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  1. Ooh, Blimmen Heck!Those sound great, thanks for sharing!(Considering I'v not been to Thorpe for over two years, I think I did quite well understanding the Layout and that of STR!)Thanks again,Tom.
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    Hi Marc, what litre engine is it, and Petrol?Fuel consumption is all in the driving style.Mines a 1.8l Petrol, but I don't drive it like a racer...Unless I go out for a pleasure drive, but that's not too often now.I haven't got a MPG display on mine, the car is too old, and isn't OBDII compliant, so I cant get a Scan-Gauge on it.Also, I like the fact that when going down a hill, if in the right gear, and above a certain RPM, it doesn't cost a thing, and your'e still doing a respectable speed.Tom.
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    Thanks guys, much appreciated!Here's some more info, using my MPG Calculator:Miles = 437.5 Litres Fuel = 52.69 Gallons(UK) Fuel = 11.590179692879 Miles Per Litre = 8.3032833554754 Miles Per Gallon(UK) = 37.747473429493 Kilometres = 704.088 Litres Per 100KM = 7.4834395700537 KM Per Litre = 13.362839248434 Milli-Litres of Fuel per Mile = 120.43428571429 Milli-Litres of Fuel injected per Stroke @ 60MPH = 0.17204897959184 Original Manufacure MPG = 36 Increase over Original Manufacure MPG = 4.8540928597035 % And, using my TripCoster:Miles On Tank = 498.16338199261Trip Miles = 437.5 Trip Gallons = 11.590179692879 Cost Per Litre = 116.9 Trip Litres = 52.69 Trip Cost = 61.59461 12.044241341065 Litres per 100 Miles 0.12044241341065 Litres per 1 Mile 0.14079718127705 Cost per 1 Mile I had a Brain-Fart when I made the MPG Calc, I had no idea of how to spell ML(like, the 1000th of a Litre ones...) it just didn't look right, which is why it's spelt Milli-Litres!Thanks,Tom.EDIT: Just noticed looking over both sets of number, the ml per Mile, is different for the TC and the MPGC, I must have made an error in the code...Oh well, it's not like it's costing up the Queens' travel from here to Budapest!
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    I got 37.7 Miles Per Gallon on my last tank of fuel, I'm not too impressed, but its still a 4%+ increase over the Manufacture stated.
  5. I like the idea of this, but can only very loosely come up with a rough idea:Like, Indiana Jones(But not), Desert in the 1930's, with some Archaeological stuff going on, and they're digging away, to reveal something that escapes into the sky(And you, the riders, are taken on that escape into the sky, in teh form of Saw:TR...Or am I completely missing what's been created already?and, why hasn't XNWO been painted yet(Pyramid?(Yeah, I should leave that for it's thread really)).I have no idea, really, but, it's something for now, and if/when I come up with anything else, I'll post it in here.I look forward to reading everyone else's creation, thanks,Tom.
  6. ^^^Has an animated Avatar which I can't seem to understand.And, I don't know anything else about you, sorry.Tom.
  7. No.But I used to, up until about, 8 years old, ish...And, now I occasionally wear a pair of sunglasses whilst driving I'v had for 9 years.Tom.
  8. My current one is of a Model Truck I have on eBay...I was going to re size it to fit without the forum resizing it, but already uploaded it.
  9. I only have a decent one from Gradaland, Italy:Full size.Thanks,Tom.
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    RE: Insurance...When I passed my test at age of 19(New years eve 2008), I insured my 1994 Renault 5, 1.4L Manual, for £1375(Monthly, I couldn't afford to pay off the whole year at once), then when I changed over to my new car, my 1996, Volvo 440, 1.8L Manual, it cost an extra £425 for the year, so in all £1800.Bearing in mind, I had been driving for just over half a year, was Employed, and live in Insurance Band B(A-F scale I think, F being the worse), residential area.Now I have been driving a year, my insurance has gone down almost £800, now sits at £1010.52(Ish(Again, paying monthly).Also, messing around with the excess is good, as most places only offer a discount, if you have a voluntary excess of £500 or more.Changing your job title can help, so long as it still describes what you actually do.(I'm a Desinger ).I hope this can help,Tom.EDIT:At the same time of looking for my Volvo, I got insurance prices for a similar spec'd BMW, £2300 insurance, 1.8l.So I took the Volvo, non chavvy, more economical, and good long bonnet, so if I crash, there's more metal between me and the tree!(Top Gear)Cars I'v quoted for Insurance, BMW's(Very pricey, but fun RWD!), Corsa's, Clio's, Small Peugeot's, also Sh1tty Saxo's cost a bomb...Basically, the things that are affordable to buy, and typical boy racer cars, are high up on the Insurers, Scream scale!
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    I only got 33 Miles Per Gallon the other day, and haven't been doing well lately...My average, combined is about 42, and I usually have at least 38, the car's is supposed to average 36.Never mind!
  12. Yeah, another XP user!Do you know they're keeping it updated until 2014...So I'v got another 4 years to find a new operating system I like!Tom.
  13. How original!Seven or Vista?
  14. Mine currently is:Original HERE.Tom.
  15. Jeez...Aberdeen is a looong way away(Nice up there though)!And how often do you go to Thorpe?Is it any cheaper to get internal flights, than to drive?TRN.
  16. Well Welll Wellll...What is it to be.One says yes, the other says no, but the third one says, heck, it's only a 260mile round trip, and at around 27mpg, it should cost no more than £50(ISH).So...Is that a yes, or a no...I really don't know.I'd like to, and haven't been to Thorpe(Or any park this year) so, why not?!And, I'm sure it'll be fun meeting oh so many other interesting like minded people.Only thing that lets it down, is that it's the Summer Holidays AND it's a Sunday, but what the heck, you only live once.I'm going to see if I can push a few buttons and poke a few eyes, and see if |I'll eventually decide to join you all on this once in a yearly(Is it?) meet-up.Until then>>>UnderItAll: Tom(Portland, Dorset)
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    Arhhh..Thanks guys, much appreciated.Iv just quickly pu together a temporary Pepsi page, with 6 photos, 2 of the above:Pepsi TEMPAnd Ellie, I love the idea of rescue dog homes, probably the only good thing about this country!Ill try and get some more pics of her and Baby(The tri coloured one) some time soon.Thanks again,Tom.
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    Thx...She's Pepsi, and shes about 9 years old now I think.Our other one is a Tri Colour one, I think, and shes about 5ish, I haven't got any photos of her though.Ill make a special My Dog's page on my website one day.Thx again,Tom.
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    I have 2 Shelties (Shetland sheep dogs).And a Snake, which I stroke alot.
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    Iv never used it.It sounds expensive, but, if so many people didn't use fastrack at all, and it was a more exclusive VIP type of treatment, then I can see it being a good idea, but if its overused, I can see it getting annoying for other guests.
  21. Okay, if you'r Pernickety about it:"I do agree there is some mistakes there"Should be"I do agree, there are some mistakes there"Sorry...
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    Sorry its just Microsoft!My friends one packed up, and so did my brothers, they both got new ones, my brothers one was a new one too!!!I decided to overheat my friends one, took the fan out, let it run for a while, try to kill it a bit, and plugged the fans back in, running at full, but cooled down very quickly though, and then I randomly shorted things out with a screw driver, and it didn't get hot after that!Another bit of randomness, I love unloading containers of boxes!
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    Bad Injuries!

    Everyone here seems very unlucky!Iv never seriously injured myself, only random cuts and that, pretty much weekly.The worse iv had was, when play wrestling, I rolled off the bed, and smacked my head on the corner of the wall, cracked my head a bit, and was glued up in no time.and, I can remember, but my parents say that when I was young, I got my big toe nail caught under the door, ripped off, nasty, but cant remember it.'Tis all, afraid, not very exciting.
  24. 1: U571 Simulator, MovieLand Studios, Italy. 2: Atlantis, Gardaland, Italy.3: Sequoia Adventure, Gardaland, Italy.4: Hollywood Action Tower, MovieLand Studios, Italy.5: Magma, MovieLand Studios, Italy.6: Stealth, TP. 7: Katun, Mirabilandia, Italy. (See a pattern developing?)8: Studio Backlot Tour, MGM WDW.9: Valhalla, BPB.10: Hydro, Oakwood.
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    MSN: murdockluigianio (AT) yahoo.co.ukFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=140...amp;ref=profileWebsite: http://spamclan.co.ukPicture:I like chatting to people, and am always bored, thanks,Tom.
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