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    New trains are possible but would be of the original design. since due to the width of the track as has been said before leg room cant be increased. and to be honest if you put lap bars in you prob make the head banging worse as your head could then travel more than a few inches side to side. Also 3 new trains. impractical not just for cost of buying them but, theirs only undercover workshop space for 1 train. and block sections wouldn't allow them to be swapped around. only reason Stealth has 3 is due to the increased maintenance cost of the track and hydraulics
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    Closed Season

    Personally with the trees shown in the video, its taken from the area next to the hotel (thorpe land so theoretically cant be built on, though what would be worth to build there is another matter) but with the shot before it showing swarm and almost inferring the rider turning into it. it might be suggesting something being built on treasure island finally which apart from the hotel site is the last "green field" site on the park. though from what I heard the issue with that island is soil (which is why the last 2 coasters where built on reclaimed land not that area) still be interesting if something was built there
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    Stealths third train is for maintenance, due to the intense complexity of the ride, its impractical to overhaul/check/maintain the track, launch system, electronics and 2 trains. so to ease the burden on the staff the third train is overhauled during the open season in slow time, this means they only need to do one train in closed season as well as the rest of the ride.
  4. I would take big top and blair witch over big top and sanctum Still issue with blair witch apart from the issues with the maze is the logistical issues mainly if treasure island railway creepy edition and blair witch are both put in they would be sharing the same starting area. so a rework of the stair of blair would be needed minimum
  5. Personally I be very surprised if Sanctum returned for a second year. Its construction of containers means it was completely removed and felt to me like a temporary maze rather than a maze used for several years. The location is also didn't handle rain as shown during the last year. Also to get to it required putting it in the backstage which not sure if could be handled well operationally Still could be surprised but it felt like a maze that wouldn't return again Still Platform 15 would prob have a few tweaks I be surprised if you get any more major changes (like a house being plonked in a railway trackbed) maybe they improve the tunnel more. not sure how, you cant make it shorter or wider due to it passing through a "ride area" of saw still we have to see what happens
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    XScream Escapes

    well personally this does look like a horror maze. but it looks interesting getting huge vibes from the minds wanted site, similar sort of marketing. as for content honestly looks like the asylum esk. with references to bedlam and medical and physiological experiments and so many little details. But a very well made video with a website that produces questions. it has peaked my interest
  7. fair swear I saw a outline, but prob shows how good a illusion is with 3 lights on a stick. (2 white head lamps and a yellow destination text not in service) yeah its a great effect shame it broke as ironically it was one of the best parts of the ride in its original form (complete with actors of staff struggling with each other and running out the way at the last moment)
  8. if it was lights on a stick, it had the outline of a tube train front and quite a few lights (head lights and a not in service destination board indipendant from each other) you look back at the old pov and it was more than 2 lights on a stick that rotated round the corner. the stick had a fake train front on it. feel like I never going to win this but that affect wasnt just 2 lights on a stick moving. otherwise if that was "the most complex effect in the atraction and couldnt be fixed in buget" I'm worried. still this could go back and forth. look back at old pov you had a whole train front that looks earlierly similar to whats in the same place now
  9. the train is still there. its just stationary. the WD final seen looks to be a new installation. The train crash in DBGT was never lights on a stick. it was a entire train front which swung out and back similar to the ones that are stationary around the area. the weight I'm assuming was one of the reasons for its unreliability due to its speed for the effect to work
  10. also if I'm correct the train scene with the train swinging out to you is a full train front not just lights on bars (the whole front is there) the weight is one of the reasons it has issues. its a shame the effect dosnt work. but tbf when it didnt work the ride was alot less. Still miss the original about to evacuate down the tunnel then a constuction worker wressling with the LU staff before both throwing themselfs out the way just before the train swung in was a highlight of the ride. but if it didnt work the middle scene would fall a bit flat is there any pictures of the moving train with some light? so it can be proved one and for all if its lights on a stick or not?
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    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    sight off topic but slammer is still running in that advert XD but opening this saturday, be intreasting whats changed advert looks like the block sections are back and theming been put in it
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    2018 General Discussion

    I would say unlikely the track is gone (I assume scrapped) due to the amount of time the trains have been standing they need some work to get going again the ride area is used for platform and last year they built a house on it (fairly normal for railway track beds) plus they put lumber jump on the track and that would of required a concrete pad to be poured. sad to say but CRR is in the same situation as TIR, a thing of the past with a few bits still on site in back areas There was a picture a while back of Colossus trains having new transfers put on the front car (the name at the front) though by a little birdy telling things. if its refering to slammer, unlikely but possible, the ride is very old and parts are scarse (all S&S sky swat part production in the world goes to that ride ) if its refering to loggers. I wait until we have some solid proof. I know its been talked about so much for the ride to get a overhaul (to a point its hard to seperate fact from fiction) but I wait untill we see logs falling over the drop again. though the birdys are really refering to fish is getting its shrubbery back and being marketed as a "high thrill head chopper coaster"
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    2018 General Discussion

    Rush is prob becasue there doing a full refurb and repaint. the latter prob why it wont be open. with quantum and rocky the way the small rides are refurbed is that there not all done at once due to amount of manpower. for what ever reason the refurbishments must of been last in the refurbishment and at some point its taken longer than expected could be parts on one of the rides or them helping out with X if needed. still waiting for the entusiasts who says the day is runined cause they cant ride rocky on the first day. Still the thing you should congratulate is the fact they did DBGT refurbishment in the time. from what I can tell its quite a big job (one of the reasons it opens at 12 every day its open) plus hopefuly alows for the effects to stay working
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    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    I say pretty guaranteed the block sections are back on the coaster track maybe even the shuttling up and down the sections. since the promo art shows the train with its "brakes" throwing sparks as it grinds to a halt. who knows maybe they will make the pyramid pitch black but enclose the block sections with theming (a hospital ward or somthing) with curtains similar to the entrance and exit of the ride vehicle. new trains (if the promo is acurrate) would be good the lights on the front would make a good effect in the pitch black and they have a more boxy design which fits the escape vehicle aesthetic and also allow people to fit better I remember when riding X being tall my legs would hit the front and curve inwards as the front of the car would move into a rounded point
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    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    nah "X marks the spot" There bringing back the Treasure island railway They got the island still, got the loco, give children a black spot and take the train to find treasure just need to move timber tug and lumber jump and u can use the station again A actor driven train ride with special effects and high operating costs on a unusual rail based ride system made by Severn lamb or Alan keef will work great I mean its not like they did that 2 years ago in a warehouse ;p cause thats the only think X can mean ;p seriously though its good word play