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    No, it doesn't 'deaperately' need a retheme. Judging by your posts, X may well be older than yourselves, henceforth why a retheming it is an utterly pointless task. Nothing needs 'drastic' developing. Whats the point in spending thousands, even millions developing a ride you might not even have in the near future? Especially when the majority of people visiting the park are aware of it's age. It's a reminder of Thorpe Park's past, that's what makes it so special.
  2. Marc's a wild ride.

  3. iCharlie


    I disagree, X's rustic charm is what makes it special. If I'm honest, a re-theme will be a complete waste of time and money best invested elsewhere.

  5. summer 2009 I believe, miss it a little.

  6. tell me about it, I haven't visited the park in quite a while either

  7. pshh how can I not!

  8. Well, it's been a while hasn't it?For those of you that don't know me, I'm Charlie and have been visiting the park since the early 90s.
  9. Hello thereeeeeee!

  10. iCharlie


    Not been on this website in so longg, what've I missed?
  11. I'd agree with you that it is overpriced. However with the use of an annual pass, you're paying the price it should be anyway. I happen to think the Merlin merchandise is really good, my nemesis mug is still going strong!
  12. iCharlie


    The setting will most likely return to its shorter span in the summer to increase throughput.
  13. Whats the point in this topic? Its not even classed as a question as there is concrete evidence anyway..
  14. People that can't spell annoy me too.
  15. Much like last year, I am unable to attend due to Skiing commitments.
  16. iCharlie


    Six Inches? christ.
  17. iCharlie


    "An improvement to "Show Desktop" which used to sit on the Quick Launch bar. There is now a small tab to the right hand side of your clock, when you hover over this it quickly turns all your open Windows into "Transparent Glass" to give you a peek at your desktop, when you move your mouse from the tab, your windows will re-appear as they were. Clicking on the tab will take you directly to your desktop allowing you to make changes etc where needed!"Holy ****, éxpose!
  18. iCharlie


    argh, money on macbook or clothes.my two favorite things collide in this major decision.
  19. The SAW theme has some heavy bass, Bose cannons anyone?
  20. iCharlie


    Lets not, I can assure you that my PS3 has more gaming power than a PC. With eight cores in my PS3, it's much more intelligent than your personal computer.
  21. iCharlie


    Alternatively, I could always turn on my games console.
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