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On 2/6/2020 at 6:54 PM, JoshuaA said:

Even just the parks alone are literally the most attended and profitable parks on the earth. I'm sure one park going under for a month or two won't hurt too much in the long run, Disney literally own the monoply board when it comes to attendance and profit. Like the nearest chain is Merlin, which really wouldn't even be relevant if it wasn't for the Legolands..



Gosh its weird looking back at this post knowing that all Disney resorts have been closed for at least a month and only Shanghai has any chance of opening before the end of May. It really shows the damage of the pandemic.


I was doing a bit of coaster research and I found two B&M's that were built in 2015 and are still yet to open. The park is Hot Go Dreamworld and the wing rider and hyper just sit there abandoned.





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