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  1. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    nah "X marks the spot" There bringing back the Treasure island railway They got the island still, got the loco, give children a black spot and take the train to find treasure just need to move timber tug and lumber jump and u can use the station again A actor driven train ride with special effects and high operating costs on a unusual rail based ride system made by Severn lamb or Alan keef will work great I mean its not like they did that 2 years ago in a warehouse ;p cause thats the only think X can mean ;p seriously though its good word play
  2. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    The new events are quite interesting sounds like they bringing in a team of actors for the peak time events which change instead of just having living nightmare open all year, the Apocalypse weekends sound like a nice simple addition and hopefully that would have a few extra roaming actors. The zombie hunt sounds like plat 15 and blair witch area are being used and if done well would be quite a nice extra attraction. Though calling it now its sounding like whatever is happening with X wont be open for start of the season
  3. Next Roller Coaster

    yeah that is true though from a operational standpoint, air gets its great throughput with a dual station, the beauty of the Vekoma flying design is you dont need a dual station to maintain the high throughput as the unloading, loading and restraint checks are more inline with a standard coaster without requiring extra staff or time to rotate seating. and the sad truth is that if a dual loading station coaster came to Thorpe, unless it was something like a racing coaster it wouldn't last, apart from peak days it be 1 station after a few years and that would reduce the throughput, thats the sad truth of Thorpe reality is you can make a good ride but the opearations need to be time and person efficient which this new design is. though looses points that you either need a unload and load platform like saw or you have the issue of swarm where the people getting on have to avoid the people getting off going perpendicular
  4. Next Roller Coaster

    It could come to Thorpe but no definite answer, though if it did come it prob be a good addition to the line up with the right theming. unlike alot of merlins new atractions theres a prototype, one with the kinks being worked out (I'm not sure how complex the mechanism is that turns the seats 90 degrees at the top of the lift hill but it make a good themed flying coaster (worked best with a enclosed lifthill ending just as the cars tip into position) imagine it darting around having near misses with the ground and other theaming, like swarm but the flying position would make it more thrilling. and it the first flying coaster that wouldnt have a issue with throughput, its 2 across but you can load it as fast as a standard coaster (which the guests exit the same side) unlike most flying where you have to strap in dispatch and then adjust the seats before moving this just needs a normal dispatch. its a good design, though if thorpe would get it is anyones guess. it could be SW9 for all we know
  5. Alton Towers General Discussion

    As someone who has never visited towers, but was planning to visit off peak early this year. this staggered ride times really put it into question, especially on a day where the park would close at 4pm. Though I can predict now what would happen on any day apart from dead off peak Wicker man, Smiler and Oblivion will have multi-hour queues due to the GP seeing there open when the park opens and would stick like that all day. while 13, and especially Nemesis and Galactica will be almost dead as the GP will try head for the rides earlier in the day and find them closed, assuming there closed all day guest services gives free fast passes and u know which rides the GP will go for, the new roller coaster. it almost feels like this is a ploy to give a reason to scrap the rides in forbidden valley as merlin can say "well Nemesis and galactica had 5 min queues all day so there not popular and earmarked for replacement" prob not there intention but I feel this heading of guests will not end well I do hope they change there mind, even opening forbidden valley at 11 would partly solve the issue (not completely but it would prob be the best we can hope for now)
  6. Slammer replacement?

    Yeah Slammer being bought by another theme park is as likely as the CCR trains and Ivor being bought by another theme park both are "for sale" but in reality there both in a state of needing a major overhaul and I dont think any company could provide the funds and effort to do it. RIP slammer, a good unique ride but a maintenance nightmare. True S&S philosophy
  7. Bolliger and Mabillard

    The thing with B&M is they never try anything too radical. they just do things in increments. really there most biggest changes where the inverted coaster and flying coaster. normally they just adjust the seating positions or with oblivion they just widened the track. Though the thing with B&M if there going to do something new its hard to see coming, honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with a 2 across junior air time machine coaster for parks with a smaller budget, with the selling point being that they will last for years. B&M coasters rarely have issues, where other company's will push the boundarys. Realistically there next big innovation might be a 8 or 10 wide version of there hyper family as when dealing with coasters like that, dive coaster width track wouldnt be a issue. and yeah The Incredible hulks launch stystem was designed by another company and thus was the most unreliable thing on the ride. same thing happened with Lightning Rods LSM launch system though in that case RMC didnt build the launch
  8. The Future of SAW - The Ride

    With Saw my method of bracing requires knowing the layout, working out where the force will shove u and brace against it. with your head forward and central so you have more time to react. though the drop after the mid course brake run is impossible its too steep and fast. Honestly the only improvement I could make to the ride (bar keeping the effects going/fixed as saw is one of the best in the park for theaming and coaster) would relate to what to do when the saw licence comes out. My though its turn it from Saw: the ride to Saw a coaster taking place in a abandoned sawmill in Canada creek where your put into a rusty worn out transit system modified from logs and almost get chopped up by buzz saw blades (and the blades outside) Saw will always be rough but for 2016 it got a bit smoother
  9. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    living nightmare is already built into the building. it uses the old indoor queue lines for X/: no way out my suggestion is they adjust the queues so after the new bag drop you go to the entrance of the maze and when you exit the maze you enter a small cattle pen then the entrance of the coaster part of X not sure how they would theme the coaster though still have to see. Thats just a educated guess of how it could work from a operations persepctive if someone had a floor plan of X that would work wonders for working out if a route was possible
  10. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Still the biggest thing I can gather from the plans is quite a interesting fact. It looks like this is more than just a fancy new exterior simply because, why would you move the bag drop from a fine place just before the coaster entrance/exit to outside the pryamid well I'm not exactly sure on the internal paths, but I think you could in theory route guests from the new pre-show, to Living Nightmare then after that to the entrance of X semi-colon back-slash No Way Out and after the ride the standard route out (or reversed the paths so the entrance is now the exit path and the exit is now the entrance path) combined with some theaming of the internal walls (flashing lights sirens, sound) and theaming inside the pyramid (dosnt need to be on the plans and could be anything at this rate) you would have a long themed "unique" experience. which dosn't need much more staff (not including actors) as the X staff could handle the new pathing system more or less thoughts? it could work and Xs 700 per hour would work in the favour (think the maze would have a similar throughput for a nice experiance)
  11. Logger's Leap

    I think the 4 years was more a starting from sort of job (though that is the time of the investment cycle so maybe it could relate to how long it takes) I could see loggers return but it will take a fair bit of work. The work would require a bit more than replace some parts. its hit the point where the majority of the ride would need replacing or upgrading due to H&S, wear and tear and materials degrading. Still I hold out hope, be quite awkward to build anything else on the land anyway due to the lake
  12. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    I think its obvious whats happening to X there turning the last car around so you can "brave it backwards for 2018" ;p seriously, its unlikely the walking dead maze would open all year round, maybe a special event for a peak few days (weekends in august possibly?) but not going to happen Looking at the photo of what happend they removed the entrance structure so maybe there re working the queue a bit
  13. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Yeah the 4 trains have been stationary and to my knowledge only 1 works and that one cant run a service and shouldn't work due to age be cheaper to start from scratch. though at the current moment the space is used better as the horror maze than the train ride plus the fact they kind of built a house on the trackbed for platform 15
  14. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    swarm does have a higher throughput. but swarm can run on quiet days on one train while saw will run with 6-8 small trains. may not be a higher throughput but a much more consistent throughput. In theory it moves less people but it will almost always move the same amount of people regardless of time in season
  15. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Some rumours may be false but theirs nuggets of truth is always possibly there X removal is unlikely due to popularity and the fact it got a extra refurbishment this year. but a refurbishment of the lights and soundsystem inside the main ride be good Slammer is going, heard a while ago it was up for sale but with no buyers. Regardless as much as I loved the ride is going to go Loggers leap is a interesting one, the manager wants it open (its one of his favorite rides) but its at the point where almost complete replacement is needed (the drop is held up by the poles you use to hold walls and structures up temp) , last I heard they where seeing if partial or complete replacement is nesassry and the whole can you still use lake water argument still prob happening I say hold your breath until someone walks down monks walk and work is being done. personally love to see it again if it ever reopens, it might not of been the most popular ride but it was a good one TWD permanent maze, I assume referring to living nightmare. sanctum no, cant be done due to how to get to the maze (walk right past the swarm workshop). but it be a risky move, but I could see it work as a peak thing (similar to I'm a celeb but maybe with reduced dates so peak summer months) Swarm VR, please no. its not been successful and the swarm is a throughput machine (only saw beats it on how fast a coaster can move people). putting a big sign outside of the dome saying swarm this way prob get more people on the ride ;p 2020 clues bit early but never know. I hold out for treasure island to make a return in some form. (RMC out and back hybrid from treasure island to loggers going above the service road behind Nemesis inferno and rumba be my crazy suggestion) And General improvement. I can 100% predict that is true in my opinion Thorpe may not have TLC scheme but they still doing good improvements. see how it goes Though I personally say if Thorpe read the forum I would suggest putting up signposts around the park of how to get to the main rides as Thorpe isnt the best layed out theme park and some guests do alot of doubling back trying to find the main rides e.g. trying to get to swarm via sunken garden