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Island Ultimate Fastrack



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12 hours ago, swaggyalfiee said:

what rides can I ride with Island Unlimited Fastrack



Hello. Have a a look on Thorpe Parks website for exact details on the packages.if you are just wanting to make sure you get on everything I'd say you don't need it as you can normally always get on everything once even on a busy day. If you are anticipating multiple rerides on everything then I'd say get it. https://www.thorpepark.com/tickets-passes/extras/fastrack/

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9 hours ago, swaggyalfiee said:

With the island unlimited fastrack can I use it for the walking dead ride



This is what is said when you go through to buy it online:



Get the ultimate adrenaline kick and beat the queues with unlimited Fastrack rides all day long on all our biggest and best rides.

Fastrack is available on the following rides: THE SWARM, SAW: The Ride, Stealth, Colossus, Nemesis Inferno, Flying Fish, Detonator: Bombs Away, King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems, ANGRY BIRDS 4D Experience, Storm Surge, Rumba Rapids, Tidal Wave, Samurai, Vortex, Rush, Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride, Quantum and Zodiac.


So it doesn't list Walking Dead The Ride. But I think that could be an outdated list and Walking Dead might be included now.

Your best bet would be to ask the park directly for confirmation

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