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  1. Well that's not the best, now they have to call in the emergency crane crew that is ready for if the ride got stuck. you have to lift a platform to fix that, but all it needs is a little push
  2. Also the 4 locomotives (one from treasure island days) and carriages are probably not in good shape now. They been left in a shed which kept the rain off but not climate controlled or anything, also if they left fluids in the engines it might not be good now due to lack of running and maintenance. I think the last engine that ran was the treasure island engine pushing the platform 15 stuff into place before the rest of the track was ripped up. Thorpe did try to sell the engines but got no buyer (either due to condition or price is unknown), so sadly apart from some of the rails and maybe the coaches, pretty much everything else would need to be replaced. Let alone theres nowhere the track can go now.
  3. The reality is that photo is photo shopped, since from that angle you would in real life be able to see the illusion techniques (mirrors) and the ride mechanism from there
  4. It is sorted? What I was mentioning is its quite a major (and expensive) part of the ride system yet same with the transfer tracks its a effect thats too well hidden/ subtle for it to be noticed by most riders
  5. 1729


    Repeating the same request over and over wont make it happen. The ride isn't going to be re-tracked any time soon, plus due to design differences of first and second generation Intamin 10 looping coasters, it means custom track and trains would likely be needed for the ride if major parts like that are replaced.
  6. Interesting to see as its a rare shot of the entire train vehicle, but also where its showing is the 2nd vr section. Notice how the entire track section has raised and tilts several degrees, a effect that happens every ride but is probably missed by many
  7. So this is how the Ghost Train ends, not with a Screaming Roar. but with a Cough
  8. 1729

    2019 Season

    If I'm correct with the way those scenes are set up
  9. If I remember correctly you where never supposed to see people coming off the ride (which is why you have the "talk" about the coach hanging by chains in another room, issue is the ride already took too long to load and unload and this made it worse. So it rarely if at all happened. Issue with unloading the other side is thats where the maintenance shed is. And in response to what the other ending was, it was revealed at one point unintentionally
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    New trains are possible but would be of the original design. since due to the width of the track as has been said before leg room cant be increased. and to be honest if you put lap bars in you prob make the head banging worse as your head could then travel more than a few inches side to side. Also 3 new trains. impractical not just for cost of buying them but, theirs only undercover workshop space for 1 train. and block sections wouldn't allow them to be swapped around. only reason Stealth has 3 is due to the increased maintenance cost of the track and hydraulics
  11. Personally with the trees shown in the video, its taken from the area next to the hotel (thorpe land so theoretically cant be built on, though what would be worth to build there is another matter) but with the shot before it showing swarm and almost inferring the rider turning into it. it might be suggesting something being built on treasure island finally which apart from the hotel site is the last "green field" site on the park. though from what I heard the issue with that island is soil (which is why the last 2 coasters where built on reclaimed land not that area) still be interesting if something was built there
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    Stealths third train is for maintenance, due to the intense complexity of the ride, its impractical to overhaul/check/maintain the track, launch system, electronics and 2 trains. so to ease the burden on the staff the third train is overhauled during the open season in slow time, this means they only need to do one train in closed season as well as the rest of the ride.
  13. I would take big top and blair witch over big top and sanctum Still issue with blair witch apart from the issues with the maze is the logistical issues mainly if treasure island railway creepy edition and blair witch are both put in they would be sharing the same starting area. so a rework of the stair of blair would be needed minimum
  14. Personally I be very surprised if Sanctum returned for a second year. Its construction of containers means it was completely removed and felt to me like a temporary maze rather than a maze used for several years. The location is also didn't handle rain as shown during the last year. Also to get to it required putting it in the backstage which not sure if could be handled well operationally Still could be surprised but it felt like a maze that wouldn't return again Still Platform 15 would prob have a few tweaks I be surprised if you get any more major changes (like a house being plonked in a railway trackbed) maybe they improve the tunnel more. not sure how, you cant make it shorter or wider due to it passing through a "ride area" of saw still we have to see what happens
  15. well personally this does look like a horror maze. but it looks interesting getting huge vibes from the minds wanted site, similar sort of marketing. as for content honestly looks like the asylum esk. with references to bedlam and medical and physiological experiments and so many little details. But a very well made video with a website that produces questions. it has peaked my interest
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