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    Japanese, theatre, theme parks, baking, video games, technology, fashion, food, snowboarding, Alfie my dog, YouTube (psychosoprano), chocolate

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    Most dark rides, particularly Dreamflight, Fata Morgana, Symbolica, Villa Volta, Bird Rok, Space Mountain and Tower of Terror.
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  1. terrortomb

    TPM Blackpool Weekend 20th - 22nd July 18

    Sadly I don’t think I can make this trip, but it looks epic!!
  2. terrortomb

    TPM Chessington/THORPE PARK Meet 2018

    I’ll definately be there for the Chessington part! 😊 I’m still thinking about the Thorpe part
  3. terrortomb

    Disneyland Paris

    Is it just me who remembers the little exit walkthrough after It’s A Small World? It seems to have been demolished in the last 10 years, but I remember it always felt quite iconic as you walked round the little houses and buildings with screens inside that showed little videos. You had to go through it to exit the ride so it couldn’t be missed, and it left an extra sprinkle of magic to the experience (the large Hogwarts model in WBST London actually still reminds me of this scenic walkthrough). I’m not mortified that it’s gone but I don’t think it’s been replaced with anything else... last time I rode, the exit was just another outdoor pathway with railings. What ever became of it (why was it removed)? And what stands in its place now?
  4. terrortomb

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Maybe it could become a new mascot? Steel Beam the 'fun' fence... a world's first!
  5. terrortomb

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Old silver fencing from Thorpe Park’s entrance gate: hopefully temporary (like it’s functioned to be).
  6. terrortomb

    The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure

    Lol, how does a Gruffalow “groove”?! In any case, it sounds definately aimed for kids and I can imagine a lot of dancing around and audience participation... come on TPM!!
  7. terrortomb


    They're changing the music?! Wow, I didn't see that coming... I actually liked the soundtrack and thought it fit in really well with the ride experience. I'll be sad to see it go as I love this classic dark ride. Please Merlin, please make your little old Duel good!! If it's anything to match the Gruffalow's success (the soundtrack which reminds me of Amelie!), I will be pleasantly satisfied.
  8. terrortomb

    Black Hole soundtrack

    I must have heard the Black Hole music when I was about 8 years old because listening to it brings fond, nostalgic memories of visiting AT around the time Tussauds was in its prime. The strange thing is, I never actually rode the Black Hole... I thought my Dad was incredibly brave as he went to try this mysterious ride that I was too small (and scared) to ride!! Did the music ever play outside the entrance or in other areas of the park at the time? In any case, with the likes of Terror Tomb, Bubbleworks, Vampire, Nemesis, and The Haunted house, etc, the soundtracks of the UK parks mystified me as a kid and all the songs had a similar kind of "sound". That could be one reason why I began to (and still do) love theme parks so much <3
  9. terrortomb

    TPM Thorpe Park Meet Saturday 24th March 2018

    Thanks Ryan, put me down as a yes! And looking forward to the meal too 😊
  10. terrortomb

    TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    I’m very tempted to be so fashionable and wear wellies to this meet..... otherwise it’s going to be muddy/wet feet galore at WW! Prepared, not scared lol
  11. terrortomb

    TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    Put me down as a yes! I’m holding out for TGI’s lol, it will be great seeing everyone again!
  12. terrortomb

    TPM Christmas Meet Planning

    I haven’t been to the Merlin London attractions since the TPM Christmas meet last year. I’d be up for going to those, although with my budgets (for saving to move out) I’m not sure about Winter Wonderland personally. Although it’s free entry right?
  13. Put me down as a yes please and I'm 99% sure Creek can come too Can't wait to see TPM again sooon!
  14. terrortomb


    I can't wait to meet O.J. Punctuel I'm so excited to be on this ride in just over 2 weeks!! I'm also interested to see how/whether different paths of the vehicles emerge the more times you go on it.
  15. terrortomb

    TPM Legoland Meet - Saturday 27th May 2017

    Is there any word of a meal after the park?