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  1. Hello everyone just wanted to let you all know on 21st/22nd March 2017 you can book stays throughtout 2017 for 50% off at https://www.altontowers.com/holidayclub50march/ with Promo Code : MAP50.
  2. Me and my brother defo 100% down for Pizza Hut.
  3. Sorry I can't come Europa Park is partly booked up but hope you all have fun.
  4. I will be 100% confirmed coming don't know about what time I will be there whenever I get out of my bed at Travelodge in Staines as doing Thorpe day before as well Me and my brother will be attending pizza hut then going afterwards as got Chessie the next day.
  5. Daniel.S312

    Europa, again

    Me and David are going in July can't wait we staying off site quite cheap looking forwards to seeing europe's best theme park.
  6. Has vote closed yet? looks like Saturday 25th March won yes I will be 100% coming now booking train tickets soon.
  7. Would like to see new trains with lapbars may make it smoother too.
  8. I got to love Helix soundtrack from Imascore pure Ima magic
  9. Any chance of a vote for Thorpe Park Opening Meet? Train tickets are cheaper up to 12 weeks in advance also gives people time to book time off work Also as many of you are aware down south Southern are constantly striking,
  10. I am glad to see helix best international coaster
  11. Here is me hoping the end of the day theme comes back really have missed it.
  12. Has to be helix for me not only it's a good ride it also has a lovely soundtrack.
  13. Visited there the weekend such a nice park and helix is the best coaster I have been on trip report coming soon.
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