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  2. Alex

    That's what she said.

  3. yarr, it's crappp. Gah! I'm alright thankies =)

  4. SUP!

    How are ya? xx

  5. Alex

    Aw noes, poor Jadeh has no comments! Heyaa! xx

  6. Alex

    Chrissy, look what you've gone and done to Joe's profile page, it's all wonky now! Gawd!

    And hey Joe! :)

  7. Chrissy Chrissy Chrissy! We need a chat, you keep texting me while I'm asleaps! xx

  8. I'm good thanks! How are you?

  9. Alex

    I'm online now! *Runs*


  10. Alex

    Lol, you're a man :) xx

  11. Alex

    Babe, you are spamming a little, don't make me warn you! :P xxx

  12. Ohhmahgawd! You called me a Fanboy, how RUDE!


    :P xx

  13. Alex

    Perhaps you should find a better time to count what's in your crisps then dear :P xx

  14. Alex

    The bitch! Lets hunt her down, and I dunno, do something! :-P xxx

  15. Alex

    Emo?! Screw you! ;-)

  16. Big awwage! I am well thankies, and thankoo for the well dones! :D xxx

  17. Alex

    Little goblin thingy?! What you on about! :P xx

  18. Alex

    Yo yo yo brap etc. =] xxx

  19. Alex

    Bitch, PLEASE!

  20. Alex

    M m m m m Mark! =]

  21. Alex

    Hello Joe, I didn't get a chance to say goodnight, so have yourself a pretty comment! =] xx

  22. Alex

    And I like to recieve random comments, here is one for you! =]

  23. Yay, comment for Mikey the wonderful! =]

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