I will definitely be there! Especially as it's going to be dead inside.
  4. Favourite Coaster Drops

    My all time favourite is unfortunately on an SBNO Schwarzkopf ride, Knightmare. It had an element known as a "Psycho Drop" which I think is unique to this ride because of the manufacturers track section. The track basically consists of a large tube with rails central on either side rather than the common layout of being higher than the middle. It has a similar track to Olympia Looping. This means the rails can pivot around the centre which can't be done with a normal track. So the Psycho Drop was a near vertical drop which progressively twisted and turned at the same time towards the bottom reaching an almost 5G-Force. It's hard to explain so here's a POV. It has other quirks which make it one of my all time favourites too!
  5. SW8

    Well I disagree, it would have been very good to have seen the Mutiny Bay area expand with a proper ride on the map. Yes, pirate themes can be generic but what would have made it good is if it was designed well with fun features and atmosphere.
  6. SW8

    I admit I'm a bit disappointed it's not pirate themed. I am hopeful that Merlin won't repeat the same mistakes with theming of other rides though. A good experience and theme could be critical on whether the ride is a success or a failure. Right now, I'm more excited about Icon, the double launch coaster at Blackpool as I've never been on a full size Mack coaster before. It's great to finally see a new Mack Ride being built in the UK too.
  7. Park Operations

    No doubt it looks terrible as the entrance to the park. Having to go into a porta-building to buy tickets is also bad. I don't mind as they had to put in something for this season. I just hope that because it's literally gazebos, that they are planning something more permanent. Although knowing Merlin, they will most likely just keep the festival barriers and gazebos in place indefinitely.
  8. Park Operations

    It's a pain but totally justified after recent events to have a very semi-permanent looking bag search in place. It is much better than the system last year located after the gates. As I've said before, Thorpe need a new entrance plaza that would be much more fit for purpose with a permanent building for tickets, security and turnstiles.
  9. SW8

    I still think that it's going to have some kind of launched lift hill, probably LIM. Even a split lift, It's odd how it changes gradient and it's mostly a very gentle slope. Dollywood has the world's first launched woodie so if it is launched, Towers still have little option but to call it a World Class ride. Also some have mentioned by the very steep banking that it's definitely going to have some speed which I reckon a launch would assist with.
  10. SAW: The Ride

    I don't really mind how small the estimate is, anything that just makes it more accurate and a system which is updated in real time would be all I would care for.
  11. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Great, just sell fastrack to everyone, because that will make the queues shorter!
  12. Thorpe Ticket Kiosks

    All tickets and discounts are sold through the Annual Pass building. Advance collections are the windows to the right of the entrance turnstiles. The kiosks are only used for security.
  13. Colossus

    That train is such a terrible design. Have to scramble in head first, the restraints are typical Intamin stiff as hell. The whole track is abandoned and dirty. For goodness sake, Europa Parks rides are kept looking brand new. I still ride it though, because (In my opinion!) it's still smoother than a Gerstlauer Eurofighter / Sore Saw. I don't know how Gerst managed to make such horrible track sections. Back on topic, despite some serious issues with Colossus, I still really enjoy Intamin's rides. Whether it is their own developed technology such as the hydraulic launch, the free fall track section or simply just a good old fun rollercoaster like Colossus.
  14. Fright Nights 2017

    I have to say last year, Big Top was without a doubt my favourite maze. I hope they have something as good as that this year at least. Had me in so many different states; mystery, excitement, disorientation, fear, and fun. Platform 15 on the other hand, was way too much suspense with the only real scare at the end of a very long trek around the old railway. I'm hoping for some better zombie themed mazes with more thrills and less suspense. I wonder if we will see any other Universal / Comcast IP themes too? I'd really like to see Thorpe have a Resident Evil theme too at some point.