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Europa, again

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I know it’s been a silly amount of time since I started this, let's wrap it up. The wait has been because sadly my old laptop has died, taking my photos with it until I work out how to rescue them, so shiny new laptop is good for me and means I can finally write this, but a text only end to this is less good for you, dear reader...


My only other experience of a Mack spinner is Sierra Sidewinder at Knotts, which is such a pathetic sucky excuse for coaster I wasn't expecting anything from Euro Mir, but it's ace! The lifthill of forever gives some good fun rave times, the first half of the coaster section with the slow spinning I found strangely unnerving because of the height and feeling of hanging over the edge of the track, and the second half so unexpectedly intense it shocked me. I love spinners in general, and this is one of the best. 9/10.


The other big old coaster I was less of a fan of, it's just so uncomfortable in there. Euro Sat I can only assume is themed to replicate the inside of an oven, the slow climb steadily reaching into hotter and hotter air until just when I thought I could take it no more it slams you through its manoeuvres relentlessly until it smashes to an end on brakes, which feel like a lump of concrete has been left on the tracks. I don't know at what temperature steel melts, but I was fully expecting the track to fold away from underneath me like plasticine at any moment. I can appreciate the craziness, but it's just a little too chaotic for me. 7/10


Then we come to the two newest coasters at the back of the park in Blue Fire and Woodan, and they both blew me away. Woodan is rough enough to know it's wood, smooth enough to be enjoyable for everyone. It flies though the course throwing little nuggets of airtime at you over and over, doing nothing too extreme to offend, but never being dull for a moment. It is perfectly executed from the first step into the queueline until it slides back into the station. Except maybe that adverse camber turn into the lifthill - that freaked me the hell out. Blue Fire I'd probably rate as the best in the park. My first Mack launch, and they clearly should be everywhere. The launch smooth and powerful with the train seeming to crackle down the track and the layout fantastic; probably the best series of inversions on any coaster anywhere, especially the last one where the train seems to disappear from beneath you mid inversion. And it's all made so enjoyable by the comfort and freedom of the restraints. Both a solid 10/10.


The place is so huge I could write for pages and pages (I know, I already have!), even on just the outstanding bits, which are many. But I won’t, so just to cover a few bits which stand out in my memory…

- Arthur (or '**** ***** *****, the ride' as we called it owing to the slightly lively lyrics for a children's ride) is an odd one. We really enjoyed it and the theming is well done, but as an advert for the ride from Mack it seems to be a bit of a shocker with loads of downtime, seats out of action all over the place and a locker room of faff which just does not work. The queue was always slow, long, hot and tiresome, which obviously stands out a mile in a park so obsessed with efficiency. It’s decent enough when you’re on it though. They’ve also taken the two best kiddie rides from Holiday Park with the drop towers and bouncy roundabout thing, which is a nice support selection.

- Pirates of Somewhere other than the Caribbean was a blast, really well done, and the second visit to the Wicked Witches clamshells of my youth were vastly superior to the previous encounter on this trip, even if a hanging is a bit strong! Other than that though I think the other dark rides slightly let the park down, with the already mentioned Cassandra, the dinosaur ride being dull and tired, the shooter very forgettable, and the Bench Christmas thing sitting uncomfortably close to embarrassing even if it does just about manage a little hint of charming.

- You can really see and feel the quality in the upkeep and theming of Europa on rides with direct UK comparisons; the teacups glide fast and effortlessly, the pirate ship looks like it was built yesterday, the seastorm boats in a room of effects. It’s all like new.


- The rest of everything is pretty much all fantastic; I'm particularly fond of a bobsled and this ones great, the logflume/coaster diamond mine interaction, unexpected things to stumble upon like the crown jewels thing, the food being so authentic to the areas, food loop, beer everywhere, stunning extravagant shows, happy enthusiastic staff, wonderful hotel facilities open to all. I could go on for ever more.


Everyone said 2 days wouldn't be enough. They were right. I'm not sure two weeks would be enough, I don't think I could ever get enough. Nowhere is without its faults, but Europa has instantly become my favorite theme park in the world. I feel like I've visited at the right time too; the two newest coasters really round off a hell of a collection, and unfortunately I'm not particularly interested in project V. So for now I've had my fix. As we sat with our cocktails under the dancing fountains of Bell Rock on our last night we decided that we most certainly will be back...


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TLDR - The message is Go to Europa Park!




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Recommended Comments

The thing I love about Europa is not only is it always thriving to improve but the whole park is generally tidy and well kept. No areas looking worn or grotty snd in need of desperate repair. So many parks could take a leaf out of Europa's book.


Agree on Wodan and Blue Fire. Both are amazing rides in their own ways and whilst I slightly prefer Wodan, the latter makes me very excited for Blackpool getting one.


Eurosat is an interesting one, as I didn't like it on my first ride but found my second round considerably better as I sat nearer the front. Rumour has it the ride is getting retracted in the future, so one can hope.


Geisterschloss and Batavia are definitely charming attractions and the better dark rides there, the latter very reminiscent to Phantom Phantasia. Dinosaur is certainly one of the weaker dark attractions there, but I don't mind bench as I find it quite hilarious. 


Europa is certainly a park you could spend days visiting and not get tired of the place for sure. Project V may not be as exciting or ground breaking as other recent  developments, but I'm sure will compliment the lineup nicely. 


Haven't stayed in the park hotels so can't comment unfortunately. Are they cheap and easy to book?

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So glad that you've finished this trip report Pluk. I don't know anyone that goes to Europa Park and doesn't fall in love with the place. My partner and I visit every two years and never fail to have a great time. I'm not sure if you mentioned if you stayed in any of the hotels, if not I'd recommend staying at any of them. Bell Rock is probably the least interesting to me, but even that is of supreme quality for a theme park hotel. 


SO looking forward to my visit in May :wub:

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I couldn't really justify the hotel cost when compared to the guesthouses which are so convenient and cheap, did love what I saw of them though. The bars and restaurants that we tried in the hotels were all lovely, I certainly will consider them when I return if I'm feeling flush, but as I seemed to be able to use all the facilities as an outsider I'd happily go back on the cheap again!





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Me and David are going in July can't wait we staying off site quite cheap looking forwards to seeing europe's best theme park.

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