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  1. ThemeParkLover

    Closed Season

    What was that at the end about a horse on the site of the old Thorpe farm?
  2. ThemeParkLover

    Tidal Wave

    Yes, the flood effects are great...really adds to the queue
  3. ThemeParkLover

    The 2016 Thread

    Didn't think about that....they were just showing what would be done anyway.
  4. ThemeParkLover


    My last ride on stealth loads of the GP were concerned about the smoke
  5. ThemeParkLover

    Park Music

    Love what they did with big top...incredible soundtrack!!
  6. ThemeParkLover

    The 2016 Thread

    I think Merlin definitely care...look at towers, the TLC thing worked really well. I think Thorpe should do the same
  7. ThemeParkLover

    Closed Season

    Never realised....what a shame
  8. ThemeParkLover

    Thorpe Park Ride Game 2016

    Nemesis Inferno (5)Rocky Express (3)Rumba Rapids (6)The Swarm (6)Tidal Wave (5) -1 Rocky Express +1 Nemesis Inferno
  9. ThemeParkLover

    Park Music

    Wow...haven't heard it in so long, why would they top using it?
  10. ThemeParkLover

    Logger's Leap

    Exactly,Merlin are trying to expand a ride that was awful in the first place because it didn't make enough money.maybe if it opened on time or opened at all they would get more money. They should be fixing technical glitches and polishing the experience not trying to do another major revamp to try to pull in more money.
  11. ThemeParkLover

    Closed Season

    Every time you go on Rumba you hope it's the time you'll get wet and you never do...
  12. ThemeParkLover

    Tidal Wave

    Will the fire effects be fixed this closed season?? I guess no.
  13. ThemeParkLover

    Closed Season

    The shower......I got to experience it once and now on every ride I'm excited, hoping for the best and every time it's still broken. This needs to be fixed it makes the ride so much better.
  14. ThemeParkLover

    How Far To TP From Your Home?

    40 mins to an hour normally...3 hours in M25 traffic
  15. ThemeParkLover

    Closed Season

    Could we finally get a Rumba Rapids clean up??.....It's been starting to look dismal for a few years now.