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Genuinely thought we had a Vekoma thread somewhere, but clearly not.. But it's fine, we need one...


During this week's IAAPA, Vekoma are revealing 4 new generations of some of their coasters. Flying coaster is one of them (see Phantasialand), another one is the upgraded version of their SLC...




Called the Suspended Thrill Coaster (STC), the new off-the-shelf model features two inversions and a significantly different layout.


The last "new" SLC is set to open in China sometime over the next year or so I believe. After that, the STC takes over as the only off-the-shelf suspended model Vekoma will sell.


Given that Mayan (SLC at Energylandia built a couple of years back) is generally considered not-horrendous by most, and the good quality attractions Vekoma have been building lately, it's fair to assume this should provide a much smoother ride experience, as well as a fun, cheaper, option for many parks.

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